Psychic sketch of terrorist

Drakakhrust: "Andrew, on the basis of what you know about Minsk explosion on July 4, with your experience and discussions with those who planned it not the most horrific terrorist attacks in Russia, which is a mental portrait of the organizer of the explosion in Minsk could you draw?"Babitsky: "I believe it was all the same group of people. This kind of sabotage or terrorist attack, which obviously will affect many people and will have a very severe political consequences — they require a group of rudeness. Either we can read about some of the curved freedom lone man with

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Slavic market — the eyes of the inhabitants of Vitebsk

After serving three days of arrest, sentenced for hooliganism Tipo, in the center of the festival Vitebsk reappeared oppositionist Boris Khamaida. He is confident that his purpose was convicted, that during his stay in the town government delegations it has not spread non-state press.Of temporary detention, he immediately went to his ordinary place of so-called "Blue House" on Lenin Street. Passersby who noted his absence, now willing to share with him the news in recent days. According Khamajda, the most basic topic for discussion — this exceptional security measures imposed on the festival after the explosions NIGHT MODE July 4

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Three arrested in the blast case — on the loose

Sergei Vysotsky said, "Radio Liberty" that he was arrested on July 10 after a search of the apartment. Sergei pazadravali blast case July 4 article 339 part 3 (hooliganism). Watchmen in "American", which every 5 minutes peering into the camera between themselves called him a terrorist — told Sergei Vysotsky.There were several interviews during which Sergei questioned about what he was doing on the night of July 3 and 4. Vysotsky but failed to substantiate his alibi.Last Saturday KGB investigators took with Sergei on his own recognizance and nondisclosure Undercover investigation.According to Vysotsky, together with him will have released and

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One of those arrested in the blast case — on the loose

In an interview with "Freedom" after the release of Paul Kurianovich told that with any of the detainees in the case of the explosion had not seen one was sitting in the chamber remand KGB. By Kuryanovich for always his detention once summoned for questioning: during interrogation asked that did NIGHT MODE democratic activist from third on the fourth of July. Kurianovich said that he had a "steel alibi," which was confirmed when testing KGB.Paul views on Kuryanovich true persecution and detention of democratic activists associated with election campaign.

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Whether the government wants to go on imitation of democratic elections?

July 10, Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting on the issue of parliamentary elections. "All candidates should provide equal access to the media, so do not blame us later that we made one suitable conditions, and others — adverse" — said the head of the country. According to official sources, the president has once again highlighted his claim that the campaign should be very open, democratic and absolutely transparent. It may be noted that Alexander Lukashenko and other officials are not the first time claimed that the elections should be almost the prototype for the world. As evidenced by these statements?

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Guys are sitting. Seek out confirmation.

Wife Igor Korsak said her husband, if it tomorrow, after the statutory 72-hour period will not release, will begin a hunger strike to protest against the illegal detention. "He decided, if it will not be released tomorrow, he declares hunger strike. For it is the only means to show its position that an innocent man was arrested. I support this own spouse. Certainly, I’m afraid. But he was not the perpetrator. He did not do anything itself, for which it could would hold. " Last member "of the White Legion" Victor Leszczynski Also contained in one chamber of the insulator.

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The fourth goal, Rostov counted

[Img =] «Locomotive" at the last minute with "Rostov" leveling the score at the second meeting in a row saved the railroad from defeat Denis Glushakov. Rostovites not have a few minutes to get their first win of the season. [Cut] In this case, the referee Stanislav Sukhina in the second half did not count the other goal of "Locomotive", performed by Renata Yanbaeva. Two games starting judge lifted his third goal of the gate Rostovites. The latest victory in the Premier League, "Rostov" won in the 30th round of the 2007 championship, when Rostov was already doomed to

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Real terrorists our police can not catch …

Dramatic action in Minsk on the night of July 3 and 4, during minded authorities crowded celebrations — one of the main topics of the last week in which we get these days are a lot of feedback. Current conversation will start with one of these letters, which sent our friend Konstantin Syrel with Ushachi. A listener writes:"Finding somebody to blame for the opposition — the same suspect in the attack that the governor of Hawaii. During the years of independence the opposition in what is seen was not a similar. Frankly some noise at an unsanctioned rally, hang the

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Black belt in strength of materials

This is one of the slogans of today's march, which took place in the park to them. Gorky. Marsh peaceful, cheerful, youth. In their "professional" holiday Kharkov students of higher educational institutions came to the park with posters about the benefits of exercise. The city was "the first march and zauchek nerds."





About 300 people gathered at the main entrance to the Gorky Park. To explain, celebrate, and at the same time tell the world that "the chemistry — it is fashionable and prestigious."

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The last point in the friendship and Lukashenko Shejman

"The fact that Viktor Sheiman 14 years was on the most important positions in the state, indicates, that he has chosen the right path and impacts on Lukashenko. And he fully trusted Shejman. This is particularly evident when Shejman built Attorney General. Needed extinguish the scandal surrounding the case Paulichenka and Shejman — hardly a lawyer — make the Attorney General. And later, when passions had subsided, he again returned to the Security Council.Lukashenko Shejman completely supplied information. I would quickly said, those "horror stories" that he considered it necessary to Lukashenko. Lukashenko received partial information, specifically such that Shejman

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