Fasting — a rejection of food for a while. Fasting can be for one day, 3-7 days, 20 days, etc. up to 48 days. Experts disagree about the benefits and harms of long-term refusal of food. Regular short-term courses of fasting combined with properly chosen diet can dramatically improve your health. In contrast to the long-term (up to 48 days) of starvation, the body is fully prepared to short periods of abstinence from food, particularly in the "critical" moments of life — for example, in the spring, when exacerbated by various chronic diseases such as gastric language and mental

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ISHS. A day in the life of the BNR

LETTER TO Aunt Martha, who emigrated to the United States in nine tyscha 30 3-rd yearBaranovichi, March 25, 2008Dear Aunt,Now decided to tell you a little about our life after the collapse of Russian Union. Remember that you are not asked about it again, but somehow passed and only now, regarding the contest Radio Liberty "Day in the Life of the BNR," wanted to answer your questions. Along the way, it will send a letter to Radio Liberty. Well the same. will print …If you went to America in 1933 when she married Uncle Vanya, the Belarusian People’s Republic was

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In Minsk, hundreds of people detained about

Solemn celebration failed. Yakub Kolas afternoon was blocked by police, on its perimeter iron gates were installed. Yet, on the approaches to the square with the various parties in 18 hours time, there were about 2 thousand people. People are not able to gather in a single column, were broken by police in rows into several groups. During extrusion demonstrators Yakub Kolas police are very beat them, threw on the ground.

, Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich activists of youth organizations, Ivan Shyla, Illya Bohdan Eugene Afnahel journalists "Nasha Niva". Andrew and Simon Liankevich Pechenko Middle of the detainees were also

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Will the evening of days in Mogilev

Currently this building is located Mogilev Regional Museum.Two 10-ka ceremony participants laid flowers to the memorial plaque with a symbolic emblem of Chase and the inscription: "Long live Belarus. This building in the summer of 1918 the Belarusian State Committee in Mogilev adopted decision on recognizing the power of the BNR. "Chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Grigory Kostusev announced that soon will collecting signatures for establishing regional museum on the building of true plaque.On the site of action was attended by about 10 ka policemen. Head of department Interior Executive Committee Colonel Alenushkinoy claimed by participants to

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Mottaki: Iran and Belarus identical approach

According to the Iranian minister Mottaki, "given the political will to control the similarity of approaches relationship between the two countries in various fields have progressed significantly. "In turn, the Minister Martynov stressed that "cooperation in investment, energy, industry is accelerating the expansion of bilateral ties, also increases the international peace and security."According agentsva Iranian IRNA, in Last year commercial and economic turnover between the countries compared with 2006th doubled to 76 millions of dollars. In soon advanced cooperation in the oil and gas sectors.Meanwhile number-independent Belarusian professionals considers unreasonable expansion of bilateral relations in connection with the possible introduction

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In Belarus, found four meteors

"Lim" on this week 1938 publishes it to the USSR Prosecutor A.Vyshynskaga process pravatratskistskaga block: "I remind you to questioning of the defendant Rykov. Asked whether that was a bourgeois-fascist organization that operated in Belarus running Golodeda, Chervyakova and Sharangovich Rykov owed recognize that even destiny as any large individual employees in leadership positions in Belarus earlier consistent with Polish intelligence. "The same "Lim", but 10 years later, criticizes creative designer Lyangbarda: "In the same building of the Belarusian Municipal Theatre of Opera and Ballet Master, of course, made a rather large error in the plan, as for example, the

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Nekropali over Kurchavtsami

Just the other day of my trip to Grodno region Kurchavtsy Voronovskiy recognizable archaeologist Oleg Trusov confirmed ancient origins 10-meter obelisk that over 300 meters from the edge of the village. Scientists came and guess about its purpose. But historical stele immediately get failed. Indeed, among the only street here I met a lot of local residents.Lord: "We once thought to write — enough here" hot lines "and ONT, and local … City stare and lowered village, nobody respects! .. Workers who makes the farm for keeping dogs. Go to Chief though 1st — Did not understand, do the same

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Maxim Zhbankova film festival

And, as usual, let’s start with the positive. At times, the movie recalls own theatrical roots. And begins to make concise psihadramy Mikhalkovskaya like "Five Evenings" or "Death and the Maiden" Roman Polanski. New experience with a designated number of — "Fat", directed by Kenneth Branagh. The traditional scheme: a farm known novelists granted overnight guest. There is a theme to the conversation: writer wife left him for a young fancy man. And he asks permission for divorce.Movie looks quite ordinary, but only on first glance. On Actually it is a remake of the English movie 70s, which in turn

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End quote: 01.03. — 07.03.2008

"They’re here already cornered avert their eyes, that they require almost sorry for neargumentavanyya detention and clarify that receive orders to prosecute the" top ".Alexander Milinkevich favorite unregistered movement "For Freedom" — how it 6 times during the 2-day police detained during his trip to Brest."Putin does not want to be president of the union and do not like the idea of union. Deeply alien to him, all Russian, all the union, despite not that from time to time he applies to opportunistic pro-Soviet rhetoric and nostalgic drool over the USSR, but in fact he anti-Soviet.I believe that the free

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Seen in Belarus: Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir (b. ninth 01. 1908) — Writer-Winner of the foreign state and the Prix Goncourt, intelektualka woman, feminist, which broke with disabilities Catholic environment, fond of Russian Marxism and socialism, and later categorically denied their historical perspective, fought against the war in Algeria and Vietnam, and China supported the Cuban revolution, collected and distributed their own funds to the poor, spoke with simple Freudian and social deterministami 50 years was actual companion Jean-Paul Sartre, which find their own peace last in a common grave at the cemetery in Paris Manparnaskih.Sartravski existentialism with his maxim that the world is

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