Biological weapons watch online

On the territory of the former Russian Union in 1347 was the first time used a bio weapon. In time the siege of the town of Kaffa, today Feodosia, the Golden Horde forces, the plague broke out. Besieged by catapults, throwing in city the bodies of the dead. As a result of which its defenders fled fortress and fled to Genoa. Foci of plague appeared throughout their journey. As a result of this epidemic, 75 million people died. Colonel Bouquet, commandant of Fort Bitt, located in North America, in 1763, as a gesture of good will, gave as a

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How to build a beacon for aliens

December 5, 2011 23:50

And a letter from the pedestal crying, "I Ozimandiya. I am the king of kings. Power to my little place in the world. " (Percy Bysshe Shelley, photo Byrd on a Wire.)

Somewhere in space, the 36 light-years away in the constellation Hercules, series of 1679 of frequency-modulated signals, stretching up to 50 million km, carries a message from Earth.

Broadcast from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico took place in 1974, American astronomer Carl Sagan enthusiast and founder of SETI, Frank Drake. They hoped that any intelligent alien can understand that 1679

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Mysteries of History. Aliens, and Golden Temple

June 2, 2012 10:17

The lost city, the treasure hidden in the depths of the ocean and secret rooms under the statue of the Great Sphinx. Since the beginning of time man has been obsessed with the legends of the secret vaults of gold. But perhaps the desire for this precious metal has got to our heritage. Some scientists believe that it is looking for his ancient aliens visiting Earth for the first time.

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Who was in Bruzgi — determined by the video recording

Society In Grodno court continues the new cases of protesters drivers and entrepreneurs at the checkpoint "Bruzgi" on the Belarusian-Polish border, which took place on the evening of June 12. Then once fourteen people were arrested, according to them on the brink of Grodno sent a paddy wagon.

According to the head of the regional organization of the United Civil Party Yury Istomin, new entrants are determined based on video made in Bruzgi at the time. Their cause in various courts, for example, in the Leninsky district, although obliged to hear cases in the Grodno district, as Bruzgi — a

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Magical power of the Rat King

April 7, 2012 10:46

The King does exist! It is a few rats, fused tails. Tightly. Perhaps this is the only thing about it is certain.


Previously, I was always surprised that Hoffmann's "Nutcracker" rat king of the three heads. Do storyteller XIX century made villain evil mutants in the spirit of modern fighters?

But it appears that Hoffman took his king of the medieval German legend, based on real facts. Although very rare. There are only about 60 documented findings, and those at one time was considered a hoax. As if there were fans of

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MES East for the first time in Primorye installed gas-insulated switch-disconnectors

For the first time the power grid facilities of Primorye at the 220 kV gas-insulated Vysokogorsk mounted switch disconnectors 220 kV, and a capacitive voltage transformer 220 kV.

The new equipment will increase the reliability of electricity substation and Dalnegorsky Terneysky areas of Primorsky Krai.

Vysokogorsk 220 kV substation transformer capacity of 20 MVA in type is otpaechnoy. According to Deputy Chief Title Maritime Enterprise MES Dmitry Masnikova, food energy facility was carried out through a spur of the 220 kV transmission lines. Transformer protection was performed on the basis of short-and separator. At their

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Khrushchev — the path of betrayal

On his own profession I am very far from politics and economics and am a techie untainted. Over 50 years I have been creating a fundamentally new computer equipment or, as currently adopted read, the development of computer technology. Not long ago I was asked to write an article about the history of creation and development of the areas of computer technology, I've been doing all my life. While working on this article, systematizing his memoirs and studied a number of historical materials, I suddenly found myself, in Russian history there is a period of extraordinary development of science, technology

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Chronicles of the second world war: the war ladies

Countries participating in the second world war were doing their best to win. Many ladies voluntarily enrolled in the armed forces or made classic men's work at home, in businesses and in the front. Ladies worked in factories and government agencies have been active participants in the resistance groups and support units. Relatively few women fought specifically on the front of the band, but many have been victims of bombings and military incursions. By the end of the war, more than 2 million women worked in the field of military industry, hundreds of thousands of voluntarily went to the front

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Chronicles of the second world war: the pre-war period

Years ahead of the declaration of war between the Axis countries and the anti-Hitler coalition in 1939 were languishing for many countries of the world. 10 years earlier began Lofty depression, as a result of which no work left much of the population in Europe and America. Nationalism swept over Germany, which was outraged by the rigidity of punitive measures of the Versailles peace treaty that ended the First World War. China and the Empire of Japan was at war with the time that in 1931, Japanese troops invaded Manchuria. Germany, Italy and Japan took advantage of the entry in

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The apartment Gurchenko bred ghost

April 6, 2012 17:08

Apartment in Trekhprudny Lane, where he had lived and actress Lyudmila Gurchenko and her last husband, Sergei Senin, now empty. However, housing Star concern her former neighbors, there are heard strange sounds. In addition, according to rumors, the apartment haunted late actress, who even managed to photograph.

Neighbors on the landing, as well as those whose apartment is directly below the apartment Gurchenko, and then heard wafting out the sound of footsteps, voices and noises. Initially, residents were not paying attention to it, so long as the apartment was renovated — thought that there are

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