YAMAHA YZF1000 Thunderace

There are bikes out there from every era that were brilliant, but then faded and fizzled out. They’re out there waiting for us to love them again. This month: the Yamaha YZF1000 Thunderace.

What is it?

When the FZR1000 EXUP arrived in the Yamaha range in 1989, it was THE litre sportsbike, then in 1992 the FireBlade arrived as part of Honda’s stable and made it — and all other lOOOcc plus sportsbikes — look big and stupid. Yamaha responded… with a 750! The YZF750 was always on a hiding to nothing when unfairly pitched against Honda’s 900cc darling of

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Executive chef Brad Ball of Steenberg Vineyards’ Bistro Sixteen82 in Cape Town gets creative with eggs

Compiled by Raphaella Frame-Tolmie Photographs Sean Calitz Recipes and food product on Brad Ball


For the beef tartare: ■ 400g local beef fillet, chopped very finely by hand ■ 10g gherkins, finely chopped ■ 10g capers, finely chopped ■ 10g red onion, finely chopped ■ 2T tomato sauce ■ 1t Dijon mustard ■ 5 drops of Tabasco ■ 1T olive oil

■ 1t Worcestershire sauce ■ 1 egg yolk ■ salt

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Think fast

ASK ANY TEACHER to name the most challenging aspect of their job, and chances are it’s neither the low pay nor the paperwork. The more candid among them might cite the kids themselves-not the good kids, but the disruptive ones, of which there is always a significant (and, some argue, increasing) percentage in any classroom.

Enter ClassDojo, a motivational feedback tool currently being used by teachers in nearly 20,000 classrooms across the U.S. Some of those instructors are writing letters of tearful gratitude to its British-born, Silicon Valley-based founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, both 25. “I just wanted to

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Then and Now — A Decade Later With Richard Stuplich.

We continue our series of articles about famous figures from a decade ago. The year 2002 marked the ending of the popular Comedy Central series, BattleBots™. The year 2003 inaugurated a new era in combat robotics, where our sport left the spotlight and tried to fly on its own.

Grassroots events sprung up everywhere, as documented in our 2012 series of articles, «The History of Robot Combat» For 2013, we’re taking a more personal approach, interviewing media stars from that time.

Richard Stuplich first came to the public’s attention in the final two seasons of BattleBots. His super heavyweight, New

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The big smoke

The team behind Surry Hills’ popular Bar H have brought culinary fire power to the The Woods at Sydney’s Four Seasons Hotel.

roasted spatchcock with radicchio & bread salad

Serves 4

50g unsalted butter 8 large sage leaves 4 x 500g spatchcocks* 1/4 cup (60ml) olive oil, plus extra to shallow-fry 2 thick sourdough bread slices, torn into 2cm pieces 1/4 cup (40g) sultanas, chopped, soaked in 2 tbs verjuice» 10 anchovy fillets in oil, drained, chopped Juice of 1 lemon 1 radicchio, leaves separated 1/2 cup each watercress sprigs and flat-leaf parsley leaves 1/4 cup (40g) pine nuts, toasted

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Matt foundation

Metallic nail polish

A fringe

Brow mascara

Grey eyeshadow

Jet-black eye pencil

Thickening mascara

Wine-red lipstick

Texturising spray


This season, beauty gets attitude!

If there was an enduring message from the A/W shows, it was how to get real! «The overriding feel was playful, not perfect,» says Maybelline makeup director Sharon Dowsett. «There were so many punk references. It feels more urban, less pretty»‘says Terry Barber of Mac. Brows are now a beefed-up natural shape (albeit not full-throttle -phew!). At Dior, lips were applied neatly, then the edges dabbed off to give a casual stain, but keeping

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Shaker Maker

To the fore on two rock’n’roll classics and more besides, the late Joe Moretti was one of British pop’s ‘guitarist’s guitarists’. Profile by Alan Clayson.

Prior to British beat music’s subjugation of the planet in the mid-1960s, only a handful of native recordings were really on a par with anything in the annals of US classic rock. Among these were Vince Taylor’s Brand New Cadillac and Shakin’ All Over from Johnny Kidd. Each song lived in their riffs – and the guitarist who played both of them was Joe Moretti, a man who rippled across the decades as an influence

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In this issue, we’re going to look at some tips that will help to make your work look better, while also getting it done faster. We’ll cover some new features, as well as some old staples, and we’ll also look at some other workflow options when working with animations and multimedia. So, go ahead, grab a cup of coffee (don’t spill it on your keyboard), sit back, and enjoy.


A really useful option for blending layers together without using masks is by using the Blending Options (click on the Add a Layer Style icon [fx] at the

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Clean the shelves in the cabinets. Vacuum the inside of their fine crumbs with a hand vacuum cleaner if it is not, use a simple vacuum cleaner and crevice tool. Then take the old plastic card and clean off her sticky spots on the jam or honey.

Brilliant accessories.

Make a paste by mixing salt, soda, flour and a few drops of water. Wipe it metal cranes and they sparkle like new.

Neat countertop.

Wipe it immediately after cooking or washing dishes, leaving for later.

Pour vinegar into a spray bottle, shake and sprinkle the tabletop to remove grease and stains, and then wipe with a dry cloth (if countertop stone, use warm water and a damp sponge). Do not use abrasive cleaners and try to get dirty countertop. Soda perfectly eliminates odors and works as a cleaning abrasive agent. Put it in the refrigerator in a

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FRENCH CAMEROON delicacies Spanish

Cameroon. A land flowing rivers, where gold is washed and catch shrimp.

You are so good to be on the Hunting Baby gift. HUNTING IN CAMEROON that thin DISH French ARSENAL SERVICE gluttonous passion. HE NEED TO SMALL ripen satiety. It was then, and understand his true taste.

OF COURSE, colleagues, the extraction major trophy in the West African country the best approach, already being a mature hunter. CAMEROON HIS SAVANNAH that rain, rainforest, will require you to a fair share of self-confidence, a sort STATE SPORTS maturity. It follows that with a visit TIGHTEN CAMEROON also not worth it.

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