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B. Khamayda abyss offered at the time of the Slavic market

According to Boris Khamaida police department in newspapers and magazines have reviewed it distributes, and released without making any documents about the detention. The only thing that opposition warned that his presence in the town center, about of so-called "Blue House" on Lenin Street, during the festival "Slavic market in Vitebsk" really do not need.Boris Khamaida revealed that more several days reverse came to him police proposing the "gap" at the festival, which will take place from 11th to 19th of July. But the opposition said that the days of the festival wants to work more intensively: distribute independent editions,

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A. Lukashenko V. Sheiman: You are guilty before all»

"You are guilty first. You on behalf of the president more than one year and 10 years of organizing such events. And did nothing! You and the head of the administration — and he is responsible for the political side, and for the safety of you — not a damn thing and made me write reports about there Timeout. I know more than you do, there came, and the municipal secretary is not present on the event and the field of view is not visible. "Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with the heads of law enforcement agencies also said

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More insecure when innocent people are punished for crimes

It is no coincidence we approached Mieczyslaw Ivanovich with a proposal to become a public editor this week. Improvised explosion device during mass celebrations in Minsk on the night of July 4th, which affected more than fifty people, generated a lot of questions. Namely, how to rescue people from the maniacs of the new millennium — the terrorists?This week, in conjunction with Mieczyslaw Mushroom we try to uncover themes that exposed the explosion in Minsk on July 4, and even earlier, in 2005, carried on the agenda of a day or two explosions in Vitebsk. Are law enforcement agencies to

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P.Selin: Middle time will come to Minsk

Certainly, I’m going to come to Minsk Lately. In 1-x, this case principle as "kicked out", and 5 years since I visited Minsk, like I did not want to, because I’m man enough legislative. And second — I love Belarus. There are a number of countries that you love, and there you can not get there, and you can only fly a plane over it. But Lately — come".

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What Women Want

Recent studies have allowed scientists to find out what they want: • to have any man who had thrown the girl, something is shortened an inch. And so every time • If you look closely at the nails, the nail itself would have changed color • In the Army men were taught to dance a slow dance, cook diet food and swaddle babies • Mandatory elements of the game of hockey became a triple toe loop, back flip and rotate in a pose "swallow "• And the players did not have the curves of the legs, but the pants would

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The intrauterine device (IUD) — a small bendable device introduced into the uterine cavity for a long time for the prevention of pregnancy. Most often, the Navy called intrauterine devices, but modern Navy has T-shaped shape.

Since the beginning of the XX century was invented many varieties of the Navy, but at present time apply only two types:

progestin (Gestagensoderzhaschie, gormonosoderzhaschie); Copper-bearing.

They are made of plastic and secure comprise either a thin copper wire, or a container which is released slowly from the small amount of progestin.

How does? Navy prevents the implantation of the egg

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Masterpieces in the near future in Belarus does not appear

A bronze bust of Tadeusz Kosciuszko his authorship is set to the area of the U.S. Embassy in Minsk and nobody sees. Significant monuments since independence in Belarus has not appeared. They are generally not built enough, and among those who have been delivered — no masterpieces — convinced Ales Shaternik. "I do not know why … do not appear to masterpieces masterpieces needed money and the concerns of the country, and if we have that attitude to our culture, then how do they sound?"In this new monuments often melts in the ancient surroundings. Polotsk, for example, in front of

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Dullness in bronze

Recognizable Belarusian designer Leonid Levin could remember monuments and other works of monumental art, built during the Belarus-independent, which could would call masterpieces.

"Unfortunately, our era is very very common with previous years. And posterity will be hard to find that of the monuments was delivered now, and that in the 70s or 80s. We have some steps forward, which would significantly found the face of our time. " According to Levin, the usual repetition of old concepts — a monument border guards in Grodno. "Belarusian school lies in the tradition of social realism, and this tradition is currently

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Bulls — Belarus is David Lynch

"My school years occurred in the perestroika era and of the independence of Belarus. It was very amazing to watch how society responded to the theme of Stalinist repression, to the white spots in the history of Russian war majestically. Creativity Bykov, which had to face at the time to draw the line between a broker of right and wrong, "- says S.Balahonav."The main product at the time was the story" symbol of failure. "Struck by the fact that the Bulls held direct parallels between the Stalinist regime and the Nazi regime," — says the writer. He adds: "In the

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End quote: 07.06.2008 — 13.06.2008

"Bilateral meetings were not specifically cooperated. Presidents talked among themselves, but briefly."Paul Light, managing the presidential press service — contacts Alexander Lukashenko and Dmitry Medvedev during the informal CIS summit in St. Petersburg."I’m going through the Ministry or the regional council of the Interior render thanks police for practical help in revealing the theme of the meeting. We discussed how true citizen to behave during a search, personal search and interrogation. Parish police was a good addition to the theory."Leonid Sudalenka lawyer — about the search in the office of Homel regional UCP organization during the seminar "Society and investigation.""Our

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