Pension of teachers — like a police sergeant

As before in this population are comparable to the highest pensions. But ordinary pensioners This year promise to raise pensions only twice and generally only 12%.This year, the Belarusian pensioners have never increased pensions, although previous years such increases were pavdyasyatka for a year and more.

Vladimir Patupchyk: "We plan this year to raise pensions twice — by 8% and 4%."

On the question of MP Peter Kalugin, and when it finally happens, the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Vladimir Patupchyk replied:"We have brought a corresponding draft presidential decree. Currently he is treated. We plan This year increase

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Pensioners promised this year double the pension

The Minister said that the draft decree prepared by the respective. Pensions are meant to increase by 8 per cent and 4. While in This year pensions in Belarus never rose.• "Can you solve the problem of migration and demographic increase in the retirement age?", 22.06.2007

Opened the third International Festival of Christian movies

"Magnificat" — the first and perhaps the only festival in Belarus, which begins vigil in the presence of all the participants.So it was now in the village on Udzieła Glybochchyne, which has become the informal capital of the Film Forum. This year it involved 43 papers from 14 countries. This is three times more than the first, said the chairman of the festival, filmmaker Yuri Hurulyou:"So much of how many have applied this year, we have to This time was not. And the most important thing — I’m responsible for it as the creator — we did not have such

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In Belarusian — every fifth student

Views on the state of Ales Lozko Belarusian-long learning is alarming. 15 years ago, in the 1993-94 academic year, 76% of first-graders went to the Belarusian-language schools and classes. At the moment, this figure plunged below 18%: "In Minsk number of Belarusian schools like and grows, we know such institutions as the fourth, fourteenth, ninth school. In This year absolutely will be translated into Belarusian language learning 23rd gymnasium (12 class will not be, she there was Russian). In this year announced that the 2nd high school will be transferred to the Belarusian-school, there is a 60 th high school.

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This year will see the 11th shtrishok

"All I need to use certain books on the list, brought to each educational institution. Educational institutions are ready to start the school year in including and textbooks. Instant reprinting of textbooks will not, but we want to offer a list of textbooks, which can be to use. Educational process will be organized in full and all the books, which is. " According to Majewski, in this year will be two differences in the eleventh grade. "11th shtrishok" — are classes which Last year basic education and received in year will be pass aaplet 2 years learning. And eleven class

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Sunflower seed exports from Russia has reached a record high

Sunflower seed exports from Russia in October this year amounted to 4.1 million tonnes against 8.7 million tonnes in September this year Note that in the first two months of 2012/13 on foreign markets was delivered 12.8 tons of sunflower seeds, which is a record of exports for the period last 6 seasons.

It is worth noting that the main importers of Russian sunflower in October of this year were Turkey (2.5 million tonnes) and Azerbaijan (1.1 tons).

I.Kuznyatsov: This year — 20 years to the discovery of Kurapaty

The event began at 16 hours from the story of the candidate of historical sciences Igor Kuznetsov about the history of political repression in Belarus period of 20-50 years of the last century and the history of Kurapaty. Later, people lit candles and laid flowers and prayed for the innocent victims.We caught up with Igor Kuznetsov during mourning shares in Kurapaty.Kuznetsov: "Participates about 40 people, but just to make a mistake, so that there and KGB, Ministry of Internal Affairs … The action takes place in the format in which we spent a year in memory: every 29th of the

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Ukraine increased fishing by 12.7%

For five months of 2013 enterprises and individual entrepreneurs who carry out fisheries activities, were caught and produced 67.9 million tons of fish and other aquatic resources, which is 12.7% more than last year. This was reported in the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" (ASTP).


According to the State Statistics Committee, the total catch of fish and other aquatic resources for the January-May of this year amounted to 71.1 thousand tons of fish and the largest share of water resources was produced in marine economic zones of other countries — 52% of the total.

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Tourists left in the Crimea 40 billion hryvnia

Tourists, who this year were vacationing in the Crimea, the goods and services consumed by 40 billion hryvnia. This was stated by Minister of Tourism and Resorts of Crimea Alexander Lie on the air TVi, transfersUNN.

He noted that the average tourist spends during his stay on the Crimean peninsula, about a thousand dollars.

The Minister also said that this year the ARC has already seen about half a million residents of the European Union. 

"As a rule, it is the citizens of Germany, Britain and the Baltic countries", — said A.Liev. He

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Belarus have launched an information campaign suparts domestic violence

In This year Grodno region deprived of parental rights of more than 220 people. Their kids are exposed izymatelstvam, including psychological, moral, hunger strike, had no parental affection. The number of such families is not decreases, why? We have addressed such a question to the teacher of psychology Grodno honey Institute Alexander Prudily:"Most of the troubled families where ancestors scoff at the children, has psychic term — gipaapeka, lack of guardianship, as ancestors occupied themselves. This small family in the main level — cultural, economic and social, there is such a term — marginal … And why do they behave?

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