The United States supported the Young Belarusians and asked the United Nations

Appeal adopted September 8 in New York during a rally in support of the activists’Junior Front"Ivan Shyla, Anastasia Azarko and Yaroslav Hryshchenya. Near UN building on a rally in support gathered about 20 people from various cities in America: New York, Washington, Boston and others.During the picket proclamation was read favorite CCP BPF Poznyak youth of days on the occasion of the Belarusian Military Glory.Share held Belarusian Youth Movement. The collection of signatures lasts through the web on the website of the Movement Two weeks later, an appeal to all the collected signatures will be sent to the UN.

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Do you buy things from online stores?

Online shopping is more popular in the midst of a relatively young and people are very busy, no time to go public on everyday shopping. Lord of more mature age of online shopping does not trust.Alexander Kullinkovich: "In almost all web buy"Rock musician, a favorite of the "Neuro dowel" Alexander Kullinkovich — advanced user and constant client:"I buy almost everything in the main, a technique associated with computers and home appliances."Reporter: "And the problem was?"Kullinkovich: "Never. All very well, always was very satisfied. And if the difficulties were, then returned funds or changed product. I am very pleased. "Politician, chairman

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German historian says in Belarusian and examines the history of Grodno

Guest also presented aaplet "Layers of Memory", dedicated to the occupation. Panelists role Grodno historians and students. At the meeting went correspondent of "Freedom," he spoke with Felix Ackermann, who has the Belarusian language.Reporter: "You wrote a book on Belarus, in which four pages. How hard it was to do, how long did it take?"Ackerman: "It took me 5 years and can not say that it was just for different reasons. Many local historiography developed from 1939 until the end of the second World War. And also the post-war history is not very well developed at this point in the

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Seviarynets politician Paul stopped by police on arrival at Soligorsk

At trial, the prosecutor claimed in Saligorsk sentenced Ivan Shyla without punishment. Ivan sentence be declared at 17.45Meanwhile Goats zachystsiv Soligorsky court adjacent to the area. With a dozen young activists got white-red-white flags and chanted slogans in support of Ivan Shyla, riot police began stripping action. Eight activists were detained, Three of them — in including one woman — cruelly beaten.One woman said by telephone that the bus detainees psychological pressure, sounded the danger of rape.The Tribunal continues to This time All charges are based on performances in Ivan Shyla media disk imaging and materials, found during the search.

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What interests Belarusian spies in Germany?

How should of disk imaging, located in the German press, the yearly loss of Germany as a result of activity of foreign spies are between 20 and 40 billion euros. Perhaps any German company is tsellyu foreign cyber attacks. The real harm from piracy felt for about 40% of all German companies. At the time when huge countries like China are interested in kidnapping or copying virtually allx German technological innovation, small countries like Belarus have enthusiasm to copy more narrow technology. Belarusian expert Alexander Alesin does not see anything unusual in a similar phenomenon. "In general it is a

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Reason glory Belarusian ladies — the peculiarities of climate?

On the first page Molodechno "Regional newspapers" — Article "Correspondence school for talent." A cooperative project Vileika educational and intellectual center and the Academy of Postgraduate Education to significantly expand the ability of higher education for professional school students. The newspaper also is responsible for the incident a criminal case against the former director of the factory "Sputnik" Vladimir Verbitsky. His blame violations pay the salaries of workers — in the first quarter of 2007, they received an average of 327 thousand rubles, and the Director of the least sensitive 2 million. Newspaper "New Era" continues the project of Alexander

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Fashion carry on can bring …

Fashion for what?In the Russian time to cafeterias not steal spoons, tied them to the rack. To drink coffee with a solid civilian Cup and not plyastykovki, needed throw money pledged. But it was a time when the shelves in stores dishes were empty and quiet. At the moment, the situation is different. A theft of bars, restaurants and hotels is booming. The reason is not the welfare of people. After all, the five-star hotels in the resorts also steal.One of the fans to bring "souvenir" home, 30-year-old Roman, argues the desire to hide the need for a cup of

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Authorities want the airbag

Recall that amount, the official Minsk asks IMF for the creation of "safety cushion" in the criteria of the financial crisis.The fate of the IMF loan for Belarus will be known in the subsequent week. While unchanged IMF consulate in Minsk do not fall mission estimates of the International monetary Fund regarding the economic situation in kraine.Perad talks on the loan, and the mission began its work in Minsk on October 27 in the leadership of the IMF said that the global crisis had a negative impact on the economy of Belarus on access to external financing. At the same

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Alexander Kozulin colony visited lawyer

Details listen later on the air and read on our web site

Alexander Kozulin spent behind bars for more than 500 days. In conclusion, he held a political hunger strike, which lasted a day or 53. For this time politician has lost about 30 pounds of weight.In Last year A.Kozulin sentenced 5.5 years in prison on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots. Last presidential candidate believes that he avenged the address criticism Alexander Lukashenko during presidential elections 2006.

• The government was not allowed 1st picket in defense Kozulin, 28.08.2007 • Action "Amnesty International" in Warsaw in

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Night Siege — August 27

The forums website discussions are current statements Russian Ambassador Alexander Surikov that our homeland does not preclude placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus. Introduction of the participants:"Uh-huh. And Shushkevich Walesa recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize for the conclusion of this very weapon.""Well, if you send us your rockets those who need it. To cut on takeoff.""Neuzh Our homeland is invested in building a nuclear power plant?"Arshanski blogger talks about whether it was worth allocate Stanislav Shushkevich for the Nobel Prize:"In the midst of all threw the former speaker Supreme Council HII convocation often bombarded with "obstruction" of a

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