You’re my Shibari Shibari.

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Shibari (or Sibari) — Japanese art of erotic rope binding. The word in Japanese means «to bind, tie; enough to arrest. » Sometimes practicing shibari get pleasure from the process of binding, in other cases, it ends the sexual act.

Shibari — it is amazingly beautiful. Photographs of models, braided rope, fascinating. Chubby and slender, with a pear-shaped figure with the figure or not fledging teenager — woman, braided network of ropes, seem fragile and delicate, sensual and passionate. Their bodies — like entangled in a web. Patterns of nodules bizarre shackle arms, chest, thighs and abdomen.

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There is life on Mars? In the caves!

First unclear huge holes in the surface of Mars were discovered in 2007. On this occasion, the U.S. space agency said that these same holes can be entrances to seven large caves.

This information was made available after managed to make a number of pictures of one of these black spots using high-resolution cameras. The image shows that the spot is nothing more than a huge failure, or the entrance to the cave. There are suggestions that a hole is made in a thick crust, most likely solidified lava.

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Foreign business millionaires in Belarus

Society Electronic Edition "Diary" and the magazine "Business Review" compiled a list of the richest businessmen from neighboring countries working on the Belarusian market. We offer you the translation of publications in brief"Diary" and the magazine "Business revue" find out which of millionaire neighbors have a business in Belarus. Many as neighbors are trying to find the Belarusian market niche. Though few can, we can say that established a parity: how many of businesses a variety of reasons leaves Belarus, about the same every year and coming.

Not an exception last year. Vladimir Potanin, that the deal with the

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