We’ve all done it. Wobble out of the liquor store, arms full of empty boxes, cozy up to even a vague acquaintance who’s got a truck, and start wrapping our possessions in newspaper with the hapless aplomb of someone clearly in over their head. Moving is one of the top ten most stressful life events. Gather your wits in advance and make moving easier.

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Express Address.com is a free online treasure that lets you tell multiple businesses and organizations all in one shot that you’re about to move.This

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Well, hello again, Ms T!

Wow! Imogen Thomas is back — and she’s brought her curves with her!

Hello Imogen!

We haven’t seen you in absolutely ages. Welcome back to Nuts! Thank you! It feels fantastic to be back in Nuts. It’s been far too long, hasn’t it?

Don’t worry, I’ve still been having a cheeky look at Nuts in the shops!

Thanks very much! Have any of our covers knocked your socks off recently?

I’ll be diplomatic and say that they’ve all been sexy, but in terms of things that have impressed me, I’m fully behind the “Hands Off My Nuts” campaign. I can’t

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The MT experts are hereto help…


Can you recommend some decent units and tell me what to watch out for when doing these things? Tom Abbot Sheffield

MT The DIY scene has really grown in the last fewyears and when once there were only a few kits there are now dozens in all shapes and sizes. Seventh Circle Audio (www. seventhcircleaudio.com) has a variety of kits based loosely on several different classic preamp designs from the likes of SSL, Neve and API. However, you will also need to build a Seventh Circle Audio chassis for these preamps (single-unit chassis are available). In the

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The Best Things You Can Eat

It’s rare to find a book about nutrition that’s written in a style that’s both engaging enough for the general public and authoritative enough for nutrition professionals. In The Best Things You Can Eat, Grotto has created a science-based volume that’s not only accessible for all audiences but often highly entertaining.

Grotto’s easy-going writing style makes it a pleasure to glean information that could be a chore to digest, from descriptions of top-rated sources of various nutrients to foods that fight cavities and gum disease. Numerous brief charts provide quick references to rankings of nutritional values and comparisons of various

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the art of surprise

Canberra-based industrial designer Chris Hardy’s clean and minimal aesthetic is driven by a rational approach to materials and an interest in finding surprise in the everyday.

Canberra-based designer Chris Hardy feels compelled to make. “I grew up in quite an unusual family. I grew up making, painting and drawing things. Always creating, always in Dad’s studio making stuff,” he says. “My father’s an artist, my grandmother’s an artist, uncles are artists, and now, with all the cousins, we’ve got photographers and fashion designers too, so there’s a gene somewhere in the Hardy family that’s very heavily geared towards creativity in

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Princess Tigerlily


She’s got attitude, this one, you can tell. Not only from the hardcore stare and the minxy grin, but because she’s done things that her dad — Roger Taylor, the Queen drummer — wouldn’t approve of. What things? Tigerlily, 19, couldn’t possibly say, ‘but the trick is, never get caught,’ she explains. ‘As long as I work hard, he doesn’t mind.’

The model — ‘call me Tiger — has just finished

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Its the little things…

The minimalist images of professional photographer Steve Johnson turn everyday objects into works of photographic art. He explains all to Debbi Allen.

IF YOU’VE ever found yourself struggling to find inspiration to pick up your camera, Steve Johnson’s minimalist work proves that beauty can be found almost anywhere His photographs are simple portraits of mostly everyday items, with all but the essentials stripped out of the frame. ‘Minimalism is something that can be applied to most subjects,’ says Steve. ‘It is simply a matter of finding the uncluttered shot, and there is always one to be had. Sometimes it means

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Handmade in Britain

Brothers, Matthew and Andrew Galvin, design and make functional hardwood furniture with a twist in their Yorkshire workshop.

Have you always loved making things?

It’s just natural to us. Our dad has been a joiner/carpenter for 62 years, and he had his workshop with all his tools and machinery in our garden. However, we probably spent more time breaking things rather than making them – and then we’d have to find a way of mending them again before dad got home and gave us a rollicking! I remember prototyping a pair of football boots once when I was about four

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Family Kitchen

I have always said that one of the things I absolutely love about living in Asia is the food.

Yes, we marvel at the wonderful markets and produce in Europe, argue the irrevocable supremacy of cuisines like French and Italian, and stand impressed at the accessibility to almost anything in the United States. But for this humble island girl, nothing quite compares to the unapologetically brazen and fresh tastes of Asian cuisine.

I’ve heard people bemoan the lack of “good ingredients” here. Okay, that may be the case if you’re trying to put together an authentic Mexican chili or Spanish

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2. egoism: WHAT WEIGHED?

A sign of high self-esteem — self-love, which is to be shown constantly. However, this is a case where the number of counts. The excess of selfishness hurts as much as the lack of it. In any situation. For example…

At acquaintance.

Women who have low self-esteem and ego (we call them conditional DOE) rarely get to know yourself. Feel the stress and, even if the person they like, do not offer to meet, to exchange phones. Then worry blamed himself that missed the opportunity to communicate. Those who have an excessive amount of selfishness (SE), are not familiar with.

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