Fish kill in the Rostov region. Photo


26.07.11.Bereg Broad River in the Rostov region again strewn with dead fish. Now experts are finding out what caused the environmental disaster this time.

First became alarmed residents of the street of Kalinin. They saw a dead fish on the river wide. People are asked to investigate the situation as soon as possible, because in the river to bathe their children come to the watering pets, not to mention a favorite spot for fishermen.

Deputy Head of Aquaculture Department Rosselkhoznadzor PO Galina Nizova heard mass death of fish in the river from Broad correspondent "BV".

— This information will

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Ball horror




CLOT hot plasma "behaving" mystery, which gives rise ASSUMPTIONS FOR Unthinkable

Olga from Moscow Ponizova Friazino never in the newspapers did not address: the modest lady thought unremarkable. A change of heart after the third time in his life "faced" with a fireball. The first two "meeting"

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Architectural monuments of the city of Sochi

According to Land use and development, All the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Sochi is divided into several types of monuments of architecture, history, archeology and monumental art. This list contains all the monuments of architecture and urban planning.


The building of the marine station (Street Voykova 1). An architectural monument of regional significance. 1955 Architects: KS Alabyan, LB Dwarf.

Radius (from the boundaries of the monument) time zones of protection (by law number 487 and number 514 KZ-KZ of 2002): 100 m The instrument of acceptance under protection:

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Serbia plans to buy Russian MiG-29M2

Serbia is negotiating with Russia on the purchase of eight probable multirole fighters MiG-29M2 for public Air Force. This ARMS-TASS said a spokesman for the military-industrial complex. Question about buying Russian technology avitsionnoy open a discussion during the meeting of the Minister of Defence of Serbia Alexander Vucic and Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu in Moscow at a meeting held within the framework of an international conference on European security. The Serbian side informed Sergei Shoigu of intent to acquire 6 to 8 MiG-29 fighters. The deal could be implemented at the expense of credit allocated

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The death toll after a typhoon in the Philippines has reached thousands

Typhoon Bohan, two weeks ago, hit the southern part of the Philippines, still leaves local people alone, because every hour updated list of victims of the disaster. By the end of this week it has listed 1,020 islanders. The sad thing is that even 844 is still not found.

Almost all the victims were found in the southern island of Mindanao, where floods and landslides were the hardest. Of the missing half of the people were sailors who came out to the open sea to catch fish before the storm and could not get back in time to

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Anomaly passage of Venus on June 5. Investigation. Response to the article from the It's not just like that!

The answer to

"Also, if you draw a line through the center points of Venus in the picture, then the trajectory will curve.'

Astronomers have warned:

"I would like to draw attention to the interesting part — to an observer of the planet transit route, which is actually a straight line, will falsely appear curved line, this is due to the fact that the phenomenon is so long (several hours), the angle of inclination of the ecliptic to the horizon ( in the place where the sun is currently located) varies considerably. Thereby artificially curved line

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Tornado appeared over the Amur

Local residents have witnessed an emerging tornado

In Blagoveshchensk, on Thursday, June 7, citizens have witnessed the birth of another tornado — the IA "Port Love." Tornado townspeople saw in the commercial port.

— It was seven o'clock in the evening. Did not last long — about five minutes. He was born on the river, as well as last time, but only went to sushi — extinct. Apparently, not enough time on the water power gain and unwind. Moving from south-east to north-west. If it had become more powerful, then again, would pass diagonally through the city —

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Why time is speeding up?


Photo from:

27.07.11.Vse often, people make the assumption that time is speeding up. We hear more and more from them: "It looks like I will not ever have the time to cope with all the works." Or, "Where does the time?"

Years certainly fly faster than ever, and this is a scientific explanation. We are changing rapidly, and a number of reasons for the this is also related to the acceleration of time. People are becoming more aware, and more than ever are turning to the spiritual and personal development. Why is this happening?

Scientists have discovered

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NATO has accused Gaddafi using civilians as cover objects

The apparent impotence of the Air Force NATO in Libya before the great war of the equipped shelters government troops priklnnyh to Muammar Gaddafi, has led to a newcomer to the call of alliance management to member countries of the coalition to intensify the bombing. At the same time military the court ready to blame the Libyan colonel in the military sins and to issue a warrant for his arrest.

General Sir David Richards, the head of the armed forces, said the international coalition should be able to attack with the introduction of all available means to completely overcome

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Hurricane Paul go past Mexico

The hurricane has formed in the eastern Pacific Ocean and is going to bring a huge portion of precipitation on the peninsula of Baja California, which is a part of Mexico. For some time the hurricane stayed on the third category of risk, and then his strength has decreased to Category 2 under the influence of cold ocean water and wind. Wind speed in a hurricane reaches 195 km / h

Showers and wind will have time to touch the ground of the peninsula before the hurricane will come back into the sea in the north-west. Eye of the

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