Women and women

That’s originally a parent’s way of telling his or her daughter not to have sex until she’s a woman. Well, guess what? It didn’t work! I was a good girl through high school, but when I entered the college, I finally killed my conservative shell.

» and then began to strip in front of me.

Even though I was a modest girl and had never done that before, I got naked, too. And while I was certainly not ashamed of my body, I was a little uncomfortable being completely without clothes in front of other girls, especially when I didn’t

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War Monthly


Subscription rates:

For 1 2 months:

UK and Eire £6.10

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Other countries £8.50

These prices include shipping and handling. Be sure to state from which number you wish your subscription to begin.

UK. Eire and other countries Orders should be sent with payment to Subscriptions Department. Marshall Cavendish Ltd.. 58 Old Compton St. London W1V 5PA. Overseas subscriptions will be sent by surface mail from England US and Canada

Orders should be sent with payment to War Monthly, 58 Old Compton St., London W1V 5PA.

We regret to have to advise readers that Issues

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Treasured memories

Make a Connection Make a connection with the siblings. You don’t need to be a stand-up comedian or a children’s entertainer but keeping the atmosphere light, fun and happy will enable you to make a bond with the children. Be yourself but talk to them, ask questions (silly questions like: «Does your brother snore?» or «Does Alice have a boyfriend?») keep them smiling and interacting with you, laugh and be involved. Avoid stirring up any sibling rivalry or strong teasing, they will respond better to each other and to you if everyone feels happy and relaxed. Even if Mum and

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Editor’s Note: In response to The Great Nail Tech Challenge that ran in last year’s Big Book, here’s a letter from one tech who accepted the challenge. Sara, what an awesome accomplishment! If you took the challenge to heart, we’d love to hear from you on which ones you tackled. E-mail Hannah.Lee@babbit.com.


Challenge #6: Suggest a service your client doesn’t normally get. I purchased a chemical heel peel product and when I see I won’t be able to remove a client’s heal callus «almost” completely, I suggest the peel. I apply it and it works while I’m doing her


Stripping and Refurbishing Mosin Nagant Rifles part 2

Over the years, having indulged in owning and restoring a few classic Jaguar cars, I learned quite a few tricks of the business, which I have since been able to utilise in the restoration of a number of military rifles, helping some of them to look almost new. The quality of finish does depend upon a number of things, one of the most important being the amount of time taken to understand what is required for each stage prior to setting out to tackle them. With regard to former Russian/ Soviet Mosin Nagant rifles, many of these sold by specialist

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Last time we spoke to MATTHEW SEED he was busy hiring assistants for his studio, so we asked him to share some dos and don’ts. and tell us how to recognise the perfect assistant among your applicants.

I get a lot of emails from people wanting to assist me, but despite the regular flow of applications, very few of the people I take on actually work out. The main problem seems to be that everybody thinks of themselves as a photographer. They come to me with ready-made portfolios and some even have a website saying they are a photographer, and

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Share creative photo messages with friends

Use Wacom’s Bamboo Loop app to draw on your photos and share them with others

When you’re taking photos on your smartphone, it’s easier than ever to share them with friends and family.

There’s always the opportunity to post them to social networks directly from your device, but sometimes your favourite photos are the ones you might only want to share with one or two people. Fortunately, photo sharing apps like Wacom’s Bamboo Loop are designed to solve this exact problem, allowing you to take any photos you’ve shot, draw on designs and annotate them, and then send them to

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Sex therapy

For change-your-life sex advice, sex psychotherapist, Rachel Morris

Whydon’tmen stick around?

Men always blank me after I sleep with them. I don’t understand — I’m really good in bed and try everything to please them. I see much less attractive girls than me with boyfriends all the time. What am I doing wrong?

You’re suffering from selective perception — only seeing what you believe to be true, and overlooking evidence to the contrary. Assuming all men are shallow, sex-crazed dogs looking for porn queens and Barbie dolls means they’re the only kind of men you see, and the only ones

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Although using symmetry appears to break the rules of composition (because it usually involves placing the main subject in the middle of the shot, or dividing the frame down the centre), on the right scene or subject this can produce fantastic images.

Reflections in water are a common form of symmetry — and who can resist them, especially when the reflection is of a beautiful scene? You’ll also find lots of symmetry in architecture and engineering — think of suspension bridges, interiors, office buildings, the underside of old piers, the structure of an electricity pylon when viewed from beneath.


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Secret Weapons

This issue, we’re having a virtual delve into photographers’ kit bags to uncover their ‘secret weapons’. These can be anything from a simple lens filter or teleconverter, right up to a complex lighting set up — but the idea is that they provide a failsafe means of getting the job done.

In some cases, they might even provide a unique selling point or a signature look and feel, making the shots more saleable, while helping the photographer, and their clients, to stand apart.

In addition, we discover what successful freelances classify as the key tools in their creative arsenal, which

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