Seasprites Under Threat Again

AUSTRALIA’S TROUBLED Kaman SH-2G(A) Super Seasprite helicopter programme could be under threat of cancellation once again. Minister for Defence, the Hon Joel Fitzgibbon MP, made the revelation during an ABC Television interview after the government had announced on February 18 that it was launching a review of air combat capability (see p27). Fitzgibbon believes that Australia’s recently elected Labour government, has been passed a procurement mess, saying, «What I see horrifies me, I’ve inherited an absolute nightmare.»

He said the government was not ruling out any possibilities regarding the Seasprite project, including cancellation, but admitted that it would be a

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Raptor under threat.

In what could become one of the most infamous decisions concerning a major procurement programme in recent years, the House Appropriations Committee’s defence panel subcommittee has endorsed a proposal to remove the six F-22A Raptor next-generation fighters from the FY2000 Defense Budget. This would save $1.8 billion which it feels would be better spent on pilot retention, readiness shortfalls and ordering additional fighters of existing types — however, $1.2 billion would be included for F-22 research and development (R&D).

The committee also approved an overall defence spending bill of $266.1 billion, this is $15.5 billion more than in FY99 and

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Fugazi: The real major threat.

Музыкально Fugazi резко отличались от своего прототипа Minor Threat. Последние играли сверхскоростной монотонный двухаккордный хардкор, причем настолько успешно, что в одной британской рок-энциклопедии было заявлено “если вы не слышали Minor Threat, то вы никогда не слышали хардкор!». Надо сказать, что в этих словах есть изрядная доля правды. Не говоря уже о том, что из под пера… точнее из под струн Minor Threat вышла знаменитая композиция ‘Straight Edge’, положившая начала стрейт-еджеровскому движению, в которое включились панки, проповедующие здоровый образ жизни — без наркотиков, алкоголя, секса и прочей полезной дребедени. На сегодня самым знаменитым стрейт-еджером является пресловутый Генри Роллинз. После развала Minor

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Salting Surikov denies himself

He noted that his position on the development of military cooperation between Belarus and the Russian Federation, expressed in an interview the other day one of the funds mass disk imaging, "Was completely misinterpreted." Coupled with the fact, Surikov added that "Our homeland is really seriously concerned about the intentions of the United States located in Eastern Europe missile defense." With all this "when new security threats Russia and its ally Belarus, and a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic — this danger can be mades adequate measures "- said salting." And what will it directly measures

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Blitz-analysis of the events of the week

Tsigankov "At first, the story of the arrest of participants in the presentation books Sevyarinets Paul Brest. Later, police on the scene Free Theatre, the detention of all viewers, including foreign people. At the end of the week Nyasvizh were detained activists of the Young Front for inscription made on the white fence, "Belarus — is sacred". Yesterday in Gomel, police broke into the house where the meeting was held with residents Sabila pastor. Andrew, do you find any logic in such actions of the authorities? It seems, and presentation books, and the inscription on the fence, and the "Free

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Vardamatski Lena: I’m horrified

Lena Vardamatski: "There was a small voice can be even man was and drunk. He said: "In the morning you will be destroyed." I’m horrified. And again he repeated the same phrases and hung up. " Lena Vardamatski 80, she disabled the second group. Yesterday, after telephone threats she was bad. Her husband Peter Ye immediately called the police and told of the dangers. With him skantaktavavsya district. Peter Vardamatski: "That was morning, and the world so far nothing has happened."Ancestors manager sociological laboratory "Novak" do not know why these might seem dangerous, but do not rule out that they

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KGB conducts interrogations in the letters of the RNE

Giving a subscription to disclose Undercover investigation sovereign Svetsik does not know the details of the interrogation. But he saw that the activities of the KGB this case activated for some reason two years law enforcement refuses to initiate criminal case against those who 2006 Vitebsk residents sends letters on behalf of the dangers of "Vitebsk RNE branch", referring to the fact that such an organization is not registered in Belarus. But on May 20 this year on the initiative of the case under article 130.1 "incitement of ethnic hatred" still was undertaken.Not counting Leonid Svetsik, during the last 2-weeks

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Does fear of U.S. missiles in Minsk?

Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Mieczyslaw Mushroom sure: South American measures do not affect the state of the Belarusian Security. They are not focused on attack and on defense, emphasizes general Mushroom: "Belarus, if so read, you can get it from other parts of the world, more distant. And you do not need to put missiles on the border with Belarus.I think there is no specific issues. But based on the beliefs of today’s political situation in Belarus, you can imagine what will cry danger to the West. " Chairman of the Commission of the Council

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The threat from space

Russia's attempt to once again convince the international community to unite to eliminate the threat of cosmic bombardment.

A.Dynko: Agreement with Russia — a threat to independence

On these questions responsible editor in chief "Nasha Niva"Andrei Dynko

Failure always comes suddenly. Predict dangerous state in the country where there is no projected municipal institutions, it is very difficult

Tsigankov: "Recently the current visit of Vladimir Putin to Minsk politicians and experts were divided into two groups. Some worry that the arrival of Russian President carries some risk of Belarusian statehood, may mean coming to the Belarusian political and energy independence. Others they say that nothing wrong can not happen because it had no reason to. What is your position? " Dynko: "Bad luck always comes suddenly.

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