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Wreath Memory: Lada Blessed (refreshed)

Recognizable rock musician Lavon Volsky studied together with Lada Schastnaya the Minsk Art School.Volsky: "It was very beautiful woman — such a beautiful master- Actually, and I was then a short, little-boy, and I’m even afraid to read it at the time. On Actually it was a professional man … God in his own way to paint all … It is a pity … "Lada was born September 5, 1965 in Minsk in the family of the famous artist Ninel Schastnaya. Her grandfather, a hereditary nobleman Ivan Schastny Polotsk, was known in the republic white teacherRussian language, creator of many

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Alexiyevich: Love — the most colorful event in a person’s life

"A book about the love I’ve been writing for many years. Long I work on my books, and this is perhaps the main book that I want to write.Man always by someone misses: for love, for a sense, something drives human life … Brand new book — it’s 100 interviews with real people, 50 men’s stories, 50 ladies.This is a different love story: the war, blockades, 1960-70s, the present day. Stories of different people: rich and poor and unfortunate, and lovers, and those who lost love. And again the question of who we are, what we, as we understand and

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Fighter, do not sleep!

Any State calls or hires an army of people who need to be on guard its interests around the clock seven days a week. But people — being imperfect, and physiological laws of functioning of his body provides such a pleasant for us, but this is uncomfortable for the army and the state process is like a dream.

Dive into the realm of Morpheus ("The Matrix" nothing to do with that name of the ancient Greek god of dreams) allows a person to relax and rejuvenate. However, just to lose precious time in the army has no plans. The

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Yak-130 does not need armor

A test pilot on the eve of the MAKS-2013 told about why the Yak-130 does not need armor and can be smarter airplane pilot.

Yak-130 does not need armor

MAKS air show, which opened today in Zhukovsky near Moscow, is not only a place to display the newest aircraft, but also the meeting place of the most famous pilots from around the world. Russian aces are recognized masters of aerobatics, they have something to show the public and to share with the young, novice "flyers".

On the eve of the group's flagship air show test

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If Moscow wished for, then have long Lukashenko would put in place

I’ll start writing the current conversation from Eugene bear horns from Minsk, who stared at how Russian President Vladimir Putin during the conflict react to accusations own Belarusian colleagues. A listener writes:"I do not understand why such invertebrates proved Russian favorites. Did not wait that President Putin silently swallow all the insults and humiliation. Answers about his Belarusian problems during the last press conference were sluggish, sleek and diplomatic. This means that Lukashenko and more fails behave with Russia because they want to.If Moscow really wished for, it has long been put in place to Lukashenko. But for some reason

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Saakashvili: Our motherland wants to rework the map of Europe

Meanwhile, Russian President and France Dmitry Myadvedev and Nicolas Sarkozy discussed Russian-Georgian military conflict during a telephone conversation, which lasted more than an hour. According to the Russian side, Medvedev said Sarkozy that Georgian troops must return to their barracks, in accordance with the armistice agreement.

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Why in the near future cases of KGB recruitment opposition activists?

Participants: KGB colonel Valery Kostka in supplies and Chairman of the Youth Christian Social Union "Young Democrats" Cyril Ignatik.Valery Karbalevich: "In news reports of various media, on the internet there are many sites reported that the KGB recruits opposition, first, young people from opposition groups. It is reported by people who tried to recruit, or even already recruited, as it came with a guy who is trained in Warsaw.It would seem, is nothing new here. Ordinary situation for democratic regimes. But why suddenly such cases more frequent? KGB or some reason activated? Pachastsilasya or the number of failures of opposition

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At this point see the real value of the Belarusian economic miracle

In These days are, when the world is experiencing the effects of global economic crisis, many in Belarus sets for itself the question: how the decline of the world economy will affect the life of Belarusians? What should I expect in the near future?The answer to this question and try to give some students in his letters to the "Freedom". From the 1st such messages start current conversation. We wrote Konstantin Kazko of Nesvizhsky area:"Surprisingly, that our authorities so not many rumors about the doldrums. You look state television, the crisis somewhere far away — in the West and in

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Sarkozy and Medvedev agreed on Georgia

The document provides for cease-fire, withdrawal of Russian and Georgian forces to the positions they held prior to the outbreak of hostilities, the obligation to provide free delivery humanitarian aid in the region. The document also says that to discuss a plan for a lasting settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict Russian peacekeepers remain.In addition, the parties agreed to an international debate on status of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.Recently, the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy fly to Tbilisi to discuss the agreement with the management of Georgia.Meanwhile U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Russia called for an end to military operations

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Olympic Beijing: safety first

In soon organizers have strengthened protection of the safety of guests. Now morning witnessed many of the terrain of the press center of the Chinese People’s Army armored vehicles. Yesterday around the Olympic Village where the athletes live, were seen armed patrols. If you add yesterday’s helicopter over the stadium "Bird’s Nest", one can imagine that the Chinese just in case decided to strengthen the protection of Olympic facilities. But caution measures already unprecedented: almost every 200-300 meters are armed military and police, and to closed facilities and proparhaet not fly.About the real causes of reinsurance can only guess. In

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