Valery Paramonov, Nearing sunset of our civilization




In 2012 comes the end of our civilization, the famous film director Juris Podnieksa destroyed the black magician Embirioni is detected drive that allows to overcome space and time. Brad, you might say. President of the Latvian Association of parapsychology and energy metabolism Valery Paramonov does not

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Millionaire Red Army watch online

In this fascinating documentary film will talk about one of the most mysterious and indescribable criminal cases of the Stalin era, which to this day in the archives classified as "very secret." The audience will become familiar with the unique, previously unpublished documents anywhere, exclusive interviews and seemingly quite mind-boggling facts from the MGB of the Red Army and the NKVD. A movie about Nicholas lzhepolkovnike Pavlenko — Is mind-boggling history formation, development and death malehankih deeply conspiratorial capitalist country for 12 years successfully functioned behind a steel curtain. Pavlenko able at the fierce time to build up their

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In the world of video

If you have videos with memorable films, such as family reunions, graduation parties or wedding record, experts advise that to protect them and promote the "extension" of their lives. , First to include video out of the running appliance (computer, fridge), all sources of heat (radiators, heaters, etc.). No need to put the video close to the places of sunlight and magnets. Should from time to time to rewind the cassette, as it slows the degaussing tape and prevents it from caking.

However, these measures are already obsolete. New videos are not available, and the old copy, and write them

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Cut, watch online

Transfer "Hack, Semyonitch "will be a real gift for all fans to sit with a fishing rod in his enjoyment of all who consider themselves the particular fisherman and, of course, for those who are seriously passionate about doing this, and spends a lot of time and effort to catch fish.

Each issue Aware of one form or another fishing and introduces the intricacies of catching certain types of fish. From this series, you will learn in detail about all the beauty of winter fishing, when the frost bites her cheeks and it seems that you yourself

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Kovalenko, a 10 day hunger strike, was admitted to hospital

Society An activist of the Conservative Christian Party BPF on "first aid" was taken to the city's first hospital. He was admitted to the coronary care unit.

On Sergei Kovalenko, in the morning he fell pressure and duty paramedic called "first aid".

The activist was immediately put "a drip", but Sergei Kovalenko has not yet made a final decision whether it will stop the hunger strike protest.

Vitebsk opposition hunger strike in protest against the unjust, in his opinion, the arrests. He is now serving his second arrest of a row and continues to a second consecutive hunger strike.

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Seven conditions for victory over insomnia




Maria Ryakhovskaya correspondent

Already dawn, and you still do not sleep. The sound of a passing trolley first morning for you — like iron on the glass. No, saw on the bare nerves. No sleeping pills have not helped, and the question is nowhere more acute:

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How to grow potatoes: the farm of Michael Kolpakov

How to grow potatoes: the farm of Michael Kolpakov

How to grow potatoes: farm Michael Kolpakov

September 16, 2013

Photo: Tomsk Review

How often do we hear that farming takes troublesome, expensive and generally very inefficient. How does the need to carry out their activities in order to be considered the best management for the past five years and have enough money to build a school for 80 million?

Michael P. Kolpakov, accomplished the feat by building their own in Vershininoinnovative school(, Activities of daily living owner of the largest in

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In South Estonia dry ponds

Inland waters are dewatered in Estonia, but especially in the south — this Emajõgi river, lake Võrtsjärv and Tamula, not to mention the home ponds. Fish inhabiting them was in danger.

Last year at this time Estonia ponds were covered with ice, and land — snow. This autumn special. More on this past weekend in the gardens of roses buds swelled in Southern Estonia was seen blooming strawberries and fresh buds on the bush.

However, before the advent of cold weather concern is that the water level in the lake Võrtsjärv dropped well below average, all Emajõgi shallower, shorelines of

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Gold hat.

The Golden Hat (German Goldhut) — a unique type of cone-shaped silver and gold, which is characteristic only for protokeltskoy Urnfield culture. At present we know of only four such items, dating from the period from 1400 to 800 BC. e. Quite mysterious objects of culture of the time. Why were they used? Maybe it was the burial urns, hats, or live ammunition? ..

The three "hats" were found in Germany — in Schifferstadt in 1835, in Burgthann in 1953 and probably in Swabia in the early 1990s. The last

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In the U.S., a new anti-ship missiles

The company «Raytheon» considering upgrading missiles «Tomahawk» to the creation of the modern anti-ship missile (ASM), said the South American weekly magazine «Aviation Week and Space Technology.» Currently, the U.S. Navy otsenivyut need for competition to create ASM, which will be needed in the not to distant future, as a response to the creation of the Chinese DF-21 anti-ship missiles as a deterrent and the PLA Navy in the Pacific. But the Navy reviewed the level of ship missile threat from China urged U.S. lawmakers to examine more carefully the need to develop such weapons lately and the amount of

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