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Cosmonauts saved UFO




"UFO", St. Petersburg, n16 (334), 12.04.2004, p.6.

By Vadim Ilin

Mankind the way from artificial satellites to interplanetary robotic missions, ranging from single spacecraft to the space station with interchangeable crews. However, in the history of space exploration is mysterious events, explain that the earth scientists can

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Pies and Khachapuridze — tasty sourdough

— This is my favorite project, my dream! — Vladimir points to a picture of something, at the same time like a car, a helicopter and a light twin-engine aircraft …

— The vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter. The speed and range of aircraft — 500 km / h and 2,000 km respectively. Comfort and accessibility of the car — 5 seats plus 300 kg of cargo. The machine will cost a decent SUV, about 100-150 thousand dollars. Eventually, with increasing scale, the price will be reduced. The cost of passenger-kilometers will be

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Land of the Rising Sun desperately


Japan for the third time in its history, heard the voice of tomorrow. This bird symbolizes the emperor of old, whose sacred title subject could not utter vain.

Emperor Akihito's appeal was broadcast all channels. The first time such happened in August '45, when Emperor Hirohito announced on the radio on the Japanese surrender.

Today's speech of his 77-year-old son heard the NTV correspondent Sergei Morozov.

In Japan, if on TV said the emperor, — then the situation is really extraordinary. However, in contrast to the members of the Cabinet, who urged his

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Pilots of the Baltic Fleet for the first time in 18 years worked aerial refueling

KALININGRAD, December 24 — RIA Novosti. Pilots Bomber Squadron of the Western Military District Air Base (WEST) after 18-year hiatus, the flights from refueling in the air, told RIA Novosti Head of Information Providing the press service of cooling zone of the Baltic Fleet Vladimir Matveev

"During the flight over the Kaliningrad region about 15 crews bombers Su-24M carried out aerial refueling tanker aircraft from IL-78. Seven crews on the exercise for the first time. Flights were both bright and in the dark. Performed as single items , and as part of a pair, when the tanker ran the

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Diverse views of Syrian Air Force

Almost from the beginning of civilian war in Syria in different disk imaging media began to report on the application of counter-insurgency techniques and the heavy aircraft. Regardless of the veracity of these announcements in due course became another cause for criticism and accusations towards the administration of Syrian President B. Assad. Slightly later appeared more worthy of the evidence that the Syrian military really use in their own operations, combat aircraft and helicopters, but this implementation is almost always reduced to the transport function. Attacks against the enemy, and if satisfied, the fairly rare because the relevant features of

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Complications of abortion

The risk of abortion complications is dependent on:

gestational age (the longer the duration, the more likely complications); the professionalism of the medical officer; from the initial condition of the patient; on careful examination before this manipulation; the number of previous abortions; sometimes, from the banal to the case, etc.

There are two types of complications: early, that develop intime or immediately after surgery, andLater, that may occur after a time, even after 2-3 year.

Early complications: Inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, such as endometritis, an inflammation of the appendages, and others. Often they arise because ofinflammation

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A volcanic eruption started in Indonesia

In Indonesia, on Thursday Lokon erupted in the north of the island of Sulawesi. This was reported by officers of the impacts of natural disasters.

According to them, the first time the volcano ashes thrown into the air and smoke to a height of 1.5 km at 23:30 local time (19:30 Moscow time). Since then, there are two outliers. On the slopes of the volcano lava flow.

Mass evacuation of residents living within 3.5 km of the fiery mountain. As the local authorities in the area are about 30 thousand people.

On the eve of a two thousand

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Ball horror can arrive at any time




The curd is heated plasma is able to think, some researchers

Natalia Leskov

Olga from Moscow Ponizova Fryazevo never in the newspapers did not address: felt his modest lady does not particularly notable. A change of heart after the third time in his life faced with a

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Who cut circles in the fields?


In the Ivanovo region combiners found five correct figures. In the first laps in a wheat field near the village of Taymaniha were discovered on August 11. In the morning a link combine local farms Frunze came to harvest winter wheat, said "KP Yaroslavl."

Unusual pictures they saw from the height of their cabins: in the middle of a high mature wheat settled three correct circle formed by the bent to the ground and stacked to spike spikelet stalks. Circles were also joined two pieces of lying ears. The diameter of the large circle is 9 meters,

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Dreams, where they come from?

I think a lot of people sometimes think they are living in a parallel life of dreams. The life that filled with bright impressions and events. Our subconscious mind is experiencing all sorts of emotions when in a state of sleep. This can be a real shock, fear, or a sincere joy.

In his last dream you had a drug Reduxine light and now you want to know more about it? Then, you will need Reduxine light instruction manual, which you can find on the site

Unfortunately, to

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