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Tomorrow morning — the end of the world?

Apocalypse Code in our

At least it is sure of the California preacher Harold Camping, hung with the entire capital billboards "The Lord is coming on May 21." President and general manager of both the religious media companies FRN («Family Radio") has calculated the time between the Crucifixion and the Second Coming of the Savior. Received exactly 722,500 days, the last of which just comes tomorrow. Personally, I am much closer to another "prophecy", according to which the world of the resurrection of Christ to the end of the world will stand for exactly 2000 years and ended his

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UFO over Provo Canyon




Tommy Woodard photographed trees in Provo Canyon (Utah, USA) when he saw a UFO flying over trees, Woodard ('22) photo librarian with the Utah Film Commission, the picture was taken 18.05.2004. Woodard second time in my life saw a UFO the first time was when he was

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Coastal waters of California beach began to emit blue light

June 13. At midnight, when all around is dark, one of the most popular beaches in California surfers waves began to create an eerie blue glow — this unusual phenomenon was able to capture the photographer Steve Skinner, writes The Daily Mail.

"I have seen this phenomenon before, but it has never been so bright. Besides, the last time the glow was a dull green color, in the same time it was incredibly fascinating, "- said Skinner newspaper.

According to him, he lives on the coast and often spends shooting here, but the last he made the most

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Bigfoot: Fact or Fiction?

For hundreds of years, many people from around the world tell that my eyes have seen a very strange creature. The growth of this being more than 2 meters, his entire body is covered with thick hair, arms longer than men, a very muscular body, short neck. There are a few names of the creature: the Yeti, soskvoch, Bigfoot and others. The residents of our country is being known by the name of Bigfoot.

We decided to visit St. Petersburg and pick suitable tours? Then, find great things to do

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Tornado in Austria

May 16, 2011 — Austria — Saturday 15:28 pm quiet city in Eisenstadt-Umgebung was in a state of shock. 80 meters wide tornado went through the buildings and gardens, leaving behind dozens of damaged homes, fallen trees, or even three buildings torn roof.

Local resident Tinoff still can not believe what I saw. "It sounded like a bomb. Trees romped out of the ground, tiles flew away from houses and debris flew like bullets into the walls of the neighboring buildings. It was horrible."Fire chief says it's a miracle that no one was killed by debris that flew.


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Burnt alive


7.09.11.Polkovnik retired Taras Shevchenko D. served in special forces units, which trained commandos to help the residents of Ashgabat earthquake and reverse the effects of the Chernobyl accident.

In September 1951, he had the opportunity to participate in horrific experiments on living things during the test of the first Soviet atomic bomb. For a long time he was silent about the events. Today the "atomic" soldiers divided the "interlocutor" their memories.

Assignment of special importance At the time I was a young lieutenant. Graduated from the Omsk Military Medical School, Special Faculty of protection against weapons of mass destruction.

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Fish kill in the Rostov region. Photo


26.07.11.Bereg Broad River in the Rostov region again strewn with dead fish. Now experts are finding out what caused the environmental disaster this time.

First became alarmed residents of the street of Kalinin. They saw a dead fish on the river wide. People are asked to investigate the situation as soon as possible, because in the river to bathe their children come to the watering pets, not to mention a favorite spot for fishermen.

Deputy Head of Aquaculture Department Rosselkhoznadzor PO Galina Nizova heard mass death of fish in the river from Broad correspondent "BV".

— This information will

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NASA: Earth bends space and time

Earth, rotating, bends space and time. This hypothesis, put forward by the great physicist Albert Einstein in 1916, is now proved by scientists, who examined results of experiments performed in 2004 by the U.S. National Space Agency NASA.

To test it, in 2004, NASA launched a satellite specialists Gravity Probe-B. Inside the spacecraft were four quartz sphere coated with niobium. These are the most perfect spheres ever to have made. Their temperature was kept close to absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius).

These balls have been isolated from external interference and placed in a very "quiet" environment of the existing,

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Alaska earthquake of magnitude 6.4

Alaska earthquake of magnitude 6.4. According to the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a strong push was registered on 5 May at 16:57 GMT (20:57 Moscow time). Alaska at this time of the morning.

The earthquake lies at a depth of 33 kilometers, the epicenter was located about 900 kilometers south-west of the city of Anchorage. Information on the effects of the earthquake have been reported, according to ITAR-TASS.


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Hawaii swept unique double tornado

In Hawaii, right near the Honolulu International Airport saw a beautiful but dangerous natural phenomenon — double tornado. Bzoni, of course, are not as scary as tornadoes, and apparently it does not affect the plans of airports for sending and receiving of aircraft, but problems can deliver. Apparently, the rowers, who at that time practicing, it does not bother, but someone, of course, and it may seem that they are trying to save themselves from the elements.

These tornadoes were short on time, but it brought heavy rain and even hail. And two

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