Januszewski was given three days, although there were — 10

Since Alexei repeated violation — role in the unauthorized action — that, under the law of its had arrest for more than 10 days. Alexei himself saw our correspondent that his sentence proves that the order from the top is more important existing legislation. About the structure of the House of Justice youth activists posted large white-red-white flag. Police detained a minor lady. Palazhanka Anastasia, Anastasia and Anton Loikaw Rusin got three days of arrest. Palazhanka judged referee Mike Homa, Anton Rusin — Valentine Zinkevich referee.Given the fact that the convicts had already spent three days behind bars in jail

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Or unfold in Grodno Belarus classes?

On this basis, at a theoretical level such classes might appear in 3 high schools and 3 schools. A year earlier similar agreement was also, but the authorities themselves with their own hand did nothing real, and Belarus was not open classes.

Vitebsk: chairman of the city cell BPF arrested for three days

During the event, which was held at Assumption Hill, Vladislav Tokarev kept detailed white-red-white flag with dark tape. According to witnesses, police officers, it lured the excessive attention of passers-by, and because they share the mourning vyryshyli qualify as unauthorized picketing. Three members of this Promotion, including Vladislav Tokarev were detained commandos. After trial in the October district department detainees left overnight in the temporary detention. So makarom, Vladislav Tokarev one day of his arrest are already enrolled, and at the moment it will be released in the evening, the 29th of April.

The European Parliament discussions are the situation in Belarus

Invited representatives from Minsk 3 Social-democratic trends: Olga Kozulin, Statkevich and Stanislav Shushkevich. They will perform at the meeting during the discussion of 3 themes — the overall situation in the country, the criterion of campaign and prospects of the Left parties in Belarus. As emphasized in the press release of the Socialist Group, "the conference is held in order to show their support democratic forces Belarus ".

The Central Bank issued coins to commemorate the Battle of Stalingrad

Issued three types of coins.

Bank of Russia announced the issue of treatment of 24 May 2013 of three new commemorative coins dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. It will be released on the silver coin of 3 rubles, gold par value of 100 rubles and 10 rubles coin of base metal. The latter will be released for mass circulation of 10 million pieces.

The reverse of the coin features the image monuments on Mamaev Hill: wall ruins "Not one step back" and "Forward!" Sculpture "Stand to Death," and

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Health Centre for Children in Reutov opened after renovation

The unique health care facility located in the territory of Reutova again opened its doors to children and their parents. The room, which occupies Health Centre, was repaired. The building has new windows, modern suspended ceilings, and floors sparkle shiny tiles.Health Centre for Children operates in the framework of the program of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation to promote healthy lifestyles. In Reutovo it exists since 2009. Here, have a diverse counseling for expectant mothers, psychological conduct training sessions for parents and toddlers diagnosed with various developmental disorders of children.The institution is pediatricians, children's

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In the woods … by moonshine

Forest Distillery was organized by 3 Radoshkovichi residents, reports Interfax. Dirty scum samagonavarennya 22 weave forest. Forest creation of vodka destroyed, and with respect to its organizers administrative reports. They can attract and criminal liability under "pollution forest." In case they would face penalties of up to 3 years imprisonment.

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French middle class looks into the abyss

Financial problems in Cyprus could affect neighboring countries, and the first to fall under attack Italy and Spain. Analysts believe that the French stay away too fail.

In the hospital five people being taken away with a concussion. Strike peacefully employees of the French branch Gooduear tired, and the windows of the plant and flew stones at police and rotten eggs. Leaders of the largest U.S. manufacturer of tires to convince and did not work: branch in Amiens Nord close 1,100 fired. Sale of wheels for small cars continues to the peak of the crisis.

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Family Care in Belarusian

According to official statistics, in Belarus now about a half million families. 59% of them have the 1st baby, 35% — two, three and more than — 6%.In the midst of the urban population only twentieth any lady with three kids and more than (5% of total). 6 of 10 ladies in town have 1st baby or do not have kids in general. And the more the town, the smaller the kids on a lady. So, in Minsk, the figure is 1.0, in the regional centers — 1.1-hundred-thousanders in the cities — 1.2, in cities pyatsidesyatsitysyachnikah — 1.3, in the

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Vitebsk: three young women detained

Vitebsk opposition youth spent the evening there is now an action of solidarity with political prisoners.About 10 Single people lined the sidewalks with portraits of Alexander Kozulin, Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich Vitebsk businessman. 10 minutes after the beginning of the action the police appealed to the participants with the requirement to disperse. 3 women who refused to comply with this requirement, police taken to the office.Detainees took explanations about what they were doing with portraits, while police kept them in a certain district department legislation 3 hours. It violationozaschitniki and friends of detainees recorded in the book of complaints,

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