Evil spirit in the light of the noonday

Some spirits in Slavic mythology could harm people not only at night but during the day

We used to think that the time for mystery and mysticism — is primarily a night. At this time of day the dark silhouettes illuminated ghostly moonlight creeping shadows, creaking floorboards and mysterious howling wind. Day somehow not particularly suitable for secrets. Everything is visible, the sun shines, there are no secrets.

However, in Russia knew one demon, whose time was just day. Moreover, not just a day, and noon — when the sun is high overhead. It is the celebration of light,

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U.S. Air Force will buy drones with increased range

The U.S. Air Force announced its intention to purchase an upgraded version of UAV MQ-9 Reaper (pictured) with a larger range of actions (Extended Range, ER), reports Defense News. Characteristics are unknown until the impending purchase. Funds for the acquisition of new drones made in the U.S. defense budget in 2014. According to the U.S. Air Force, the new MQ-9ER allow military immediately use less drones, striking at a greater depth on the terrain of the enemy.   Upgraded Reaper drones will get stuck with an improved wing fuel tanks. Due to this increase drone flight time is 10

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Top secret. Riddle Roosevelt. watch online

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin considers it one of the main characters of their own. His name — Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, which pulled America out of the supreme crisis, has put together the peoples of both hemispheres of the earth in the fight against fascism, led to the high road of peaceful co-existence of different countries in the post-war time. On the identity of FDRoosevelt, about his life and political views, its place in world history, the importance of his thoughts for the current Russian Federation in the program, "Our

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Are there vampires?

Even in ancient times, people were afraid of vampires. No one knows whether the vampires came up with the church or people, or they exist in reality, but, practically, all the people somewhere subconsciously afraid of them. But that's not the case, and quite different. There are age-old myth about how to kill a vampire:

We decided to get some rest over the weekend? Then, you can rent a cottage for a day in the Moscow suburbs. View offers rental cottages on the day you will be able to comment.

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Earth lurch heralds great glaciation

Scientists are not the first debate about what mechanisms can dramatically change the Earth's climate. Many people talk about global warming due to emissions of CO2, others — the flares. Another theory concerned the displacement axis of rotation of the planet. And now, this version has been confirmed. It was found that even a small shift is enough to cause ice age in this century, writes the Daily Mail.

Harvard professor Peter Huibers, using computer models to design scenarios, proved that it is the slope of the Earth's axis is crucial. "At least now we can say with more

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The cave Eisriesenwelt.

In our time, the era of unimaginable discoveries and rapidly evolving technology, people often lack the simple and sincere feelings. Friendship, love, self-sacrifice — it is so small in reality, but in fairy tales everything is very different.

More than half a century ago, HK Andersen wrote one of the brightest stories, the tale of Gerda and Kai. Surprisingly, in Austria there is a place where anyone can feel like the Palace of the Snow Queen. The cave is located in Werfen, located 40 km from Salzburg. Process of erosion

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Siberian anomaly — traces of civilization perished





I have an old friend, the only one I know who is an intuitive concern about their fate turned into concrete action. He offered to fly with him to Omsk Lake Haven. I then knew nothing about this mysterious place, and at first refused.

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Lukashenko: We are ready to implement trilateral projects

Society Belarus and Syria are going to implement trilateral projects in the sphere of economy with Venezuela and Qatar, said Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. On Lukashenko, during his recent visit to Venezuela Hugo Chavez offered to find a common for Belarus, Venezuela and Syria projects. The foreign ministers of the three countries are working this issue, and soon the three presidents will meet in Damascus to approve these projects. "Similarly, we try to go on interesting projects with Qatar to implement them in the near future" — said Lukashenko BelaPAN.

He reiterated the

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How to relieve stress and rejuvenate?

I've recently thought about and was horrified at what a furious pace people live in big cities. And not only in the large. Granddaughter now also come for the weekend all the downtrodden, tired, excited. And no sedatives do not help relieve the tension. Then I use a recipe that she saved herself for life. Remember, fatigue remove juniper berries. To prepare an infusion, 2 tsp. berries pour 2 cups of cold water and leave for 2 hours, strain. Take 1 tbsp. l. 3-4 times a day as a tonic. Fatigue as the arm lift. And not have to

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Term papers and essays for order

At the time when students are taught in the last year at college, they honestly admit that the time to study vsepolnotsennuyu absolutely no choice. This problem many of our students, and when you have to learn, and to work to pay for housing and contain very young family. For obvious reasons, the last university courses — it is excessive demands on students due to the fact that it is necessary to provide and pre-diploma practice reports and abstracts of marketing, and written qualifying work and still make the theoretical material. If you try to prepare everything with their

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