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Earthquake in Almaty eyewitness


Two days of earthquakes in Almaty stirred not only the residents of the city and its suburbs, but also the whole country.

Chronicle of Events

1 May, 8.31 Astana time, there was the initial impetus magnitude of 5.4. Its epicenter was located at a depth of 20 kilometers east of the southern capital. Many Almaty residents felt pretty real push.

According to residents, swinging chandeliers, staggered cabinets, even in an apartment on the first floor. Some witnesses said they heard the roar before the earthquake.

Immediately after the first push my colleagues — Correspondent — contact the Department

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ANOTHER RECORD Dolmatovo 22 matches without defeat

[I] "Sport-Express" [/ i] The flagship of the Rostov football for the second time came in the Orenburg region. Nearly seven years ago, the team Baydachnogo Kirichenko, and Adam was not able to unravel the secret nostovskoy defense, and the club of high society in the Cup of Russia capitulated to the representative of the second division. Only one participant of the match, played in the early autumn of 2001, came out on the field and at this time. 32-year-old aspen thirsted for revenge, the more that did not submit to the Urals and in the Donetsk team first round

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Solar eclipse of May 20, 2012

Solar eclipse of May 20, 2012 — annular solar eclipse of Saros 128. Band annular eclipse will begin in southern China, will continue through Japan, across the Pacific and over the U.S.. The maximum duration of the annular phase will 5m 46c (in the Pacific).

Visibility Annular eclipse will be seen in the following cities: China: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Fuzhou, Taipei (o.Tayvan) Japan: Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Yokohama U.S.: Albuquerque In Russia The eclipse will be observed in large parts of Russia in the morning on May 21, local time, but only as a private everywhere. The shadow

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Landslide paralyzed rail traffic in northern Thailand

Landslide that came down on Saturday morning from the hill near the station Khun Tan Lampang province between the center and the "northern capital" of Thailand — Chiang Mai, completely blocked and partially damaged the railway tracks, stopping trains northbound Thai railways, said on Saturday the third national television country.

Landslide came at a time when on the tracks near the scene were no trains, and therefore loss of life and damage to the rolling stock was not, however, in a landslide partially damaged rails, says soobschenii.Opolzen came at a time when the ways in the scene were no trains,

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Ring of Fire Volcanoes Earth awake

For thousands of years homo sapiens demonstrated its superiority in the home called Earth. People studying natural phenomena, weather forecasts and predicts some natural disasters. Machinery, equipment and personnel — all efforts aimed at the prevention of natural disasters. But time after time the Nature presents us with unpleasant surprises, and time after time failures to explain the causes of natural phenomena is the basis for the emergence of various scenarios of the Apocalypse.

Nature lives by its own rules, the main one — cycling. Assess the nature can only studying climate history

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In the south of France recorded tornado

After the episode in the Netherlands there was a brief tornado in the south of France near Toulouse. Reported minor destruction in a ruined walls of buildings, uprooted trees and overturned cars that tornado left in its path. Natural phenomenon has gathered a lot of visitors, since this area of the world, such a weather surprises are rare.

According to the French site Meteorologic, tornadoes assigned level F-1, which means that wind speeds of 115 to 180 km / h The residence time of the tornado coincided with the presence of a strong storm in the north-west of France

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That exploded near Almaty?


Photo Ruslan Prianikov

03.08.12.Na days in Almaty felt the tremors, and, as it turned out, could be the reason for their industrial explosion at a quarry near the southern capital.

How real is the southern metropolis new threat of man-made earthquakes and controls whether someone situation?

July 28 earthquake near Almaty, according to seismologists — 3.4 points. Almaty residents have become accustomed to such a "startle" of land, but this time the quake was unusual.

First of all it was not any messages, news agencies and later briefly reported that the earthquake was recorded 20 kilometers from

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Kopeisk regime introduced emergency due to water shortages


13.06.12.V Kopeisk declared emergency. In almost all the villages located in the city, water supply problems. Entire streets are sitting for months without water.

Resident of the village Vakhrushevo Love Pustovalova thought that there would come a time when the cup of tea for her family will be a luxury. Since February, the water in the house at a premium.

Water shortages in at number 20 on the street Zheleznyaka for many years, the hot water is never was, and this winter was gone and cold. In ZhEKe explained that due to low temperatures peremerzli underground utilities, but the

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Etna woke up in the seventh time this year

Thousands of tourists from around the world came to Sicily to see the next eruption of the most active volcano in Europe. Etna woke up for the seventh time this year. From the crater to the south-eastern slope of the "Mountain of Fire," a column of ash up to hundreds of meters in height.

Despite the strength of a natural disaster, the danger for the residents of nearby communities — yet. On the work of the international airport of Catania eruption also affected — all flights are on schedule, according to TV channel "Russia 24".


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The report on the experiment with MFC

Since I in January, in an impromptu holiday to celebrate volneniya was some svobdnoe time and labor on hand, I decided to highlight a few days on the design of the new TRAVEL-expired passport instead. And since such a thing — immediately decided to make a new, bombastic "biometric" for ten years. Perhaps, it will use. I have uchetka on public services, but I'm wondering more — some time ago began to open the so-called "Multifunctional centers", that is to say the MFC, which combine many of the structures for which earlier had to be worn in different parts

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