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First "My Belarus": "Free poems written Light" Second Basowiszcza: 3rd day 3rd cleaner KGB: "Lukashenko just horrified" Now the fourth — the opening "Basowiszcza" 5th Max Schur: "Festival in Brno — it Woodstock Belarusian literature …"

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First opposition prepares European march "For Freedom" 2nd Lukashenko has long promised to "break the horns" Damashkevich Every third third marriage in Minsk — with a foreigner Fourth, the EU is going to fight with visa fraud 5th in Warsaw was the premiere performance on EPA» n» play Kureichik

Siege April 17

On forums portal began discussion on whether to permit the wearing of civilian firearms ordinary persons. The reason for the discussion was the action in the South American state of Virginia, which killed 33 students of the institute."As for carrying guns in the United States. With all the usual procedures for acquiring enough weapons for self-defense, also obtain a permit for concealed carry it, there are some very tough restrictions, one of which is what is strictly forbidden to be with a weapon on district schools (penalty — 10 years bullpen). Unfortunately, for some scumbags have the opportunity to break

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Siege April 16

April 16 evening service representative told server community living magazine minsk_by, hackers, Hack3d by AntiOppositionForce {AntiPartizan}, had spent on this server websites,, www.,,, and page www.politoboz. com Andrew Suzdaltseva and others."Obviously, coming to work in the Mon, our" colleagues "in the security puzzled fate sovereign Volchak and purity mundyru Padabed Colonel and decided their moral support — Comment out event representatives of the Third Way. — We will not restore the websites immediately in full , first analyze their protection and will include one by one, making sure they are protected. "Previously, we reported

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Third path blocked website Alexander Kozulin

Now, on page appeared such text: "Through frequent complaints periodic debris from the web address and a number of other problems of technical support online community" third way "is obliged to temporarily stop the Web site to decision these problems administration website We also remind the administration Web site that the owner of the rights to the domain, software and technology base has an online community of "third way" and wrongdoing with our accessories first impact on us. Garbage just and there is a striking example of such illegal activities. Please administration website contact a representative

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YuGOK holds third phase of the reconstruction zhilmassiva + (photo)

"Southern Mining" in the framework of social partnership launched the third phase of the reconstruction of a housing estate in Southern Mining. Financial investments of enterprises in the project account for more than 10 million hryvnia.

YuGOK holds third phase of the reconstruction zhilmassiva

Under the program, the main work will be focused on construction and repair of infrastructure and socio-cultural.    

YuGOK holds third phase of the reconstruction zhilmassiva

Will be fully updated pontoon bridge across the river Ingulets. At this facility will be replaced by steel structures, constructed a new stair descent, friendly

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In the bath, will celebrate

Man: "feast, went into town to look, who to talk to. Prazdnichek is prazdnichek, independence day, the liberation of Belarus. "

Go here on the "extras" like everyone else. And not specifically note

Reporter: "Grodno released July 16, this is also of Belarus."His son: "Well, this is the beginning of liberation."Reporter: "What do you mark — sit down at the table, as usual?"Man: "In the bath will celebrate, without a bath is not prazdnichek."Youth"Independence day. Symbolically special mention." His girlfriend: "Get off here on" extras "like everyone else. And especially do not celebrate."Reporter: "Do you realize what it did for

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A good start, though! Three wins in the first three matches of the 2012 IIHF Championship.

I came, I saw, vdul puck! Short digest winning streak of the Russian national hockey team at the 2012 World Cup, which takes place in sunny Scandinavia, and more precisely in the Kingdom of Sweden and the Finnish Colonies.

May 5, 2012

In the opening match of the World Cup hockey team defeated the Russian team with a score of Latvia — 5:2. Forward "Pittsburgh Penguins" Evgeni Malkin scored double, scored three points.

The first dangerous moment at gate Edgars Masalskis organized opponent, Alexander Popov, who broke through on the left, but the

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Printers as censors

Now readers of regional independent newspaper "Borisov announcements" with a significant delay receive the next issue of this publication. Unexpected delay caused censorship in one of Minsk printing. By order of its management more than 3 thousand copies of the newspaper "Borisov announcements" went under the knife. Founder, publisher and chief editor of "Borisov announcements" Anatol Bukas refuses to call Minsk printing whose leaders acted as censors. Under their knife got a room with memo "third offspring Lukashenko." The editor claims that there are technical reasons for Kolya Lukashenko material did not appear in the restored impose. "It will be

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Join the freedom movement is not accomplished the third time

The MOJ appeared to claim association logo, also to the fact that the platform movement, posted on the website Milinkevich, there are items not appropriate charter submitted for registration in the Ministry of Justice. This is the third attempt to register a company. Twice previously — in July and October 2007 — The Ministry of Justice refused to register the "movement" For Freedom. "One of the founders of the "Movement" For Freedom ", the ex-presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich thinks constructive response of the Ministry of Justice to postpone the registration of "Movement" For Freedom. "He said this in an interview

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