5th Belarus — Ingermanlyandyya

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the People’s BNR Vaclav Lastouski and foreign affairs minister Alexander Tsvikevich went to the conference as part of the Lithuanian delegation. The first stop on the road to Genoa was Berlin.The train came to Schlesischer Bahnhof late. As soon as it turned out — Berlin police solved the extraordinary security measures in connection with the visit of the Russian delegation, which was on the brakes a few days in Berlin for consultations with the Germans. Coming out of the station building, the traveler’s eye looked Lastouski mass and suddenly saw a familiar face.The

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Now make out a complaint tribunal Zhaleznichenka

In a statement to the tribunal last honors student, Faculty of Mathematics and now conscript soldier Dmitry Zhaleznichenka noted that he was repeatedly expelled from the Institute for the Rector’s order January 22 — at the very time when he was on medication for high blood pressure.Ground for re-allocations was punishment Dmitry September last year 8-day arrest for Tipo neprelichnuyu abuse, and a fine — on charges of disobeying police. While not legally Zhaleznichenka was a student of the Institute, and is not subject to institute internal regulations, violation of which he re-certified.Agenda about the current court session focused in

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Fathers and sons-opposition

After the events of 2006 in Minsk and regions formed several youth organizations and movements. Young people sometimes organize flash mobs, actions of solidarity with their friends, families and missing political prisoners.

For simplicity say I did not worry me attitude of parents

Students for their social activities excluded from the institutions. KGB come to school and to work. On the border of students and opposition youth activists do demonstration searches. An increasing number of students involved in social and political life.Each youth activist knows that distributing leaflets or for his role in the action may delay, beat, arrest, to

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Youth — for European Belarus

Now representatives of unregistered civilian campaign "For Freedom", "Jeans for Freedom" organization "Young Front", as youth structures and BPF BSDP (Gromada) held a joint press conference in the office of the BPF. The campaign "European Belarus" held mass rallies and pickets. Activists are going to hang European and national flags, distributing leaflets about 12 proposals to Belarus from the EU. Says one of the favorites of "Young Front" Artur Finkevich:"Our first big event will be a day Freedom March 25 — 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the BNR. Prazdnichek This most fundamental for us in the year. It’s just

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Kobrin: police again detained Milinkevich

On this "Radio Liberty" said the activist movement "For Freedom" Alexei Kavalets. The interviewee said that policemen inspect the authenticity of rooms car Volvo C90."Milinkevich uses a vehicle already two years, — Kavalets says — well informed police about it, but of course, that they were ordered to pull all while longer. ""Freedom" has reported that some time reverse Alexander Milinkevich was taken to the police station Ivacevičy. The police report was Tipo car driver ignored the traffic police officials claim the brakes.On this day in Brest were previously appointments Milinkevich with reporters, public activists and urban residents. Tags: Brest

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Ukrainian won the marathon in Japan

Ukrainian Tetyana Gamera-Shmyrko won the marathon in Osaka at a distance of 42,195 km with a personal best — 2:23.58 year. The press service of the National Committee of Ukraine.

"This is 34 seconds faster than the time shown by Tatiana at the Games XXX Olympiad in London, where she finished fifth. Gamera-Shmyrko — the first of Ukrainian athletes who managed to win the marathon in Osaka, "- said in a statement.

In the final part of the course our athlete surpassed Japanese girl Kayoko Fukushi, who was leading at the time. Finished third,

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Video from the funeral of Ira Kazulina

Cemetery in Tarasava. Ira’s coffin was carried to the grave Kazulina on handsFarewell says Alexander KozulinU.S. salting Karen Stewart during Mass. Funeral procession to street Berson Due to the presence A.Kozulin U.S. salting Karen Stewart midst of the funeral procession Alexander Kozulin at the tomb of the wife of Ira Salting U.S. expresses compassion A. Kazulin Stanislav Shushkevich expresses compassion Alexander KozulinAlexander Kozulin says goodbye to his wife Ira

Vladislav Zavalniuk priest during Mass Tags:, funeral

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Finkievich taken for the 9th kilometer

During his detention, he broke the mobile phone and the line went dead. At the moment he returned to the taxi into the town center. Finkievich believes that the objective was to isolate his detention at the time of the classical action of solidarity.

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Map Pole: pragmatic patriotism

Our uptight society where media and humanistic sphere manapalizavalisya state and non-state, and have not reached a qualitatively high level marginalizavalisya, in imminent prymityvizatsyya. Our brain politicized phenomena and facts of daily life, we often treat all ready at stereotypes, formed under the influence of time is irrelevant knowledge and uncritically accepted by the experience of others.Reviews on the Web, and interviews with the Belarusians on the streets about the introduction of the Government of Poland for the Polish card ethnic Poles abroad, our Foreign Ministry statement, which relies on "satisfaction" as much through the Venetian tribunal indicate that this

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Grodno: Exhibition on the anniversary of Lithuania’s independence

During the expedition, led the youth in order abandoned cemetery where buried Lithuanians met people who have managed to live up to the present day and that before This time they say in Lithuanian.In Lithuania, the exhibition has already exhibited at Vilnius Cathedral Square in the center of Kaunas, in secondary schools, colleges, in almost all the embassies. Head of Department at the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Dudinas Marius says that the exhibition is to visit all of the town in Lithuania.I asked the emperor Dudinasa what repercussions exhibition in Lithuanian society.Dudinas: "Some people look

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