Hiding the truth about aliens

Contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations have long discussed in the world, with the advent of the Internet rumors, the tangent of the issue, only intensified. Presidents and world leaders laugh off only when they are asked about UFOs or aliens. What is really true and what gets her to open the public?

In 2009, the well-known radio journalist question about contacts with aliens, details of which allegedly kept in the "Book of Secrets" in some green room, which visits each newly elected president, Barack Obama replied with a joke: "I would

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[Img = http://www.fc-rostov.ru/imgs/filestore/4432778.big.jpg] CEO Don top team in an exclusive interview with "Soviet Sport" talked about his first impressions of working in the new position. The conversation was about the past, present and future. [B] «GOAL FOR ME AWARDED watermelons» [/ b] — Oleg, you're certain a child playing soccer, and a student addicted to the number one sport? — Of course. In my opinion, football attracts 99.9 percent of boys. I spent my childhood in the Ukraine, so the competition has seen a lot of the union of all sizes. As a student of the Institute played for the

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Californias time to wash out

Suffer a "golden state" the fate of Atlantis?

Sixteen major tectonic plates of the planet is in motion. The fact that they do not stand still, we are reminded of the earthquake, which resulted in the last 7 years have killed more than half a million people. The most devastating were shaking the ground in Southeast Asia in 2004, Haiti in 2010 and in Japan in early March. Where is the next can occur a powerful burst of energy to the surface of the Earth's crust? One of the most unstable places tectonic scientists believe the San Andreas Fault

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Museum of the victims of Nazism in Sobibor closed

The museum at Sobibor, where once was a Nazi camp destruction, was closed because of lack of funds for its maintenance.

Sobibor is located in the east of Poland. In 1942-43 there have destroyed more than 250 thousand Jews, and about a thousand Poles. Museum kept by the local authorities.

At the moment the building, where the exhibition was closed. Order a sightseeing trip there anymore. There is only the possibility to look at public places is enclosed spaces.

Previously, he worked at Sobibor museum every year from May to October, during which time it was visited by about

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Muammar Gaddafi will go down in history as diverse policies

No matter how controversial nor was the figure of Muammar Gaddafi, experts agree that for more than forty years of his rule had an enormous impact on the development of the region Africa Saharan Africa. Herman Cohen, former Deputy Secretary of State for Relations with Africa, says that in the asset Gaddafi there are some positive developments.

"He izderzhal lot of funds to support Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress and supported him in difficult times of apartheid. Another good point is that Libya has invested significant resources in the development of African businesses: hotels, public transport,

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Suffer a golden state the fate of Atlantis?

Pacific Coast of North America — one of the most active seismic zones of the world. Here there are two large lithospheric plates — the Pacific and the North American, the boundaries of which are breaks the crust. San Andreas Fault — one of the boundaries between the two plates. It stretches for 1,300 km from southwest to northeast, diagonally across California. Its average depth is 16 km. For the last 3 million years, the average rate of plates along the fault was 5.6 cm per year. About as fast growing nails in humans.

The Pacific plate

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In Japan, the expected new tsunami


Earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred in the north-east. The authorities have warned about the threat of a new tsunami.

Earthquakes have been recorded at 17.16 local time.

According to eyewitnesses, swaying buildings in Tokyo.

By some estimates, about a meter high wave has reached the coast of Ibaraki Prefecture.

Due to the alarming reports of impending tsunami emergency plant "Fukushima" is carried out emergency evacuation of personnel.

Recall that the last tremors were recorded on April 7 in the Japanese prefecture of Miyagi. Magnitude earthquake, provoking a wave of the tsunami was 7.4. Four people were killed and more

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Massive strike weapon

The development of cruise missiles tightly interwoven with the work of Russian scientists. Missiles tool, particularly important as a means of hammering, for the first time appeared on the Russian warships of the Union at the turn of the last century 50-60. Other countries did not initially appreciated. But after October 1967 the situation changed. During the Arab-Israeli conflict, which lasted six days, the Egyptian missile boat type Komar, who was resettled Russian anti-ship missiles, with the first attack destroyed the Israeli destroyer Eilat.

This event had a significant impact on the country's own reinterpretation of weapons. Leading maritime

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  February 7 in Seattle during a ceremony here minister ship of the U.S. Navy Ray Meybus (Ray Mabus) announced that the nuclear submarine SSN-787 class «Virginia» will receive the title of USS Washington.   Currently, USS Washington (SSN-787) is under construction in Newport News (Virginia,).   «Until the beginning of the 20th century no ship was named in honor of the state,» said Meybus. «In our fleet was not» Washington «from the time when, after the second World War was decommissioned battleship USS Washington. I’m very happy to correct this situation. «   «This is the status of the

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Genital infection — lurking threat!

Is it safe to say that the holiday was a success? What can considerably impair the life, both men and women after a romantic vacation?

Well-being after a holiday may be just an illusion. In most cases, neither the non-committal relationship does not have consequences either for men or for women.

The most common problem vacationers — the "disease of love" or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Pleasure without consequences?

This is only possible in the movies. In life, things are different. The perfect state of health after a vacation can be deceptive and hide the

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