In the House of Writers Prilutsky Sergey Sergey Sys, Michas Tychina

LITPRATSESSergei Prilutsky "literary group does not interest me""Nineties forever" — so called collection of poems by Sergei Priluky, published in the journal bibliyatechtsy "verb". The name of the poet perfectly clear in youth literary circles. He — the winner of 3 competitions, which were held by the Belarusian PEN Center, a member of several international literary festivals. His poems were published in an anthology of young creators, but came out in book form for the first time. Valentine Aksak talked with the poet.Valentine Aksak"Sergei, a new decade, century and millennium came to, when you were only 20. And your book

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Japan will protect UAV

Government land of the rising sun wants to buy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which will be used by state defense forces to protect the remote southern islands. This is stated in this report, the Ministry of Defence. In Tokyo, exploring the possibility of acquiring the South American UAV «Global Hawk» (Global Hawk), which is capable of 30 hours to make the flight at an altitude of 18 thousand meters and is therefore highly suitable for patrol wide areas. The Japanese Defense Ministry also prepared a list of other military equipment, which in the near future may adopt the self-defense forces

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Maxim Zhbankova film festival

Hollywood director and writer of Hungarian origin in time wrote scripts for the adventurous young Indiana Jones. And at the moment — in the fourth times — turned to the famous master of horror books by Stephen King. Were previously "Lady in the room", "greenish Mile" and "Shawshank Shavshenk bullpen." But now the time has come "Darkness". As usual with King, it all starts very simply: a small town comes from the lake of weird darkness. Inhabitants in despair, because there are zealous military tanks on the streets there. And then there is only darkness. And strshnye creatures crawl out

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Foreign media: Russia has completed the development of a special armored car «Bulat» SBA-60-K2

JSC Company «Protection», which is one of the greatest Russian producers and special armored ton, graduated from the development and testing of new own armored vehicle «Bulat SBA-60-K2», made on the basis of units of KAMAZ 6×6.   «Bulat» developed by the company on the basis of Russian army units KAMAZ vehicles and financed from various sources in 2011.   It looks like a ton truck with 2 side-hinged doors (driver and commander) in the front of the armored hull, aft — two swing doors and roof — 6 hatches.   Body SBA «Bulat» designed with the introduction of improved

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They will try to stifle independent journalism

The call to make donations independent Belarusian journalists spoke Polish Foundation "Freedom and democracy", and other institutions. And currently being negotiated this issue, Radio The radio says editor Eugene Wapa:"We were approached by people from various institutions. Within days, hard to say in what form will this help organizations, investors and funds. By the end of the week leading negotiations this case. Getting ready for the latest situation in restruktualnyh change. But we have a discussion about it the following week. " Radio control is also preparing for accreditation of journalists in Belarus. Although previous experience indicates that such statements

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Grodno police on duty near the Polish Center

Approximately half of the ninth morning next to his office by the authorities of the unrecognized Union of Poles cars blocked traffic police minibus in which sits Angelika Borys and several of her colleagues. They were going to drive off somewhere. The policemen claimed to inspect minibus and cabinet. But all quickly got out, shut it down and went, answering the policemen that do not have keys to the office.At half past nine by car traffic police brought the head of the Polish Centre for business and tourism Pelutsya Zygmunt, who opened the office space. Policemen fired his inspection,

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Equipment remains in the prosecution of journalists

Recall: the KGB after a search in the offices of "Radio Radio Station", "Euro radio Belarus"Broadcaster" Belsat "took away computers and carriers of information. They had a search warrant prosecutor in a criminal case filed in 2005 for innuendo Alexander Lukashenko. Technique, which took during a search of journalists by investigators will inspect for signs of creation and dissemination toons political content. According to the deputy prosecutor of Minsk Alexei Stuk, investigators had information that journalists collaborated with the creators of cartoons and the organization of "third way."August 16, 2005 KGB officers searched the apartments of the initiative "third way"

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Or broke the trend?

That "diplomatically liberalization", the first signs of which were seen still the previous year, and which manifested itself in expanded form in This year and led to the liberation of political prisoners 6, was the result of a new relationship with Russia, a gradual transition to market relations with her, hard pressure from Moscow, took place on the last negotiations Putin and Lukashenko in Minsk and Sochi. It seemed that this conditional "liberalization" — a rather steady and prolonged trend. After all, the premise of its breed, also have a long temper. If there was a delay in Kozulin, many

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Where is the power that can change something in Belarus? ..

Mass arrests of marchers in the day Will in Minsk, large-scale searches for apartments and offices-independent journalists — topics that Radio Liberty carefully covered last week. On this account, and many students expressed in his letters and call.Here he writes in electrical correspondence Olga Ananich Minsk: "Soon it seemed that the government thought better of it. Not dispersed and the European Soc marches did not touch journalists released all political prisoners. And here suddenly as if a chain broke. Personally for me it was a surprise. It would seem that it was reasonable to continue the job. Began to appear

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URM PH Angara for the third time worked successfully as the first stage of the rocket KSLV-1

Universal overclocking module rocket "Angara" for the third time succeeds and the second time worked all the way to generate fuel and separation steps. South Korean rocket KSLV-1, which URM "Angara" is set to the first stage, for the first time successfully launched a satellite into orbit. In the previous two starts the accident occurred through the fault of the South Korean component. S. Korea to congratulate the first independent successful space launch, and the center of them. Khrunichev — the third successful flight of the missile unit of the future "Angara"!

UPD: fresh video:

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