Soldier gave his savings to children

WWII veteran Mikhail S. Stepanov of Upper Chebula gave their savings to children. Rehabilitation center "change", he gave 100,000 rubles, and the office of the local school physics — 30000. The idea of charity came from Michael Stepanovich is not out of the blue, soldier approached the matter seriously and thoroughly. "At first, he wanted to make a gift to the children's home and came up with these intentions in our head of the Department of Social Protection. Said," Irina, I want to help the orphanage. "She said that her department's home, but there are a rehabilitation center.

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End quote: 17.05.2008 — 23.05.2008

"According to this decision in the police department should hang and other price lists. For example, baton costs 10 thousand rubles, the introduction of handcuffs — 15 thousand, and so on. But this is nonsense!"Andrew Tomchyn, public activist — on the decision of the Gomel City Executive Committee, according to which the representatives of political parties and public organizations in order to picket or rally at the site of the street Jubilee should make an agreement with the police department for the protection of public order during mass events, from the central city hospital — honey service with the utility

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Andrei Kim was allowed to visit with his girlfriend

On the days are still in Minsk remand visited his girlfriend Luba Titov. That’s what the woman told about Andrew for "Freedom":"Time proparhalo very rapidly, it seems, is not enough to talk. Looks good. With all eyes already perfectly pachyrvanennyav not, he said, that began prepyadstviya teeth. A partially mood is not bad." Month reverse Andrei Kim arranged for healing in republican prison clinic with an eye infection. During their stay in the clinic with him met a mother Tatiana Kim. According to mum activist, he lamented the overcrowding in the chamber, no freshest air.Recall Central Tribunal Minsk sentenced Andrei

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Abolished the royal train

Editor of "Free Deep" Vladimir Skrabatun states that people in the region are very concerned about the situation in the railway station watered Prazaroki:"There are times to build the railroad, since the royal times, stayed passenger trains. Stayed in Polish times, even during the German occupation, and at times Russian Union. But from the 25th of May in the village Prazaroki canceled night passenger trains stop Vitebsk — Lyntupy and obviously Lyntupy — Vitebsk, Minsk also — and Polotsk Polotsk — Minsk ". "Free Deep" raises this dilemma, continues to editor:"On prazarotski stop people came from remote villages Miory district

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Commandos threatened my lawyer

They have stayed for 5 days in jail on charges of hooliganism small. May 15 riot police officers detained the men on the avenue favorites during a youth performance. Gleb was party to the action, Jaroslaw operated the camera.Evening May 20 Yaroslav Stseshyka and Gleb Kurtsova came to meet friends and colleagues from other youth organizations. Through some time revealed that Gleb released two and Yaroslav one hour earlier.If Gleb first came to jail Akrestsin Street, then Yaroslav went to jail for the 3rd time. First time he spent three days for his role in the action "final diagnosis" which

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In Krychau can not find a police chief

Chief editor of the newspaper Krycheu "Free City" Sergei Uneven says that enthusiasm for the article from time to time is not determined by its size. And cites the material "categorically refused":"Information is so small, but our town is quite topical. First deputy chief of the police department of Mogilev Leninsky Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Razentav categorically refused to go to Kryčaŭ to lead the city police department. We do not know the prerequisites of this failure. But express their worldview. Seems that the situation that has developed in the near future in our town, not only does not like Alexander

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It is easy to predict when unleash Kozulin

One of the main topics in our post last week — the fate of political prisoners: public activists and politicians, who are serving in Belarusian Bullpen punishment on criminal charges. Under pressure from international society and the democratic opposition last winter and spring of first power uniformly dismissive of the opposition bullpen. So were released Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich Autukhovich, Andrei Klimov, Alexander Sdvizhkou. But later braked process, and later moved to the working direction.How presently political prisoners in Belarus? Our listener Victor Turovets of the French Lyon believes that the answer to this question is not such a trivial, as

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In Minsk, while there were only 20 radios …

"Russian Belarus" in 1928 prints Minsk city ordinance "On velesypednym movement": "1. Allow to velesypedah riding the streets and squares of the town of Minsk only persons who can ride. 2nd velesypedav all owners, not later than May 15, purchase in Akrfinaddele plates (plaques) that allow ride around town on velesypede a period marked on them … Require: d) have a very serviceable wheel e) to have more than 1 if the brakes; g) at yazde at night light lantern candle power more than 10. ""Evening Minsk" in 1968, said: "That day, when I first heard in live broadcast on

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Hemorrhoids after childbirth

Hemorrhoids— This is the varicose veins of the rectum. Often this unpleasant disease first develops it intime delivery. The fact that the generic vain attempts sharply intraabdominal pressure and the pressure in the pelvis. The veins of the rectum, filled with blood, sharply increased in volume, the walls thicken, forming a so-called hemorrhoidal "node" ("bump").


Prevention of hemorrhoids is best done while still pregnant. Pregnant women to reduce venous stasis in the pelvic organs recommend:

daily exercises, hiking, balanced diet high in fiber (more vegetables, fruits) a ban on the wearing of tight belts Kegel exercises.

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Russian fleet in the Mediterranean

Last year marked 45 years since the creation of the 5th operational squadron of the Navy. In common parlance it simply called "The 5th Squadron," and in the public media used the word that reveals the location of its action — Mediterranean. In connection with the anniversary of Sevastopol were organized large-scale celebrations, during which sounded not only congratulatory speeches and memories — much has been said about the importance of this unique combination of the Navy of the country, that Russia can not be present in the Mediterranean …

Then this idea

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