CHINA counteract U.S. intelligence activities from their shores

China urged the United States to end its intelligence activities in their own coastal waters, reports now In the past 10 years, China vigorously opposes U.S. intelligence activities of ships and aircraft. South American media report that the South American intelligence ships often become encounter on the high seas with the actions of Chinese fishing boats that are «deliberately stand in their way, especially in the evening.» From time to time engaged in persecution Chinese warships and aircraft. It is reported that this practice resembles cool times of war between the USSR and the United States, even when their

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United States successfully tested a surface robot project Anaconda

Company Swiftships Shipbuilders (USA) successfully tested layout bot project Anaconda, reports Developed surface bot will have to do a variety of tasks, in which a variety of surveillance, evacuation, as delivery of provisions and ammunition. It is expected that its development will end within the next year and a half. Currently, it is clear that this bot will be able to work in 3 modes. First mode provides for control person on board, the second mode — this is a remote control, and the third — one hundred percent autonomous operation on previously pledged programmke: laid source and destination

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Ales Ryazanov: Liberty, but there liberation

Happened a good tradition in the cafe "Good thoughts" that Minsk Mogilev on the street, make presentations of new books Belarusian. On the days are there met fans of the poet Ales Ryazanov, who once coming from Switzerland, where he lives near future, presented his latest book. It is called "Rain: Lake in acupuncture" and consists of a dotted line — small, in a few lines of poetry. After an evening poet agreed to answer our questions."The bell rang: the place acquired center"Scoble: "Each dotted lines is your idea is the meaning of that could would expand and expand in

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez: The endless time eternity finally ended

About the date of birth Marquez has long been unclear, because the writer is listed in documents in 1928, but his father insisted that the reality came a year earlier — in 1927. Few years ago the writer himself has confirmed his father’s version, but in a number of sources of its year of birth hitherto represented as 1928. For the first time Russian reader acquainted with the work of Marquez in 1970 — after censorship, with numerous cuts and incorrect novel was written "100 Years of Solitude." In 1976, Carlos Sherman, who knew Marquez offered to transfer his new

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Wreath Memory: Gregory Vecherko

Vecherko Gregory was born February 27, 1934 in the village Myarlin in Stolin. After Pinsk college money and the Faculty of Economics of the Metropolitan State University worked at the various government positions.Recognized poet and public figure Gennady Buraukin remembered him as an economic adviser of the first secretary of the Central Committee of the PBC Masherov. Buraukin himself was then chairman of the Radio and Television."It was very measured, balanced, intelligent smart man. He never imposed own presentation. When we met a few closer, I saw that it was a man smiling, with good sense of humor.But later, when

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Swimming for pregnant women

Gone are the days when pregnancy was considered a serious illness and had to carry her, only lying in bed. Now doctors and obstetricians insist on an old truth: the movement — that's life.

Found that lack of exercise can lead to the threat of miscarriage, the strong toxicosis and the weakness of labor. So, let's move! And this is best done in the water. Today, therefore, even the doctors of the old school is not only allowed, but actively recommend that pregnant exercises in the pool.

Why do they need, and that, in fact, make a

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Vox Populi: should be banned word about» Kay chao and a minimum

The city of New York forbade the inhabitants of the town to use the word "nigger." Decree intended, to eradicate the word from street slang, also from the lexicon of hip gopa performers and comedians.According to supporters of the ban, "nigger" is an insult, regardless of who uses it. Meanwhile opponents solutions New York authorities are convinced that the frequent introduction of the word "nigger" will contribute to a change in its negative sense.The word "nigger" for the first time recorded in writing in 1786. They slaveholders called African slaves.Blacks in America now called "African American" or "dark." But soon

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Instead of 15 days now will plant 25

According to the creators of innovations, codes correspond to European trends. For example, they refer to the strengthening across Europe to combat drunken drivers. Touted as an achievement that is now in Belarus will be able to arrest such offenders for six months. But correlate configuration constitutional rights?That outlook former Constitutional Court judge Pastukhova Misha: "In formal indicators, the new code is given over to the provisions of the Constitution. But if you look at nature, it has become more repressive. Indeed, significantly expands the scope of administrative responsibility, which allows more people to punish. But protection of the rights

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Riddles DST

Who was the first to realize that "time — it means"?Meaning transfer clock is very simple — very cooperate with working hours to daylight hours. One of the first translation of the idea of the clock to save energy expressed famous American scientist and council leader Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century. And although in the end Franklin got even bill 100 bucks, then to his suggestions were not heeded.For the first time in the world of daylight saving time occurred in England in 1908. U.S. clock began to move in 1917, during the First World War. Motive energy saving

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Align: Enthusiasm for life a person has no

Village align — a huge settlement at source station. Old pre-Revolutionary houses coexist with collective farm houses 70s and summer cottages molodechentsev.Once here on Starowilenskiy highway was a big tavern, which bypasses the rare traveler. It burned down in 1914. Now continues its tradition of large lovely cafe in the same place. Neither the church nor the club do not align.Soon reconcile assigned the status of agro-town. Yes the main surprises of this village — an old tenants. Who remember Belarus without collective, feel native word also know the cost of their own land. Their arguments about life, usually both

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