The expedition to the edge of the Earth: Flooding in the cave / Expeditions to the Edge: Cave Flood Watch online

True scholars are not afraid of difficulties! Why and often suffer … The team thrill the senses descends from insufficiently vertical cave in North Alabama. This cave semiflooded, there's always a lot of water. Yes, even a week before the event shower raised level water is 20% above the ordinary. The researchers were aware of this, but it did not stop them. Because the water complicates the puzzle on the order, and, along with it creates a desire to overcome the difficulties. And they longed for adventure. In this time upstairs again started raining, which through time has grown

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Astrology on diseases




People say: "Healthy beggar happier ailing King." Do you want to be healthy to the poor? Or just to be healthy? Then you are lucky — got to the medical astrologer. It will cure at once! Or send to another — to the doctor … In order

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Was a break for lunch at the Battle of Grunwald?


Michas Scoble: "Mr. Jury, a separate section of this book is devoted to weapons and ammunition soldiers Battle of Grunwald. Can you tell what kind of weapon was the most common July 15, 1410 at Grunwald? "

Yuri Bohan: "In the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, as well as throughout Europe at that time, there were two types of warriors. The basis of the armed forces was the cavalry, cavalry, which was divided into two categories. This spearmen, armed drevkavay arms and archers. In the spearmen were more massive horse and offensive weapons as weapons drevkavay, heavy

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Fears of pregnant

In time pregnancy occur not only physiological changes in the body of a woman who is preparing to become a mother, but also a change in mentality. Among them is the fear.

It is difficult to decide

It is believed that motherhood — a natural biological need a woman who can bring her joy. But, unfortunately, things are not always perfect. For example, there are installations that make future mother perceive pregnancy as an adverse event. "Before you have children, it is necessary to stand up" — this unit is capable of indefinitely extending feeling of immaturity. After

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UFOs, aliens — the development of the Soviet era. Online

A documentary about UFOs, aliens, secret developments undertaken since the Soviet era.


Cpeka — water — drowned

Society Over the past week, swimming in rivers and lakes in Belarus, killing 49 people, among them — 5 children. Just on the water this year, 836 people were affected, of which 142 — the children. Meanwhile, forecasters have warned that in the coming days in Belarus remain heat: air warms up to plus 36 ° C.

Since the beginning of the year in Belarus on rivers and reservoirs killed 464 people. Only when swimming — 240, including 26 — children. Experts say that adults drowned predominantly in a state of extreme intoxication and because of negligence, and children

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UFO celebrated in the Ukraine in 2012 attack

January 3, 2012 5:41

New 2012 Ukrainians greeted the care of mysterious flying objects in the sky. Reports of "New UFO" came to the club UFODOS from all over Ukraine. Corny, but such miracles do not happen only in the New Year, although, of course, is the most busy time for all sorts of miracles.

"I have not seen a UFO from the beginning of the new millennium — says recent impressions LI Popova on the site forum "Ukraine Abnormal." — And not wanted, and the sky did not look for this — bored.

A December 31, 2011 in

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Sergei Kovalenko hunger strike protest

Society Vitebsk is an activist in the detention center to address Pershamaiski police department. On July 8, he was taken into custody for 10 days.

Sergei Kovalenko said that holding a hunger strike on July 9, but from custody could not report it before. He says that thus Protests against the unjust detention of the last, previous charges of disorderly conduct and criminal sentence for hanging out on January 7, white-red-white flag on the city's main Christmas tree.

Last Sergei Kovalenko, was detained near his home for alleged violation of the regime of serving a conditional sentence, which

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News chipizatsii

In the United States passed the test another device, introduced under the skin of the person. It was developed at MIT. According to the creators, it will help improve the quality of life of seriously ill people and contains in its body a few microcontainers with single doses of the drug. Program in the microchip allows open containers in a strictly specified time — when the time comes, an electrical pulse destroys the capsule shell and release the drug. Or maybe not a cure …

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On Sakhalin, there were modern seismic

On Sakhalin completely refitted local seismic station. They are equipped with modern sensors and advanced computer programs to predict earthquakes. Only four of these stations around the clock to monitor the area of 3,000,000 square kilometers. Strong signal notifies duty equipment — in the area of responsibility of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk seismic earthquake. This time shift breathed a sigh of relief — it's just a nuisance. Bowels of the earth while sleeping peacefully.

"Station of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk registers earthquakes around the world, but the zone of responsibility of our branch about 3 million square kilometers," — said the director of the

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