Crimeans began to desalinate seawater

Desalination of water, that is, removal of the water of dissolved salts in order to make it suitable for drinking or for specific technical tasks of our time is very relevant technology. For example, in the Crimea, there was a very remarkable event. In the New World on the hotel's "Vintage" was launched first on the Peninsula desalination of sea water. The latest technology used in this setting, turn to allow potable normal seawater

   Representatives of the hotel "Vintage", which means, the private investor and was installed desalination plant, said that the activities of

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Prophecies of the Black Stars

July 5, 2012 9:46

There are many prophecies about the appearance of a terrible future of a celestial object in the sky of our planet and terrible disasters that will occur at this time. Most prophecies described allegorically or using Aesopian language. Cite only those predictions that openly talk about the emergence of Typhon, or the Dragon (neutron stars) near the planet.

The prophecies of the Bible Kolbrin. The Bible Kolbrin (Kolbrinskaya Bible Kolbrin Manuscript, Kolbrin Bible or Book Koila), which until 1184 was kept in the library of the Abbey of Glastonbury (England), are surprisingly accurate information

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Tornado and twenty mystical horsemen swept over the village

July 5, 2012 9:22

Unusual, mysterious incident occurred on June 27 in the village of Ust-Aldan Sottintsy ulus (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) — Ed.). During a thunderstorm, the terrain walked mini-tornadoes and locals saw them in silhouette jumping 20 riders with ancient weapons. The same thing happened the next day, but this time there were only three riders.

Sasha Pavlov, 8th grade student school number 2 in Yakutsk, a witness: — My friend and I, as usual, walked through the village. At first I did not notice the sky shrouded in thick, dark clouds. Strong wind got up and

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Women in the U.S. Army

In the U.S. Army female soldiers, according to the keen observation of the magazine «Newsweek», took a strong foothold in the figures which is about 20% of the armed forces.   Such rassredotachivanie gender is a social compromise South American society, in which on the one hand there is a shortage of male recruits (meeting the requirements of the law), and on the other — the desire to give a series of military service.   On this side of life on the pages of U.S. Army IA «Weapons of Russia» Alexander Sitnikov knows.   Forthcoming increase in the number

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Prophecies of the coming of the Golden Age

May 14, 2012 21:54

Surprisingly, there are many prophecies from various sources that point to the particular situation of the times in which we live. Although predictions thing sometimes is not quite reliable, but it can easily be mistaken as "food for thought" …


We begin with the "popular" Prophet — Michel Nostradamus. In his influential book, "Decoded Nostradamus" Dmitry and Hope Winter, it seems, were able to correctly pick up the keys to encrypted chronology of his prophecies. And what is their main conclusion? After a series of wars and turmoil in the world should be followed

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Death — is just the beginning or NEezotericheskaya version 2012

May 11, 2012 1:34

2012 is the area of hypotheses, theories, beliefs, predictions, prophecies and myths. NONE of the usual three-dimensional people can not reliably tell what will happen to us in 2012! Aware of this, only 5% of the world population, which is currently already in the fifth dimension, that is, their physical body is reunited with the astral body.

Time is an illusion only the physical layer, so for those who are able to visit outside of time, is not difficult to tell us about the future. The idea of ascension is coming from such people, linking

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Acceleration of time — where were going

April 18, 2012 7:57

In 1970, American explorer Terrens McKenna developed a 'Time Wave Zero "after he learned the ancient Chinese system of predictions I-Tszyn. He has a mathematical algorithm that looks like a calendar. This calendar covers all historical changes to our civilization. When McKenna received a pattern and laid-Tszyna the historical time line, he made a shocking discovery — in December 2012 chart completely drops to zero and goes to infinity. It is unknown what will happen on this day, it is clear is that this will be the most significant moment in the history

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Catastrophe K-3 who povinet?

First Russian nuclear submarine boat "Leninsky Komsomol" experienced during his own military service, a great triumph as a great tragedy. Moreover, this disaster does not become available to the general public or in 1967 or in the period of adjustment, and of our days are not many who knows about it.

The decision to start the design of a nuclear submarine to the Russian Union was adopted at first 50s. Stalin September 12, 1952 signed a decree "On the design and construction of the object 627." First-born Russian nuclear shipbuilding took place in an atmosphere of deep secrecy. The

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Wild cats: Manul

Would you ever take a trip back in time and see what were the animals millions of years ago? If the cats do not need to, as there Manul — about 12 million years ago, it was one of the first versions of those cats, from which came the modern cats. According to research by scientists Man'ula have not changed since then. There was another kind — the cat Martelli, but it is completely gone. Manul — a unique animal that opens a window into the past of modern cats

Manul — the

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Why does a dog — mans best friend, and the wolf — no

The dog and the wolf are genetically very similar, but the dog was "another person", and the wolf — no. The researchers believe that University of Massachusetts at Amherst (USA), the whole thing in a different sensory experience, which is experiencing a small wolves and domestic dogs, puppies to the point where it was time to socialize.

Small cubs too early start and finish interested in the world to treat him with the same nonchalance as pets puppies. (Photo by Joe McDonald.)

As the researchers wrote in the journal Ethology, and wolves, and domestic puppies learn about different experiences at

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