The forestry commission

Unlike many other transport companies this enterprise not only operates and manages its fleet of vehicles and equipment, but in some areas also has to build the roads on which they run.

Wales and Ireland. The creation of the new authority was a direct result of the difficulties which the country» had faced in meeting the demand for timber during the First World War. The country’s forests had been declining since the Middle Ages and ever increasing demands for timber had resulted in the forested areas reducing to only 5% of the land area. The outbreak of war resulted in

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Intergrain Timber Finishes featured on Best in Show and gold medal-winning Fleming’s Trailfinders Australian Garden at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s world-famous Chelsea Flower Show in London is the Olympics of the horticultural world. The event showcases the best of Australian horticultural design and construction, and inspires others to think about best practices within the landscape contractor industry. Intergrain has featured on the Trailfinders Australian Garden, presented by Fleming’s Nurseries, since 2008.

In 2013, the ninth and final Australian Garden to ever be presented by Fleming’s made history around the world. The Australian Garden was awarded

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This garden plaything must be the most popular that has ever been devised. I have tried to avoid one or two problems that do occur when designing and making a free-standing swing. The bases are very long and the swing is braced at the sides so you don’t need to secure it into the ground. If you fit a plywood base it will prevent the mud puddle which is so often found beneath swings, and the dangerous concrete that usually fills the hole after the first season’s use.

Today many gardens are fairly small and there are more paved patio

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Most children have a cherished dream -a small house, shed or den which is especially for them to play in. The world of make-believe is one to foster and this little house is ideal for tea parties, teddy bears’ picnics, or, stretching the imagination, a place of safety for those three little pigs who were always having trouble with the big bad wolf.

The house is built completely from stock size Nordic redwood. (I bought sawn timber and planed it up and saved a great deal of money that way.) The roof is made from corrugated ‘plastic’ sheeting which overlaps

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Finnish Forest Industries accused Russia of violating WTO rules

Finnish Forest Industries (Finnish Forest Industries Federation, FFIF) accused Russia in violation of WTO rules. As the head of the Russian radio station Yle direction FFIF Jukka Halonen, Russia prevents the export of unprocessed softwood internal regulations.

According to Jukka Halonen, the Finnish forest industry companies are still unable to start the import of softwood timber from Russia, despite Russia's accession to the WTO last summer. The cause of the problems are internal orders Russia, complicating export.

According FFIF, Russia banned the export of unprocessed softwood companies in arrears on rent forest. Most Russian

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Birch juice: drink or pay?

Forestry staff gave an order to the sector ministry — aggressively track down cases of unauthorized production of birch sap and on the spot to draw up reports on offenders. Typically, the amount of fines for all that repeatedly exceed revenue gatherers. As told in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the currently procure juice are allowed only in certain places: "As for the production of juice, then people can do it on the allotments for this purpose certain entities, leading forestry. Other words, competent people will show the places where it can be done legally. Sami leskhozes juice

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In the Arkhangelsk region has opened the most modern in the Russian timber processing complex

Today, the manufacture of "Ustyansky timber industry" — not only the most modern in the Arkhangelsk region. It stands out from all over Russia. Wood processing complex in the village are structured Bereznik Ustyansky district. Investment in the project is about 1 billion rubles.

In June 2011 a new company was formed — LLC "Ustyanskaya wood processing company." The main activity is concentrated in the collection and transportation of timber. The number of employees — 358 people Average wages — 33,000 rubles monthly timber volume — 40,000 cubic meters

The complex was built on the site

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In the Omsk region, a new plant for the production of charcoal

Built timber company "Cedar" Tevrizsky plant organic carbon will be needed immediately for the two clusters of silicon and forestry.

The company producing charcoal capacity of 3.6 million tons / year (two pyrolysis installation) will be used to meet the needs of plants for the production of silicon metal carbon-reducing agent. Established technical base and to increase the plant‘s capacity to 5.4 million tons / year. Silicon plants will be built in Omsk.

In addition, the cooperation of "Titan" with "Cedar" is about a better process of deep processing of wood waste-free and guaranteed product sales partners

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CJSC Mint timber opened in Sverdlovsk Region workshop producing arbolita

CJSC "Mint timber" launched in the village Mint Berezovsky urban district, Sverdlovsk region a new shop for recycling a timber production.

Construction of the plant started in March 2013. Today, the new equipment purchased Zlatoust, the company began to produce pilot-scale production of wood chips and cement — derevobeton arbolit and paving tiles.

"Now we are engaged in product certification for its further implementation. While working in the shop, only about a dozen people. In the future the number of employees will be increased to forty. Pilot-scale production, which lets shop we use for personal

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From the export of timber Primorye goes to the production of timber and wood flooring

In the region there has been a tendency to increase the range and volume of production of wood products with high added value. This is a structural laminated veneer lumber, three-layer parquet, peeled and sliced veneer. 

As reported in the provincial forestry department in 2012 compared with 2011 produced goods produced a 21.8% increase, including: round timber — by 6.5%, timber — by 36.1%. For the first six months of 2013 in relation to the same period last year produced marketable output for last year’s level.

Recall now the edge of

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