What if… communism had failed?

What if the Bolsheviks hadn’t come to power in Russia?

The Bolshevik uprising was a coup d’etat, a power seizure. The masses were not involved in any way and, in fact, the general public did not know that anything was happening. If you read the newspapers from that time you find that the theatres were operating, there were concerts, and nobody knew what was happening. It was [just] a real power seizure. So I think if the Bolsheviks had not seized power in November 1917, the most likely scenario is that the military — the officers — would have overthrown

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Suzuki is slowly beginning to stand back up after the body blows it received from the economic collapse of 5 years ago. As the company gains balance on its feet and prepares to dust itself off, I fully expect it to rise to full height sooner rather than later. Truthfully, this is something I sense more than I know from being told, in part because Suzuki is keeping both marketing and product plans very much to itself—despite my trying to trick its PR staff into burping up info on tomorrow’s hardware. Damn professionals.

T e new V-Strom concept is appealing—and


The art of a sound image

Marrying photos and film, professional wedding photographer Neale James has nailed a niche with his audio-visual displays. Feel inspired to kick start a special DIY presentation that goes beyond the still with his advice.

Hailing from a background of more than a decade in radio broadcasting, perhaps it was only a matter of time before I somehow managed to shoe-horn the medium of sound into my day to day photography workflow, specifically weddings.

By sound, I’m referring to the recording of real actuality from a shoot; audio from a wedding ceremony, for example, the speeches, the general murmur of the

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Q and A With Timmy B.

I have had the awesome pleasure of interviewing one of the best tattooists on the scene today, Timmy B. This guy is not only a very talented artist, but he is an amazingly genuine person, as well. I see his work being emulated and reproduced all the time. I wanted to know his thoughts on that subject as well as ask him some technical questions about his brilliant tattoos. I feel like his work ethic should be the standard for any up-and-coming tattooist. He has become a renewed inspiration for me to strive for

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Stargazing Lives Mark Thompson.

We spoke to Stargazing Live presenter (and pilot) Mark Thompson about all things astronomy related.

How did you first get started in astronomy?

I was ten years old and my dad took me to the observatory at the edge of the University of East Anglia. It’s now moved to the home of the Norwich Astronomical Society, where I’ve been chairman for 14-odd years. I got taken along to that observatory and I saw an image of Saturn through the telescope and that was it. That fired my imagination and hooked me on the subject, and I’ve been fascinated by it

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Search for life.

The five most important people in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Every month we hear of incredible new exoplanets in planetary systems seemingly like our own, and we learn more in the search for past or present microbial life as missions like Curiosity gain worldwide attention, but for some reason the notion that we might be just one intelligent race among many is yet to receive much support from the public at large.

Many people today still seem to have the same opinion that was prevalent in the mid to late 20th Century, that aliens are something that belong only

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On board with Virgin Galactic.

We spoke to the President of Virgin Galactic, Steve Isakowitz, about the work this pioneering private space company is doing and what we can expect in the future.

Why are space planes like Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo so important for the exploration of space?

Well I think it’s going after one of the toughest problems in space exploration, which is that if you’re ultimately going to reduce the cost of getting people into space, one needs to demonstrate a routine ability to reuse hardware and to fly things over and over. [Space travel is] really the only transportation mode, whether it’s

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By Lindsey Bucknor

Camera: Sony Alpha 700

Lens: Tamron SPAF 200-500mm f/5-6.3 Di

Exposure: l/500sec at f/6.3 (ISO 800)

Lindsey says: «This leopard cub was six metres off the ground and I had to compose the shot from a vehicle. As the cub was in shade, I boosted the ISO to 800 to ensure a fast shutter speed and waited for a hint of eye contact before firing off a series of images. This was my favourite.»

LEE FROST: Having tried my hand at a little wildlife photography from a vehicle while in Namibia last year, I know only too

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Howlin Wind

With his vocals as impassioned as his guitar playing, hard-working bluesman Danny Bryant has produced an album of rare power. Interview by Michael Heatley

The blues world has seen many examples of older players mentoring young prodigies and passing on the wisdom of their years: Danny Gatton with Joe Bonamassa is one relatively recent relationship. For upand-coming British guitarist Danny Bryant, the man who helped to get his mojo well and truly working was Walter Trout, some three decades his senior.

‘When I was about 14 my mum and dad had one of Walter’s albums – I don’t think they

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HONESTLY speaking


When Singapore’s very own design week, Singaplural, took place earlier this year. Dutch designer Ineke Hans graced the event as a jury member of the 48 Hours Challenge as well as the Furniture Design Awards (both organised by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council). Invited to sit on the judging panel for the 48 Hours Challenge (where groups of students had to transform a retail showroom in 48 hours), witnessed her warm nature and quick wit first-hand. However,

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