In war there is no dark and pure white

At the end of last year in the army, carrying out tasks in Chechnya, there was a change: disbanded Vedeno and Nozhai-Yurt operational battalions completed their existence military commanders. But the gang left, and to deal with them deployed battalion and company tactical group of the regiments of internal troops of Gudermes and Urus-Martan.

During the trip happened to be in effect at all outposts scattered in the Argun and Vedeno gorges. One of them remembered in particular. The point is not as fitted gates — you have to rely only on their own hands. Struck another: here, in the

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Our new sun will be Sirius?




This sensational news recently told its readers Almanac "The Fourth Dimension." In evolutionary development, state the researchers, humanity has come close to the end of the time period 260 000 Earth years. During this time, the Sun will visit all the 12 signs of the zodiac. Approaches are also several other, equally serious "birthdays":

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Muscovites risk to fail over time. Continued Part 2

Pioneers caught leshego

According to police reports, in a voice ravine people disappeared repeatedly. And the stories of the men of hairy creatures rise of 2.5 meters continued to haunt the minds of local residents. Even in Soviet times, there were rumors that they have been repeatedly seen in the surrounding gardens. In 1926, in one of the newspapers even published an article titled "The Pioneers caught devil." Perhaps in our time, such material would be called "Students caught" Bigfoot. "Very much it fits the descriptions.

This stone is said to be so miraculous that specialists in women's

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Anton Astapovich as a mirror of the Belarusian revolution

Company lustful curiosity watching the correspondence, which leads to different levels of government vertykalnastsi chairman of the Belarusian Voluntary Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Anton Astapovich. I am sure that not only the faithful and fruitful work, the Astapovich in the field of preservation of cultural heritage, but also its vyshktaltsonyya epistles will after a while the same heritage and evaluation period.

Style of appeals in which the author, for example, asks "to provide a response to a letter by stunastsi on the 5th of July, and to bring to justice officials who are guilty

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On the Admiral Kuznetsov began combat training flights of Su-33

According to ITAR-TASS news agency, citing a statement by Vadim Sergi (SF spokesman, Captain 1st rank), on aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier-based pilots have begun training and combat missions. Vadim Earring commented: "The moment of landing and take-off from the cruiser, which resides in the north-eastern Atlantic, and is headed by aircraft carrier naval group practiced seasoned pilots deck."

Also, Captain 1st Rank said: "In this long march from the deck of an aircraft carrier was first raised fighter Su-33, which was run by Colonel Nikolai Deriglazov (squadron commander). A first fighter landing on the deck of time,

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Rebel general was shot dead on the ruble

Now in the north-west of Moscow, the Georgian military shot dead a senior army. Law enforcement agencies have determined the identity of the deceased, he was disgraced Gen. Novel Dumbadze. Acquired from wounds man died before the arrival of "first", reports RIA "Announcements".

Investigators returned to approximate the details of what happened. "Offenders, traveling in a bike, drove to Dumbadze around the house number 30 on Rublevskoe Highway exchanged a few words with him and was shot twice — in the head and stomach. Doctors only had to admit his death," — said a law enforcement source.

In the Krylatskoye

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Indicators of blood during pregnancy

Get your hands on a blood test, a pregnant woman sometimes horrified by comparing their results and the results of the "norm." However, nothing wrong with that: the fact is that during pregnancy has its own "rules." Meanwhile, blood tests abound scary and confusing names, and not to be afraid of uncertainty, it makes sense to understand the terms.

Complete blood

Pregnancy affects the results of a general analysis of blood. Such indicators as hemoglobin andhematocrit may decline in the second half of pregnancy, andleucocytes, on the contrary, may be increased.


Coagulation — a measure of blood clotting.

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Auditory hallucinations. In search of truth

What would you think of yourself, if being in an empty room, heard the voices of the very real, belonging to other people? Probably would have thought mad? But do not jump to conclusions.

There are many cases where some voices have warned people of the danger. Once the English poet George Gordon Byron traveled to Greece with a local guide. Suddenly, Greek convulsions. When they passed, the Greek has announced that he heard his father's voice, warning that something terrible happening nearby.

— Two years ago, I

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Angels in the cosmos. Or is it just a mirage?

On this issue, there is debate and put forward hypotheses on anyone, as they say, taste. Human space flight and launching of satellites, provide strong evidence that the cosmos is full of events that scientific minds can not yet explain. So, for example, is still a mystery that in extraterrestrial space people see shapes and faces. What is this reality or mirage?

In the 80's there was a leak of information from the Academy of Sciences of the USSR that while flying in a spaceship "Vostok-1" in April 1961, Yuri

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Olympic construction: coastal cluster takes shape


The central object of the coastal cluster will be the Olympic Park. It will bring together all sports facilities, parklands and infrastructure.

For the first time in the history of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games all the ice arenas will be within walking distance of each other. At the same time in the park are located about 75 thousand visitors.

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