By fortune do not go!




In every newspaper there is a photo "fortune-tellers" and "soothsayers" who promise to charm a loved one, establish a business, and, of course, tell all the possible and the impossible of any interest to you man. The only thing to do — along with the donations and bring "clairvoyant" picture desired person. Having found

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A Beautiful Mind / Brain Games (season 2) Watch online

The program Mind Games invites you on a journey into the world of interactive games and tests that posodeystvuyut for you to understand what's inside your brain. A truly amazing experience that will test how your brain taking the world around us. Exploring attention, horror, persuasion and decision-making, Mind forces you to think about your brain. After all, it was he who makes you … you.

1 series It's about time / It's About Time.

Have you ever thought why, when something you expect, time stretches endlessly? Look at how the brain can bend and

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In the South Pacific was a strong earthquake

Earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred in the South Pacific, the island nation of Vanuatu. Transmitted by warning of a possible origin of a local tsunami that could spread to hundreds of kilometers.

According to the Geophysical Service of the U.S., the epicenter of the earthquake was located 77 kilometers northwest of the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila, its center lies at a depth of 26.6 kilometers. Strong push has been registered by 13:48 local time (05:48 Moscow time) /. Information on the effects of the earthquake have been reported yet, according to ITAR-TASS.

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Lukashenko wants to deny service to Russia in the construction of nuclear power plants

Society Alexander Lukashenko does not rule out that Belarus deny service to Russia in the construction of the first Belarusian nuclear power plant. Lukashenko today for the first time acknowledged the existence of problems with Moscow on the issue of joint construction of nuclear power plants. How falls "Interfax", the Belarusian leader admits that it is worth thinking about another investor. During the working praezdki the Minsk region Lukashenko said that the Russian insist that they were building nuclear power plants. And then "because of purely subjective factors have started to press down." Lukashenko, in turn, link these factors with

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There is a time machine. Continued Part 3

Paradoxes of the subjective perception of the space Kozyrev

(Dixon, 1991-92., Exposure 10 minutes)

1. Sensation of rotation of the body and its weight loss

2. Feeling changing proportions and geometry of the body

3. Split personality. Watching his body and twin

4. Watching the episodes of his life

5. The observation of historical events with ethnographic details

6. A sense of harmony, nirvana

7. "Passage" through the tunnel

8. The feeling of flying

9. Feeling spacewalk

10. The observation of natural cosmic bodies

11. The observation of unidentified flying objects

12. The feeling of presence "observer"


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Tunguska catastrophe: an eyewitness account

February 1, 2012 10:57

About clairvoyants and miracle cures have been written hundreds of books. However, all mediums, working in subtle matter, as a rule, operate in only one time — the present. In contrast, Michael Samara clairvoyant Tereshin some time ago discovered his ability to perform "dive into the past." And during his "sessions", he can restore not only the well-known events of bygone days, and the picture of the past life of any person now living.

Fishing with tip

Michael TereshinOn discovered the ability of clairvoyance in his childhood, when he suddenly began to notice that can anticipate

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There is a time machine. Continued Part 2

The arrow of time. It can turn the tide

The fact that today we know about the structure of the universe, suggests that its energy is not flowing away forever. Sooner or later, the process of absorbing substances "black holes" may stop and then start the reverse process — the output of energy and matter out. Perhaps from now on, time flows backwards? Temporary spiral completes his next turn. And on the eve of the new millennium, we are taking stock of knowledge about the nature of time, only to re-take a trip through the years, the essence

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Why Czechoslovakia issued Heniyush Moscow


Larissa Heniyush Jurk with his son. Prague, 1941

After the Second World War in Eastern European countries one after the other — where the storm where the humble — the revolution took place, which resulted in the Communists came to power. They were supported by the Soviet Union, the liberator, who had the resources and the authority to impose its will. Was no exception, and Czechoslovakia, where the head of government in 1946 and president in 1948, he became the leader of the HRC Clement Gottwald.

Moscow's intelligence services, waiting for the arrival to power of party members,

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The victims of the weather in Italy were six

As a result of the collapse of the largest in the Ligurian port of Genoa, heavy rains and gale force winds, six people were killed and two were seriously injured and several people were missing. This was reported by the National Civil Defence Italy. According to them, drowning in the streams of water flooded many neighborhoods of the city, found a young Albanian with two young children.

It is worth noting that in one decade the region of Liguria was at the center of the front of bad weather for the second time. Warning of impending abnormal

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Walking with baby


In the summer, the newborn can be taken for a walk almost immediately after discharge from the hospital (if it weighs more than 2500 grams) — first as20-40 minutes a day, gradually increasing time to6-8 hours per day in the month of age.

Sleep in the open air has a positive effect on the growing child, being not only tempering factor, but also strengthens the nervous system. In the summer baby can constantly sleeping on the street, but it is necessary to shield from direct sunlight and strong wind. Ultraviolet rays have a positive effect on the

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