The Big Bang Theory

Stephen Hawking once compared humanity with a small fish who has to learn a great and terrible reality of the world through the distorting convex wall of the aquarium. Please find in what some very unusual enlightened minds were able to see behind this glass. Only carefully. Theoretical science is very explosive — changing consciousness. And do not say we did not warn you.


Here you sit, not bothering anyone, reading magazine. The eye distinguishes bukovki black on a white background. And how does he do it? Where does this bizarre vision of the game of contrasts? You say

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Recreational aviation is at a crossroads. Our population is aging, and as the large cadre of World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam-era veterans hang up their wings, it’s also shrinking. Our fundamental question is whether we want to continue to be a somewhat elite activity that is defined by superior skill and determination, or one of a big tent, in which we encourage everyone to participate in the life-changing process of learning to fly.

I think the answer is clear. Aviation is of significant benefit to the country and to the people it inspires.

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To get to the center of the Earth


In the summer of 2006 traveled around the world to a number of news agencies, as if American researchers are going to organize an expedition to the North Pole to … penetrate deep into the Earth, proving that it is hollow.

A curious person, who decided to find out what is in the center of the Earth, very surprised to learn that academic science has only versions of the structure of the Earth, which is taught in school, but do not know anything for sure.

Some pundits even opt for the version of

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The theory of plate tectonics — in doubt

April 19, 2013. If you look at the geological map of Alaska, you can see the regions where the layers of rock in a strange way "fused" with the platform. South Alaska — a cluster of fragments of all shapes and sizes, each of which is ready to tell his story. All of them — "exotic terranes", formed in different places? At different times. What forces carried them here, and why some of them are deployed relative to its neighbors — is a mystery.

Some exotic terranes — a native of the regions on the other side of the

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How do we choose marriage partners

There are several theories that describe the principle on which we choose our marriage partners.

Some researchers liken the process of choosing a spouse bargain, the "currency" in the exchange are such social values of two individuals, such as social origin, economic status, education and personal characteristics (age, appearance) (Melville, K., 1977).

Supporters theory of homogamy argue that the "exchange" can be any of a man and a woman, but only those that have the same "social value", or homogamy. In other words, we try to choose a partner within our social level, by geographical proximity, among the

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The background radiation has helped to estimate the mass of the Higgs boson


A team of scientists of the Physical Institute. PN Academy of Sciences, Institute of Theoretical Physics. LD Landau Academy of Sciences and the University of Cologne has completed a series of studies in the field of Cosmoparticle (synthesis of cosmology and particle physics) combining quantum gravity phenomenology of the Standard Model, the theory of cosmological inflation with the observed large-scale structure of space-time. The results precede the expected opening of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The work says a leading researcher at the sector of the theory of elementary particles Lebedev Physical Institute,

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Radioastron gets accustomed to the Nobel Prize

"Radioastron" has broken a course of scientific thought. Russian radio telescope gave unexpected results to two international teams of astronomers who study distant galaxies and pulsars, refuted the theory of the behavior of the interstellar medium in our galaxy.

Now, scientists are forced to rethink the decisions taken and a half years ago, before the advent of orbiting space observatory. "Radioastron" came, saw, hit — paraphrases the head of Caesar’s early scientific program Yuri Kovalev:

 "The theory of the interstellar medium have been laid results of astronomical measurements, which until now are only in

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Earth gave birth to the moon by a nuclear explosion


29.01.2010.Gollandskie scientists have put forward the theory that the moon separated from the young Earth by a powerful nuclear explosion, based on the fact that the isotopic composition of terrestrial and lunar material is almost identical.

Hitherto existing theory that the moon is the result of a collision with another planet Earth is not perfect, the authors of the theory. In their view, in the case of such a collision, only 20% of the substance of the moon will have a terrestrial origin, and all the remaining material should belong to the planet Earth has faced. However, the

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Star sunk into the abyss of gravity




Sensation in the world of science — scientists were able to see what the view is basically impossible. Astronomers first observed as a "black hole" swallowed part of the star. One of the most important scientific discoveries of mankind — Albert Einstein's theory of relativity — now confirmed in practice.

The massive

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Academician Dudyshev of imminent apocalypse


10.04.11.Rossiysky scientist VD Dudyshev long been studying the natural phenomena of the planet and a unified theory of the theory of natural phenomena. A particular case of this theory is its modern theory of the Apocalypse, which is bound to come, as the inversion of the geomagnetic field. The growing number of powerful earthquakes (Haiti, Japan) with the growth of the inversion (coup) of the geomagnetic field of the Earth, and global climate change, flora and fauna of the planet over the past few years in line with the conclusions of the Unified Theory of nature. One of

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