Brest regional newspaper editor appointed accuser opposition

Sovereign Ivanov time worked in the newspaper as its correspondent in Bereza.In recent years He was the editor of the local newspaper Bereza "Lighthouse" and gained fame as the creator of articles that appeared frequently in the past election campaigns and "expose" the activities of the local opposition.Increased attention paid to Alexander Ivanov Edited them light district newspaper "destructive" activities in the City Council Belaaziorsk — while mostly consisting of democratic activists political parties and public organizations.

St. Petersburg: Lukashenko met with Putin alone

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the opening of the summit to discuss the proposed first issues of economic integration. Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said on the need to reform the Commonwealth. To the Heads of States, he proposed a draft concept of CIS development, cooked interstate working group. At the end of the summit, President Nazarbayev said that once a year decided to allocate one priority issue on which consensus decision will be taken. The last time the problem is selected movement. Implied contract to prepare the CIS movement. In next year Summit will make out the question of transport

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17 Weeks Pregnant


So now you can enjoy not only the look of your round tummy, but also the first movements of the little man — he starts to move! Chest continues to grow and can begin to produce colostrum — a yellowish substance that baby is fed in the first days after birth. The most time take care of her and start to prepare for the upcoming events: after a shower rub chest with a towel, put in a bra rough in texture fabric. During this period can also add 4 kg. Of the unpleasant — you may have

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Dmitry Dashkevich visited lawyer

More than a week has not been a favorite disk imaging "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich, serving his sentence in Shklovskaya colony. And Dmitry met his lawyer Alexander Galiyev. According to the lawyer Galiyev Dashkevich feels normal. "Nothing doing great. Feels normally. Transferred him to a lighter job. If you have previously filed logs, now perceives the board. Predict the other side sawmill. Health complaints from him was not. But, in general, from him never had any complaints. " Let me remind you, Dmitry Dashkevich was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment on charges of acting on behalf of an unregistered organization.

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Minsk region will manage Leonid Krupets

I met with Leonid Krupce in 2001, when preparing a program about Nyasvizh. While he headed Nesvizhski executive committee. Usually district vertikalschikov very reluctantly go to the contact with are independent journalists. But Leonid Krupets immediately agreed to a meeting. I called the reception executive committee and secretary of the sovereign Krupets directly tied me up with it. 1st same words were Leonid Krupets Belarusian. He read a lot about the fate Nesvizhsky Palace. Behaved very democratic, just put me in touch with the main spices in the restoration of the palace, expressed a willingness to assist. After that meeting

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Grodno — 880 years

Authorities have taken note, but decided to celebrate the anniversary of the moment, as the 1128-th year in the Russian era was officially approved. Held a "parade of military and labor societies," Russian concert on the square in the city park exhibited their works craftsmen.Correspondent"The whole street is filled with Russian students who are driven by a solemn parade, and they are beating, burst balloons just about walls of houses. 880th anniversary of Grodno note just as a municipal prazdnichek: Russian soldiers in the square majestically Russian war era, with a platoon of policemen" Kalashnikovs " . crowd gathered

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Theatrical action in defense of the rights of believers

Unauthorized picket in defense of the freedom to practice looked like a real performance. Two guys playing the role of executioners tied hands held behind a lady dressed in white odezhki with placard: "I believe." Before this composition several pantomimic Young people holding a banner "I have the right to faith."Co-chair of the organizing committee of the creation of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Alexey Shein says that to a theatrical form of protest youth was obliged to apply because Minsk city executive committee has not given permission to picket."We doubled soon applied for holding pickets — says Shein. —

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Wreath Memory: Vladimir Katkovsky

For a day or three to own 30th anniversary, on a sunny day June 15, 2006 and the first to settle his wife Yanada probably the only citizen of Albania with perfect Belarusian language, hit the car accident in the center of Prague.Spouse has lost a leg, with Vlad addition time was in a deep coma.NIGHT MODE yesterday, after almost a year of fighting for his life, parental daily hours of watch near, Vlad was killed.He was a brilliant webmaster, blogger, enthusiast Belarusian Web. It reached the settle, so that the most recognizable in the world of search engine Google

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Will the promised safety to prazdnichkom town?

Can the authorities to ensure security during mass events? It is not necessary to reduce the scale of the celebration, taking into account the fact that during the days of celebration during the July 3 Independence explosion? These questions are answered by a retired police general Mieczyslaw Mushroom. Tsigankov: "At the moment, when preparing and Dozhinki day and the town, on what is necessary to direct attention? May be recalled that the explosion, the investigation of which is still last, occurred specifically during mass prazdnichka, on the night of 3 to 4 July."

Mushroom: "Emphasis should be given to

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Resumes output is independent newspaper New Times, the successor to Concorde

Then the Tribunal upheld the claim of the Ministry of the suspension of the disk imaging edition on the grounds that "consent" had two warnings.At the resumption of output newspaper "New Era" 25 May organize a party presentation. It will present a newspaper chief editor Alexei Lord and Lena Anisim, director of the publishing company "News Time" also creators editions — famous people of Belarus.After the presentation there will be a concert Shalkevich Victor, winner of international competitions bard, actor and founder of the newspaper.Party at the Palace of Arts in the street Kozlov 3. Starting at 18 hours.

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