Lukashenko is silent because it expects what cost call our homeland

"I look at the escalation of the situation in the Caucasus through the Belarusian State enthusiasm. That there occurs — this, of course, bad Belarus. If we proceed from the interests Lukashenko,it just political dividends received from there occurs. His position in negotiations with Russia intensified, Moscow will presently find allies in Europe, and because the eye will be drawn to Belarus. And Lukashenko will conduct trade. Maybe economic claims on Russia may weaken some time. Bad and what is now the attention of the international community will focus on the Caucasus, not the parliamentary election campaign in Belarus.And why

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Beat the active group members S.Bogdankevicha

The incident occurred during collecting signatures for ex-chairman of the State Bank, the noble chairman Stanislav Bahdankevich UCP. Sergei Kastylenka, near the entrance to several people approached him and began to ask for those who collected signatures. Suddenly one of the guys pounced on collecting signatures, hassle ensued. Eventually the emperor Fabisheuski damaged face, and the emperor Kastylenka — leg. Stanislav Bahdankevich comment: "This is a repressive country’s repressive government. Such almost every day happening in Belarus. We held on Sunday Congress Joint civilian party. We will open a discussion and this question, if during collecting signatures such willfulness occurs.

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Independent media became less dependent on opposition

Responses to these questions — monitoring data in the Belarusian Association of Journalists. Monitoring in surrounding from 21 to 31 July, presented a PhD Ales Antipenko. Sovereign Antipenko noted that media coverage of municipal elections in their own classical manner:"Despite the fact Belarusian authorities are paying today’s parliamentary elections essentially a huge political weight, if associated with the past, the time and space given at the moment the electoral process, noticeably (from time to time in two and even three times) less than the time that is given to the weather forecast and sports release. This means, that our country

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Kupalovskaya needed freshest ideas

Aired — 13 November morning.Hanna Sous: Vyacheslav yesterday the network has information that Tipo former deputy House Natalia Avdeev was promoted to Director of Kupala theater, changing Nicholas Kirychenku.Afitsyynay disk imaging in this regard yet. Is it clear to you what is happening at the moment in the theater? As I remember, from time to time aposledny happened more than one conflict situation …Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: Rumors about changing theater directorpand Yanka Kupala appeared egthlate last week. But while Mandfeces Kirichenko is on the director’s office, gavee disposal.


In October, the theater hosted svoesablandyou revolt, prand that "Freedomsand "many said.

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Shikunov: Protasov also need adaptation

— So, the championship of Russia took a break. "Rostov" went on vacation sixth. Rada?

— The result of a great team that dissemble? But in terms of playing like it's not all. Sometimes, the team produces vivid games, but it does happen and failures. In general, stand with differences, there is no stability. However, we are still in the offseason all understood and were prepared for such a development.

— Coach Protasov as a novice in the Russian league, too, need adaptation?

— Sure. The man has lived long time in Greece, worked in Japan.

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In Zhodino seek out dog meat trader

The man calls himself a slaughterhouse employee. He explains that has the ability to take a cheap meat products that he did not need, while it is much needed funds.Cheating uncovered buyers themselves. Some carried acquired in the laboratory for examination. There it turned out that instead of beef they have acquired dog meat.According to law enforcement officials, a man with an 40 years old, he acts very carefully and to detain him because so far failed. It is reported portal evidenced by physicians, epidemiologists, dog meat consumption can lead to a number of unsafe conditions, namely, rabies and

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Vertical birth

Recently, pregnant women are more likely to occur with a term such as vertical birth. What is this — the latest invention of modern obstetrics, the fashion for unusual delivery or disposal of savinggeneric Pain?

The historical aspect

Vertical birth has long been considered the most comfortable. For example, in Central Africa woman went into the forest, where the trees she put a pole holding a woman in labor who is sitting down, then got up themselves births were squatting. Indian woman gave birth, hanging on the vines or branches of trees. Persians intime labor relied hands on

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In the House of Representatives will tame the opposition ….

Many of our students in their own letters to the "Freedom" as before discussions are the antecedents and consequences of the explosion on July 4 in Minsk. Let me remind you, this explosion, which affected more than 50 viewers tuned authorities celebrations entailed significant staffing configuration surrounded Alexander Lukashenko and arrests of opposition activists. Opposition after 10 days of detention were released without charge.

our people always regret on who make the attempt. Not for nothing did at one time sounded mysterious shot under Liozno at a car which drove presidential candidate Lukashenko 

I’ll start from the letter of the

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Named the reasons for the delay of creating a fighter FGFA

Development of Indo-Russian fighter fifth generation FGFA faced with a two-year delay. Instead of the planned 5 years of development time is increased to 7 years. Delay explains slow development component of the aircraft, which should be constructed Indian aircraft manufacturer HAL, which has a 25% share in the project. Double FGFA is developed on the basis of Russian PAK FA design CB «dry.» HAL was entrusted to make a double cabin and monitors, but none of these structures has not been submitted in time, said a senior Air Force. The Indian company is also responsible for the development

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Arrested on hunger strike

The fact that Paul Levinov starving in character protest that it is placed under arrest, a human rights activist told brother Andrew Levinov.Arrested asked relatives and friends that he had not passed any food or even drinking water.Ordered the arrest of Paul Lyavinau was issued on May 26. Pershamajski district tribunal found him guilty of disobeying police and small hooliganism during his arrest on March 27 near the apartment of journalist Vadim Borshevsky, in which KGB conducted a search. Levinov appeared there to provide legal assistance, and he categorically pleads not guilty rights violationsconcerning the order.The last six weeks defender

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