Sitronics for the first time in four years, showed a profit

Controlled by AFK "System» IT-company "Sitronics" in the IV quarter of 2010 for the first time in four years, showed a profit. However, it managed to get largely through contracts with other "daughters" ROS.

In the IV quarter of 2010 "Sitronics" received a $ 19.2 million net profit — for the first time in four years. In October-December, as well as throughout the year, best selling IT-services — revenue in this segment increased by 50% to $ 181.5 million, revenue from sales of microchips has increased by 17% to $ 76.1 million, while sales of telecommunications equipment, on

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Possible allies potential enemy?

5 years working in Yerevan NATO Information Center, funded by the Government Armenia and the Municipal Department of the United States. "The creation of this structure provides that the affairs of Armenia and the North Atlantic Alliance are developing at a good pace. And we are very grateful to the Government of Armenia for their assistance in this endeavor, "- read the last NATO Special Representative for the South Caucasus and Central Asia, Robert Simmons at the festive opening ceremony. He also stressed that NATO seeks to expand ties with countries that have expressed a desire to increase cooperation with

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The prophecy of the coming of the Golden Age


Surprisingly, there are many prophecies from various sources that point to the particular situation of the times in which we live. And although the predictions sometimes thing is not quite reliable, but it can easily be mistaken as "food for thought" …



Let's start with the most "popular" of the prophet — Michel Nostradamus. In his famous book "The Nostradamus Decoded" Dmitry Hope and Winter, it seems, were able to correctly pick up the keys to encrypted chronology of his prophecies. And what is their main conclusion? After a series of wars

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Victims time machines

March 20, 2012 17:41

Being and Time, the time and space … It has long been people trying to learn the secrets of these phenomena. Sometimes a higher power allows us to touch the mysteries of the universe. Fiction writers and futurists have written about time machines, and we believe their existence tale. However, it appears that humanity has already touched the mysteries of the universe, and even learned how to manage time, not being able at the same time to protect your body and mind.

Be greasy, Supreme Intelligence warns of our unwillingness to comprehend the mysteries of

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Hungary began to investigate war crimes of the Red Army

August 29, 2011 edition of the Hungarian right "Magyar Hirlap" situated message to initiate an investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation of the Hungarian Republic (Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda) so-called. "War crimes" Russian troops in the Hungarian countryside in time Second world war in the spring of 1945.

Note the Hungarian edition has the headline: "Secret atrocities" liberators. " It speaks about the shooting of 32 Hungarians in the town Olasfalu March 22, 1945. Village Olasfalu placed in Transdanubia Veszprém north and west of another large town of Szekesfehervar in Hungary.

During the period of December 1944 to

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Celts — the mysterious people

March 15, 2012 19:29

Celts on the lake Gallshtatt (second half of VI. BC)

The early European literature, folklore rather, learned a lot of the monuments of art of this ancient people. Heroes of the many medieval legends — Tristan and Isolde, Prince Ayzenherts (Heart of Iron) and Merlin — they were born Celtic fantasy. Their heroic sagas, written in VIII century Irish monk, featured fairy knights of the Grail, such as Parsifal and Lancelot. Today, very little is written about the life of the Celts and the role that they played in the history of Europe. More

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Prophecies about Russia. Count Cagliostro.



Few people in the last decade of the XVIII century in Europe enjoyed such immense popularity, as the Count of Cagliostro. The glory of the famous magician and seer was equally loud in enlightened circles in Paris and Rome, Berlin and Vienna, St. Petersburg and Moscow … But this glory was different: some believed every word of Cagliostro and literally worshiped him, while others believed the graph clever adventurer and charlatan mystic.

No one knew when and where he

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