The paradox of time can play a cruel joke

October 17, 2011 21:21

Inventing the "time machine", you should think carefully about the consequences it will lead. When military and passenger planes were out for a while on the radar screens, do not count. Often, they reappeared, and sometimes disappeared for ever, and their subsequent fate is unknown.

Theoretical physicists and experimentalists dealing with curved spaces of time, put forward a set of hypotheses to explain to some extent the phenomenon. Furthermore, they believe that as soon as the mystery of the paranormal will be solved, humanity is on the verge of fundamentally new science that will

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Students in Boris Gleb were trained for the first time on the Yak-130

Young pilots Borisoglebskaya aviation training base for the first time passed the training and successfully passed the examination for flight training on advanced combat training aircraft Yak-130, told reporters on Thursday, head of the press service of the Western Military District (WEST), Colonel Oleg Kochetkov.

"The first in the Russian squadron cadets pilots Borisoglebskaya aviation training base, are trained on the latest combat training aircraft Yak-130 has successfully passed the final exam for flight training. Examinations in navigation and piloting technique passed the 15 young pilots," — said Kochetkov.

Mastery of future aces assessed by

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The dog ran for three weeks cyclist

May 29, 2012 13:15

Stray dog took part in cycling, running in three weeks 2000 kilometers. This unusual story took place in China. Athletes Feed the mongrel and grateful dog is 24 days relentlessly accompany cyclists. Despite the size of the dog was very sturdy. It is true that from time to time it still carried on the trunk.

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The Nature of Things: anomalous zones of the Earth

December 27, 2012 22:24

On the planet there are a significant number of places where there are very strange and mysterious events. Such places are called anomalous zones. They, according to ufologists, very common to see a UFO. In addition, in such places there are natural disasters, industrial accidents and various natural disaster.

However, quite often the so-called "flying saucers" are showing considerable interest in and to certain regions and cities, where at the time does not appear to be any accidents. So, for example, for a dozen years in the Ukrainian editions available information about that over the

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Mekong River in Thailand, shot into the air fireballs

March 28, 2012 10:31

It really is a strange phenomenon, which has no scientific explanation. From time to time from the Mekong river water flowing through Thailand, near the border with Laos, digging balls of fire rise up and quietly disappear. The largest of these balls are the size of a basketball.

Along the Mekong are many villages where people are comfortable with the mysterious balls. They claim that the balls have seen not only them, but their parents and grandparents. Since the cause of the "shots" of the river is unknown, write out of one's own head many

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Vietnam and the strange giants (humanoids) in time of war

December 26, 2012 1:28

In the late 1960s, the United States was involved in the conflict to assist South Vietnam, and, of course, to support the ongoing efforts while promoting democracy in parts of the world, still imbued with communism.

Vietnam still remembers the years of conflict as one of the darkest periods in its history, yet, in his vague shadows have some interesting posts and rarely mentioned the mysteries that have existed for many years, beginning with the question of what kind of a country of operations may have taken place, as it

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Tu-104: The Story of the disaster

More than half a century back started the first flight tests of the first passenger jet of the Russian Tu-104. Its creation was a fundamental step in the development of global aviation.

The successful introduction of jet aircraft in the air force has solved the problem of the introduction of such machines in civilian aviation. The first aircraft of this type appeared in 1949 in England. After a couple years of testing aircraft entered series creation. But a huge number of accidents in the 50's led to remove the car from service. The designers took four years to

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Siberian shamans of impending disaster

November 12, 2012 7:38

In 1975, in many Siberian cities of Irkutsk samizdat a book anthropologist and ethnographer of Philosophy Candidate Artemia Polotsk, which contained the prophetic predictions of shamans and conservatives on those disasters that ever shook our world, and those — come — which called the "end of the world."

Over 30 years ago the Soviet A.Polotsky first told readers about the legendary Mayan calendar and tried to interpret the Bible in terms of its view of the time available to mankind.

All contents of this book, which caused a lot of noise while in Novosibirsk and

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No time to stand in line for a currency — Pay standing one

Society The new service came to Minsk residents and guests of the capital — to stand in line for the money. The lines in Belarus is now everywhere in the executive committees and banks, embassies and the traffic police, as well as currency exchange offices.

Online or by phone you place not less than one day, said company representative Julia:

"You order a service, tell what day, what time do you want to go, if you know what there turn. If you do not know, we'll show you-know themselves what it all. We come back to take their turn, and

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With Shulzhitsky conducted investigations and released

Society Investigative actions with a member of "Youth of BPF" Vladimir Shulzhitsky was conducted by the KGB in Maladzechna. At the apartment where he lived, was searched. Vladimir Shulzhitsky more April 20 Smorgon questioned the prosecutor's office in the terrorist attack in Minsk. A day earlier in his apartment seized two air rifles and air pistols.

After the talk, the prosecutor began questioning the KGB. And also in the attack. But the Shulzhitsky says that he can not tell the details because given a written confidentiality agreement.

Shulzhitsky"They asked for my page on the Internet, were also on other

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