Experimental Design Bureau Antonov fighter M (Mary)

The names of Russian aircraft designers — developers of the WWII fighter widely known. But in their glorious galaxy, unfortunately, do not include DC Antonov who in time War was the deputy Yakovlev and did a significant contribution in improving the fighter "Yak". Since then, a special relationship to the fighters, the deepest awareness of the dialectic development of this type of aircraft are fundamental feature creative portrait Antonov.

Perhaps it is because when the spring of 1947 the major design work on the An-2 ended, and all the most experienced engineers design office could remain idle, DC Antonov has

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Experimental fighters E series (Part-2) E-8 — Ahead of time

In 2000, when the general aviation community was shown the new MiG 1.44 MFI (multi-purpose tactical fighter), who was the pilot experimental layout Russian fighter of the 5th generation, many aviation experts have noted that the assembly machine in something reminiscent serial South American F-16 fighter. While only a few aviation experts at representing the older generation, have noted that it is not entirely true. The new Russian fighter really resembles the F-16, but at the same time the South American fighter repeats exterior features of the most experienced fighter Mikoyan E-8, which came into existence in fact for 15

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In South Estonia dry ponds

The water level in the lake Tamula fell below the minimum mark on the tide gauge. Photo: Vaiko Tigane/vorumaa24.ee

Inland waters are dewatered in Estonia, but especially in the south — this Emajõgi river, lake Võrtsjärv and Tamula, not to mention the home ponds. Fish inhabiting them was in danger.

Last year at this time Estonia ponds were covered with ice, and land — snow. This autumn special. More on this past weekend in the gardens of roses buds swelled in Southern Estonia was seen blooming strawberries and fresh buds on the bush.

However, before the advent of

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Zombies are slow-acting




"Even under hypnosis, people can not remember what they were doing in the lives of the fallen span of time"

FROM THE FILES "MK" RANS academician Igor Smirnov with a light hand Journalists called the father of psychotronic weapons. At the age of 28, he led

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Tactics and practice of getting rid of constipation: Adjust the process

If you — man of the world, certainly among this experience there and this unpleasant episode as constipation. Someone might come across it while traveling. For some, the stress has caused disruptions in the full digestive process.Women can experience the "charm" of the condition during pregnancy or other hormonal changes the body.


One way or another,chronic constipationsuffers from 10 to 50% of the adult population in developed countries. Today it is one of the 7 most frequently occurring diseases of civilization.


But admit it yourself — it's not every time we have trouble in this area, we

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Straight out of the mirror




How to protect yourself from the fact that it did not cause irreparable harm to you? By creating a mirror, and people had no idea that came up with one of the most mysterious things in the world. As time began to come to understand that it

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No incurable diseases — there is a shortage of knowledge




What are the main means of healing in modern Aesculapius? Antibiotics, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Whether it was easier to name the funds of legal euthanasia?

In 1810, the German physician Samuel Hahnemann founded homeopathy. Today, homeopathy is referred to the Information therapies. In the history of

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There is a time machine

Author: Natalia Olkhova

Nikolai Kozyrev

"In this world of the future already exists and it is not surprising that it can be seen now." NA Kozyrev.

Time — the protagonist of the universe

Paradoxical discovery Astrophysics

Thirty years ago, in the Proceedings of the University of Moscow, a report by Prof. NA Pulkovo Observatory Kozyrev, caught the imagination of their paradoxical findings are not only ignorant people, but also professionals. In other fields Nikolai Kozyrev was an astronomer, so he kept it at first about things purely astronomical. The moon has always been considered a dead celestial body has

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Time. What is this?

October 12, 2011 23:12

Stuart Clark

Picture Alex Toysher

What is time? This issue has the greatest minds, from ancient philosophers and scientists of the Enlightenment and ending with our times. Yet, after thousands of years of study, and in spite of the modern scientific advances we can not agree on its nature. Philosopher Julian Berboer says — "We can take time, but we do not understand it. Remarkable thing is that there is little agreement as to perceive it and even how to investigate it. "

All this may be the result of the understanding of the nature

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Naughty Photo

Society, in his youth, when I was photographing for myself, I thought that Soviet photo — it's a kind of "supernatural" phenomenon, which reflects what is not, that does not exist, and that, so to take, we should not like to learn but to know something that is not available to me. Well, where are the "shock troops", "heroes" and "Intermediate", where they lived, we never saw them again, but in the newspapers, there were a lot and every day.

Newspaper fotanepatrebshchyna irritated soreness of the mouth to the jaw. Filmed hundreds of Soviet reporters — and like one; flashed

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