FC Locomotive — FC Rostov 1-1

The capital's railway workers were unable to keep the winning score in a home game against the "Rostov".

'Hello! After half an hour in the Luzhniki Stadium will match "Lokomotiv" — "Rostov". Became known to the starting lineups. 0 The teams already in the tunnel and are preparing to enter the field. 0 'Before the match will be a minute's silence in memory of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. If anyone has forgotten, today's match — a charity. The entire collection of his "Locomotive" will give the fund to the victims of the disaster. 0

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FC Amkar — FC Locomotive 1-0

In the match of 2nd round SOGAZ-Russian Championship "Locomotive" in Perm met with the local "Amkar". Unfortunately, our team lost by a score of 0:1. The only goal midway through the first half after a corner and bustle at the gates of the Macedonian striker scored Perm Stevica Ristic.

By the statistics can be treated differently. You can recognize patterns and strike for them a quite material evidence base — for example, stylistic differences, and mutual comfort / discomfort in the game of the same opponents. You can, however, consider them ordinary course of events and the whims

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A variant of authoritarian modernization

Tsigankov"What are the points in this letter seemed to have more than necessary and essential? On that head of state sent more attention?"Klaskouski"This message is distinguished by the fact that they were set very basic tasks — nothing less, enter into the world elite of the favorites. But if read without pathetic then felt that the management of the country all basically push economic reasons. And it realizes that the issues of modernization — is the most fundamental issue at the moment. Coupled with the fact, "new wine in old are invited to pour bottles." Government wants to modernize, to

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Physicist Alexei Ustinov on Russian qubits and the prospects for their use

Good detailed article on the topic.

Qubit under electronic mikoskopom

July 1, 2013 it was reported that scientists from the Russian Quantum Center (RCC) And the Laboratory of superconducting metamaterials MISA in Russia for the first time measured the qubit. The work was done under the guidance of professor and member of the Scientific Council of the RCC Alexei Ustinov. What is a cubit? It looks like, what it is made of? Finally, as this is the qubit can be measured and what it might come in handy? These and many other questions of "Heathcliff"

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David Swartz

David Swartz salting for 29 years worked as a diplomat in the U.S. State Department. He held various positions in the U.S. diplomatic missions in Warsaw, London and Moscow. In Russian time was in Kiev manage the opening of the General group representation. Was Consul General in Zurich (Switzerland) and Calgary (Canada).  In the 1992-1994 year — the first salting United States in Republic of Belarus. Was one of the organizers of the visit of U.S. President Bill Clinton in Belarus in January 1994 (together with the president visited Minsk and his wife Hillary Clinton, now — Senator presidential candidate

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Or cheaper visas for Belarusians?

Jacques Barrot noted that the Belarusian authorities heavily read on visa facilitation. The political climate in Belarus significantly limits the ability of negotiations on visa-controlled country.Parliamentarian Lyme Andrikienė expressed the hope that the result of the debate, President of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Poettering send a letter to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso asking to find a solution of the visa issue. End this week Sovereign Poettering visit Vilnius, and during his meetings a lot of attention will be paid to Belarus. Lyme Andrikienė made during the debate on behalf of its own large political faction in the European

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So as not to suffocate S.Parsyukevich breathes through the window

Wife of detained businessman Vitebsk Sergei Parsyukevich Natalia told about a letter she received from her husband, who was already the second month kept behind bars. "He writes that when he begins choking, coughing and nausea peel, causing him to a doctor. But prison doctor examines only the ailing prisoner, but really does not help."For ladies, from time to time her husband becomes quite bad."At one point, when it was quite bad, I had to climb on the windowsill, to breathe the freshest air through rasnichki on forttsy."Let me remind you, Sergei Parsyukevich held in Minsk remand from the 4th

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Europe cut off from us visas cost 60 euros …

Two months back, when from prison to freedom one by one ahead of political prisoners came out, many thought that the prisoners for political reasons soon does not remain. And then start a real dialogue with the Belarusian authorities West. In reality, but came out on the other. Alexander Kozulin and other policies remain in jail, and courts continue to consider criminal charges for his role in the protests and political activity on behalf of unregistered organizations. On this topic — many letters in the mail Liberty.Here is what we Ales Sekerka of Molodechno district:"So ended the game with the

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A hyperactive child

The main symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are, impulsivity, and increased mobility of the child. According to studies, it is found in 4-9% of preschool children and school children. This means that in a class where the average person learns to 25-27, there is one, or even two hyperactive children.

On the manifestations hyperactivity parents may face from the very first days of life. Children bad, restless sleep, cry a lot, during wakefulness are very mobile, excited, sensitive to all external stimuli — light or noise. It is hyperactive children often "jump" from the wheelchair to the front

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Starting a beautiful friendship

Today’s U.S. visit by Pope Benedict XVI is to continue to strengthen the friendship between the Vatican and Washington. Naturally, there are differences between them on issues such as the war in Iraq or the role of the UN, but These themes are not central to the discussion. America and Dad get along perfectly.But it was not always. U.S. — mostly Protestant country, and many Yankees in the 20 years of the last century the Catholic Church was suspected in enmity to the civilian and religious freedom.Catholic Followers give reason for distrust. Pope Leo XIII criticized those American Catholics who

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