Earthquake. Tsunami. The tragic events in Japan through the eyes of scientists: the power events, its causes and its impact on the planet


Friday afternoon a massive earthquake struck Japan. Magnitude it was, according to various estimates, from 8.9 to 9.1. It should be noted that when compared with last year's energy developments devastating earthquake in Haiti, a magnitude 7.0 (read: "The disaster in the island"), using the formula M = 2/3 (lgE — 11,8), where M — the magnitude and E — the energy of the earthquake in joules, the current will be about a thousand times more powerful (1025 vs. 1022 joules). The earthquake was the strongest in the history of Japan and

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Triangle mystery robbers

In 1982, MAI, at a time when there was still working the legendary Siegel, our group set out to try to find out the device and principles of the movement of elusive alien ships.

In order to simplify the problem, it was necessary to somehow narrow down the scope of the problem being studied. A candidate for the study was found quickly, three-star UFOs. First, because it is easier to identify the other (looks like a triangle in the afternoon, at night — a group of lights, of which there are three bright glowing ball).

Second, there are

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On Zhigulevskaya hydro dam spillway remodel

Zhigulevskaya hydro dam operated for half a century and during that time suffered only running repairs. Now it is time to update it. Since last year, launched a large-scale and long-term work on the reconstruction of the dam spillway sides with complete replacement of the concrete. This will improve the safety of operation of the facility. The work carried out by specialists of the station and "Gidroremont-WCC" this year will complete the reconstruction of two culverts dam. When remodeling techniques and materials are used, the well-established on the objects Zagorskaya PSP. For example the old layer of concrete is removed

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Nine ships in search of truth

Society Ninth hearing initiated by the local member of the BPF Alexander Fur, was held in Kobrin court. The case stretches from September of last year. During the "Dazhynki" party member detained by police. Fur requests to declare illegal detention by an anonymous invitation and request of prosecutors Kobrin district audit materials on application.

Then democracy activist was detained by Kobrin police station on suspicion that he had a drug and weapons. Fur taken to the police station, searched and found nothing, was released after 3.5 hours. Anonymous dezynfaramatara never found.

According to the activist party, today the court

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Number of shipments of Engineering Technology in Strategic Rocket Forces mission has increased by 3 times

For the near future shipments of engineering technology and engineering assets in the units of the Strategic Missile Forces mission (SRF) Increased 3-fold in comparison to previous years.

Chief of Engineers, the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Dmitry Evmenenko said that in 2010, the Missile troops has delivered more than 80 units of engineering equipment and more than 100 tons of engineering equipment, which substantially exceeds the volume of deliveries past years. Similar characteristics in terms of the supply of engineering equipment and engineering equipment to the military units SRF achieved in 2011.

In the true time representatives of the

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The history of pagan Carnival

In ancient times the new agricultural year was dedicated to the day of the vernal equinox, and began the night from 21 to 22 March. This period is associated pagan celebration of Carnival.

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In the current Shrove Tuesday, far from the original tradition prevails entertainment side of the rite. In ancient times, the concept of a "holiday" had a

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Vitebsk police went on high

Society In Last year, of the PPC was only 18.

In addition to employees of Vitebsk, the order will follow the Minsk police SWAT team, told the head of the Interior Ministry of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Alexander Naydenko.

He assured that the police will behave exceptionally well. They recommended, inter alia, to deliver alcohol drunk amateur straight home, not in vytsvyareznik.

At the celebrations in500-meter the area around the sites of mass actions will not be allowed to trade in alcoholic beverages. But this only applies to stores — at cafes and restaurants prohibition does not apply.


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Crystals of time really exist

August 14, 2012 11:32

Recently, a group of American physicists could construct a so-called "chip time" — the structure, the possibility of which was predicted long ago. Crystal feature is the ability to periodically become asymmetrical, not only in space but also in time. Therefore, it is possible to make out a high-precision chronometer.

Crystals — generally quite paradoxical education. Take, for their relationship with the symmetry: as we know, the crystal itself, judging by his appearance, can be seen as simply a model of spatial symmetry. However, the crystallization process is nothing like her willful violation.

This is a

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The hottest summer in history — how to escape from the heat

According to the American Society of expert Professor James Hansen, "Mathematical models show that in the coming months, the temperature will rise and the inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere is waiting for the hottest in the history of modern metearalegii summer."

The same opinion is shared by scientists of the University of Zurich. They note that in the near future Europe as a result of changes in the ways of the warm currents of the Pacific Ocean be a sudden rise in temperature. As a result, in early August deaths may increase by approximately 40 thousand in comparison with conventional

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Galina Mine: Division product was very colorful …

In today's society of transmission:

"High heads for a year watching, as I run the department. At the time there was at Radio Liberty single woman manager with so many subordinates (more than 40 persons, plus contingencies). Through the year," the duties of "I was appointed manager. Neither more work, no more I'm not afraid of responsibility. But one thing is when you have a nice behind the head, and another when you yourself akazvaessya "on the front." In the patrons did not give me any, the position was abolished.

Production department was very colorful. There were young and old,

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