Hans-Georg Wieck Belarus to the West is still unknown country

Hans-Georg Wieck continues to criticize the European Union for the fact that "Belarus is still for the West so-called" unknown state. ""Belarusians need everyday information about what is happening"Vic: "Naturally, there is some progress. Raises questions about the euro authorized Belarus, Fund for the development of civilian society, go support the Euro Institute of Humanities, different educational youth programs …In terms of solidarity, different applications, protests against Lukashenko — everything is in order. But all this can not be something the current call to support the opposition.Experience as assist the opposition, which is pressure regime in the fight against this

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In the House of Writers’ Vladimir Orlov, Lera Catfish Michas Tychina

LITPRATSESVladimir Orlov: "In the pool I swim about MAN WITH player and listen to audiobooks"Out of print first Belarusian author audiobook. To her discs were translated into Belarusian Sergei Shupy works "Farm" and "1984" by George Orwell and drive Belarusian folk tales. Now fans of Vladimir Orlov can listen to an MP3 of his prose. However, while the disk appeared only one historical novel writer "Time of Plague", but avdyeamataram creator promises continued. With Vladimir Orlov discusses our correspondent Ina Studinskaya. Inna Studinskaya ‘Sire Orlov, you more than once publicly admitted that his works are writing good an old ballpoint

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Novopolotsk: city authorities allowed a month of protest

City officials are not only allowed to share, and agreed with the proposal outlined in the time and place of conduct — such was not for the last almost 10 years.So makarom every day from June 27 to July 27, from 17 th to 18 hours and about City Palace of Culture will be picketing against cancellation of privileges pensioners, Chernobyl victims, donors and other categories of people.At the moment there are negotiations with municipal and asset-independent unions — they are encouraged to join the campaign.Already prepared a newsletter with lighting problems that will cause the elimination of benefits. Is

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Who judged the Young

In the Tribunal Leninsky district, which is in the House of Justice on the street Semashko bring activists "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka, Tatiana Shaputska Anastasia Loiko, Alexei Yanushevski and Anton Rusin. For three days they spent in chambers bullpen Akrestsin Street. November 7 the Young, among which were minor members of the organization, at the monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky unfurled "Communism on trial." Almost a couple of minutes commandos arrested picketers. Later minors taken from the police ancestors, and 3 women and 2-boys police report was drawn up for the role in an unsanctioned picket. Ancestors of the detainees had

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Belarusian and Russian right will cooperate

In an interview with Radio Liberty, the chairman of the "Union of Right Forces" Nikita said snow-white:"Joint plainclothes party is our ideological and strategic partner in Belarus for a couple of years. For us it is important that we are equally aware of the difficulties that exist in our countries. And we are equally aware as they should develop the Belarusian-Russian affairs. This is the basis for the conclusion of our contract. " Civilian head of the United Party Anatoly Lebedko assesses the prospects then read:"It’s time something changes. And you must enter adjustments. We so to speak, spent Eurorepair

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Experimental fighters E Series E-8 — Ahead of time

In 2000, when the general aviation community was shown the new MiG 1.44 MFI (multipurpose tactical fighter), who was the pilot experimental layout Russian fighter of the 5th generation, many aviation experts noted that the assembly machine than either serial recalls South American fighter F -16. While only a few aviation experts at representing the older generation, noted that this is not entirely true. The new Russian fighter really has similarities with the F-16, but at the same time the South American fighter repeats exterior features an experienced fighter Mikoyan E-8, which came into existence in fact 15 years

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Overview of new products Belarusian videarynku

The undisputed favorite of my personal hit parade on this week — Chinese film "Curse of the Golden Flower." It seems that Chinese cinema now knows only two words "social" and "facade". And sometimes it successfully connects. Internationally recognizable Zhang Yimou made theatrical movies about the Middle Ages, the struggle for power and a shutout over the personal political. And so that the viewer does not get bored, play director, invited the governor and his wife 2-best actors of modern China — Chow Yun Fatah and Gong Li.Film fantastically beautiful and very hard immediately. Tipo Shakespeare play in the implementation

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Bush associates communism and terrorism

Among those who came to the opening of the memorial, there were people who lived in communist countries in a more gloomy days when Russian Union Joseph Stalin ruled. Tonu Vanderer three o’clock drove from New Jersey to attend the ceremony. Before the arrival of Russian troops in Estonia, along with parents, brothers and sister, he left the country, and then his family» I moved to the United States."It was magic that we were able to take the train in Tallinn, and later on a ship to Germany."Installed in Washington bronze goddess with a torch in his hand — a

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Zabugornye analysts say the growth of military spending in Belarus

In his report, analysts Stockholm Institute of problems of the world serves as the short-term and long-term dynamics of military spending in various countries around the world. So, for the last 10 years the number of weapons dropped exclusively in Western Europe and Central America. Very highest dynamics in the military build-up time for kutsee show former Soviet republics of Azerbaijan and Belarus. The third position is occupied by the United States, the fourth — Our homeland.Meanwhile South American strategic center Forecast International in his own recent study shows a certain paradox isolated from the whole of Europe in Belarus.

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Crankshaft: People here kindest, most insightful

Listen: How many times have I heard this phrase about the Belarusians. "Oh, with what pleasure I read in Belarusian, but no luck in time with the teacher BelMova. "Children with teacher Crankshaft town native word lucky, very. Galina Kaspiarovich, young beautiful woman with ecstasy knows me about their own work, and I secretly envy her pupils.Galina "What can about children? Kids — this is sho helps evaluate knitted world. Kids — very catchy figure shmatgrannastsi human morals shmatbakovastsi development of human persons.I go to class, I have 20 one person, and everyone — personality. Regardless of the level of

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