Sergei Sidorsky recognized a failure in the external trade

According to the Prime Minister of Belarus, import growth in the first 5 months this year exceeded the growth rate of exports doubled."We made the failure of this indicator, which is almost everything devalues our other services," — said Sergei Sidorsky. According to the head of the government, this year "clearly led to a slowdown of production."Also sire Sidorsky expressed concern that became more finished goods in stock companies. By him, "5 months of growth in supplies of finished products one trillion rubles."Commenting on the situation, the chairman of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika Pronunciation:"After the first wave of

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Think I know who fired? I — holiday man

Prince"I think not. Necessary to move toward democracy."Prince‘Cause I do not think it will improve. Belarus has its efforts toward China, and with the United States in particular, it will not seek to get closer. "Mrs."I did not think about it, I — far from politics."Prince"We claim the West set of 12 Fri I do not know how many of them satisfied. If executed eleven and release Kozulin — twelfth paragraph, means everything will be just fine. If not complied with, all things continue as usual.The idea is that when we execute, things should improve. AFC Assistant Deputy Secretary of

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Transfer news on air



Transfer news on air

05.12.03, the




Tibetan mystics — people reticent. Those who have students use them for special training techniques, where it occupies little space. The description of their curious methods is beyond the

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Telepathy is possible: the scientist was able to convey his thoughts through the internet daughter

December 19, 2012 19:00

The phrase "a telepathic conversation" is associated in many people with fantastic films and works of this genre. However, scientists have proved that telepathic communication is possible: the Briton was able to convey his thoughts daughter.


Scientist Christopher James, attracted to experiment young daughter, said that made the first step to the development of technologies to transmit thoughts from the brain to the brain from a distance.

"I spoke with her daughter on a fairly basic level, but it is there without question. To convey the information to her brain, I needed

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The idea — the energy


We extract energy from everywhere. When we eat, we take out the energy to power our cells. We breathe in the air and get a breath of energy from the sun, planets, plants and all living things. When we have something hard and continuously think that a lot of energy and information stored in our mental images.

There comes a time when the amount of energy reaches a critical mass, mental images begin to live your life, attracting the events and circumstances of which we thought we were dreaming, or, conversely, which feared. Implementing a

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Read minds at a distance? Science: Its possible!

September 23, 2012 19:47

A group of Dutch scientists developed the device with which you can understand the thoughts of the people in the distance. Based device with a computer tomograph "decode" thoughts.

Maastricht University neuroscientists led by Bettina Sorger could differentiate 27 levels of brain activity and correlate each with a specific character — with one of the 26 letters of the alphabet or a space, and then the computer comes into play, which "translates" the thoughts of the person in question. However, for "deciphering the letters" also required the active participation of the patient.

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Want to change the world — start with yourself!

Welcome, Friends! I want to tell to you important information … I have to say that my opinion may differ from yours and there is nothing "bad", just that you perceive the world differently, and I — in their own way … In short, each of us lives in his own reality that is different from how the world sees every other man and it is wonderful!

So, I think "society" conditionally! divided into two types of people:

1) There are those who are dissatisfied with their lives, those who are dissatisfied with government, politicians, the

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The power of thought, or learn to think correctly!

May 20, 2012 8:50

The saying that "all our thoughts materialize" — not just words, but a proven fact that scientists and psychologists who are directly connected with the law of attraction.

If you think about it, each of us, thinking about something, soon noticed that the idea of "embodied" in life. For example, a woman, dreaming of account certain men noticed that he really began to give her attentions …

If you look at the power of thought, on the other hand, it turns out that all the troubles, problems and troubles we are ordinary attract into your life:

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The development of the power of thought

March 28, 2012 10:59

The development of the power of thought — this is what we did not learn in school, college. This is what we learn from life!

Man is created in the image and likeness of God. Everybody knows. But we are aware of this? But every one of us — the Creator! Creator of his own world. How is this happening?

Your thoughts about yourself, we create our lives, make it a complete success and the success or vice versa. The power of thought — incredible! Before becoming a reality, any situation or thing in whose

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Thought can become a reality

November 10, 2011 21:16

Recently, the shelves appeared quite a lot of literature on the problem of materialization of thought. These ideas are sound and in television. More people are using the method of materializing ideas to achieve their goals. That you may be to them still are not there yet (and may not be treated at all), but as you know, any thought in the human brain goes through three stages:

1. -What nonsense! 2. — This is something there … 3. — Who does not know! Therefore, these ideas worth considering. Suppose you and immediately think, "What nonsense,"

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