Strange thing — time without rules

There is a theory that the launch of the Large Hadron Collider may result in distortion of time and as a result — the emergence of travel in time and space. But even in the Third Reich were working to create a "time machine" …


Who is the main military hero?

At one point, not so fundamentally why I was useful to find out who is the main hero of the military in various countries. Not emotional value judgment (and for anyone Gen. Vlasov hero), And on a purely impartial, even the formal aspect: the number and rank of the acquired awards.

Subtotal search was generally predictable, but also time concealed inside a pleasant surprise. Why or why a pleasant surprise — this will be the post. But in the beginning of the forecast.

Russian national top heroes — this is, of course, our military leaders óttsy Brava. To whom and

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Start the harvest marred by the death

Society On the first day of the mass of the harvest, which Alexander Lukashenko announced on July 20, died in Brest Assistant combiner. Now the scene in selgaskambinatse "Western" Brest region, is under investigation of the tragedy, and in the region — prevention work to prevent accidents in the harvest.

Evening of July 20 the driver of the vehicle MAZ selhozkombinat "West" in the village of Velyamovichi hit a combiner assistant who has worked in the field. The guy who was 21 years old, died from his injuries. In Brest District Prosecutor's Office reported that a criminal case.


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Crimean strife

History Crimea tells us that this land always the number tasty morsel for many hunters geopolitical prey. Who has not claimed this sunny peninsula from the last century: the Turks, the French, the British, and Nazi Germany. After all the glorious war, our homeland, it would seem, staked the right to call his Crimea. All-Union health resort perceived once a year by a few million tourists from different republics of the USSR and lively evolved. In principle, the case no one was up to the fact that Comrade Khrushchev in February 1954, he decided to give the Crimean region

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Rat — a terrible and mysterious




Is there really a secret, invisible link between the human world and the animal world, such as between a man and a rat, according to esoteric? And what explains the paradox: In Europe, the rat hate, and in the East, on the contrary, honor?

According to scientists,

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2012. Ends the night and morning begins Svarog Svarog.

Kolyada GIFT

Currently, we use the dating years of Christmas and the Gregorian calendar. Not forgotten and the Julian calendar, the so-called "old style". Each year in January, we thought of him, when there was an "old" New Year. As the media carefully resemble the change years of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other calendars. Only here the chronology of the ancient tradition of Slavic nations — Daariysky Krugolet Chisloboga on which not so long ago our ancestors lived, it is not mentioned. Did you know that in spite of the widespread attack civilian new, in 2012, we continue to

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Winged pride of the Russian Federation (Part 1st) — AIR

AIR-1 — is the first aircraft of the famous Russian aircraft designer Alexander Sergeyevich Yakovlev. He received his acronym in honor of Chairman of the CA Osoaviahima Alexei Ivanovich Rykov. AIR-1 was a small two-seater plane, having an open cockpit. It was built in a single copy in 1927. The airplane was found two unregistered global record: the duration and range. It was made flight from Sevastopol to Moscow, which was the first non-stop flight to distant lung Russian aircraft. In the upcoming 1927 and 1933 year Yakovlev has designed 10 different types of aircraft AIR-AIR-1 to 10.


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Eternal youth — Myth or Reality?

Documented cases in different ages, in different places of the Earth, themselves or through some secret techniques, Taoist monks, Chinese, Indian hermits can live from one hundred to 400 years or more. One elderly Russians who applied at the beginning of the last century to the hospital in Tomsk, presented quite authentic documents showing that he had about two hundred years.

Want to rent a shop or an office in Moscow? Then, see what there is space available for rent in Moscow on the site you will be able

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Pyramid — visitors from outer space?

Giant UFO pyramid over the Kremlin

In December 2009, in the skies over Moscow Kremlin hung a giant UFO pyramid … Each of his face was about a mile. He was in the air for several hours, witnesses and even managed to take it off. Military space experts have not been able to explain what it was. Exactly a year later the same pyramid observed in China. 3 months later a similar object fixed cameras over South America, and then — in England, France, Spain and Japan …

The first mention of an aircraft in the form

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Regeneration of the body and disease

When life we are constantly updating. Each unit of our fluids and cells is a time of renewal. Since blood is updated in 4 years, the body's cells are completely renewed in the last 7 years. If you have developed consciousness, you can imagine how a two bodies with a difference in age of 7 years old and its essence to flow from one body to another. In this case, you realize that the body is then left there and when it re vtechet fluid life, it will grow and function. Once created body dwells in eternity

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