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Merchants uproar when they took over ..

Listeners "Freedom" continue to open a discussion businessmen protest that took place in the near future in Minsk and other Belarusian regions. Private traders are dissatisfied by presidential decree, as a result of which they are required to significantly reduce the number of employees, and in some cases all sorts of trouble and roll business.On this topic — a letter from our davneshnego listener and creator Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi. He writes:"Small private owner who dared to protest now, is not perceived by the majority of inhabitants as wronged and maligned power. Faster opposite — they are considered atlustselymi and

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Faith in God — is languishing disease …

* "Evening Minsk", year 1978. Junior Researcher BSSR A.Chudnikava explains: "Being unable to explain anything really curious youthful mind," spiritual fathers "are forced to take all their inventions for granted, offering no evidence, apart from the" sacred books. "But all this written by people who were at the lower stages of development. Did they understand life more clearly and deeply than the current generation? Faith in God — is languishing disease, but at the present time there is no incurable diseases! "About the first issue of the magazine "The Source" "Lim" on this week 1988 notes: "Source" came at a

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At this time, fourteen years ago killed a mountain eagle reverse …

"Russian Belarus" in 1928 he published an announcement: "Mr. Aronin Gy Eliya Tsodikav who comes from cit places. Halapenichy, Minsk neighborhood, and living in the city, bearing. 1906, changing the name and surname Aronin Eliya the surname and the name of Lucien Lilinski . Persons having protests against change name and the need to say this in Minsk registrar, stating your name and place of life. ""Star" in 1938 endeared year report from the meeting in mourning Bolshennom Theater of the USSR: "18 hours 50 minutes. B this time fourteen years to reverse the death mountain eagle, created strong bolshevitskay

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About parents and kids

Obviously, I really sorry for all those detained, expelled from school, arrested and beaten up, but once I am proud of them and admire their ideynastsyu.Currently, formed enough vserasprostranenny stereotype, like youth — thoughtless, perverse, that young people do not heed the elders, bullies, drink, use drugs, do not recognize any authority, isolate themselves from family, are locked in a virtual world of the web and in their own subculture.According to a study conducted by the center "Synovate" in 11 European countries, "European youth more own free time and energy to devote their own peer group. It turns out that

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Prerequisite of accident could be ignorance of language

On this day, it’s a disaster, which 21 years ago with one line then told Russian press, a few lines — edition of the then German Democratic Republic, but very detailed wrote the West German media, has acquired a variety of rumors. As rumors continue as before to believe some relatives of the victims. Approximately one third of the passengers were students from the East German town of Schwerin. During the academic year 15-17-year-olds competed for the right to go to the venerable Minsk. Ultimately, the best selected. Manage student’s group was also the best — teacher Horst Wurm. "Nobody

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V.Krival: Before Hague Court very long way

Ulitenok: "What is an entrepreneurial environment Uzdenshchyny?"Kryval: "We had some time over three hundred people. At this point, of course, much smaller. But if you read about the relationship of the population, 10 years clapping adage" lousy fleas ", but now we understand that, so the owners of shops and stalls first have in mind the benefits themselves, but for all that have the desired services specifically population, while not expect the creation of some refined criteria … "Ulitenok: "How are people to the fact that during loud events in Minsk youth with reins at the epicenter of events, favorite,

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Usually, the diet we mean seven to fourteen days, during which abruptly stop eating all that we want and how we want and at the same time losing 3-7 pounds (how lucky). What kind of diet to choose: the Kremlin, Atkins, colored, sweet, kefir, Japanese or blood group — depends largely on food preferences, fantasies, culinary abilities, willpower and fortitude. Well, from the financial and physical condition. Limitation of food for more "pohudatelnogo" effect may be accompanied by physical exercise, massage and taking pills for obesity. By the way, the last — not just useless but harmful.


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Entrepreneurs: At such elections do not go

"It was not an election, and had a system of illegal detention power," — said the candidates from the block businessmen who participated in the September elections to the House of Representatives. Total unit included 20 businessmen from their eight candidates were registered, but MPs nobody passed. Oct. 13 at a press conference at the headquarters of the BPF entrepreneurs totaled his role in the elections. Biznesmenka Tatiana Mironova participated in the elections, as to believe the promises of the authorities to hold them honestly. Now she and her voters they say that the next elections will boycott. Tatiana Mironova

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The most common method is to pull people out of money — through beer, vodka, cigarettes …

Many of our listeners struck nedavneshnee statement of the KGB, Yuri Zhadobin. He said the existence of so-called Belarus "destructive parts of society", numbering, according to him, in 1767 people. His thoughts about the one in Belarus should be considered "destructive elements" and who, or that interferes with the normal life of the community, share in letters to the freedom many of our listeners. Ales Tsadko of Maladziechna heard the expression KGB chief, writes: "I do not know exactly, but certainly not those persons who are sovereign states Zhadobin plowed significant businessman uncleaned kolkhoz beet by road from agrotown Lebedev

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Blocked Websites Radio Liberty and Charter 97

This is not the first case when more are popular Internet sources are difficult to access for users during mass gaktsyyav in Belarus. Website "Radio Liberty"Was also blocked in Belarus while covering the presidential elected during the" European "and" Social "marches, and other events in the country.

Now, on January 10 in Belarus is obschebelorussky businessmen strike against presidential decree number 760.

Website of "Freedom" and other online resources you can gaze through proxy servers, the list of which is available through


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