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Martynov waiting triple

In Luxembourg foreign minister invited Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov. It expects the "troika" of the European Union — European Commissioner for external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and EU High Representative for common foreign policy chief Javier Solana. Favourite movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich positive attitude to the invitation to Luxembourg Sergei Martynov.

8"When we speak of Belarus depends on cooperation with Europe, on economic support, it is necessary that a person such as the level of Martynov, especially because it is not in the list of banned, participated. This shows that

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Georgia: the elections are held in part without incidents

A candidate for the upcoming Jora Maisashvili said that most foreign observers found indifference to violations at polling stations. He accused them of being irresponsible and urged voters to protect their own voices. "Without justice there is no peace, he said. Give us justice, and we guarantee you the world."Meanwhile Nestan Kirtade of the opposition Labor Party announced Tipo the favorite party and presidential candidate Shalva Natelashvili plot to assassinate that naplyanavany eighth hour of the evening — the time the polls closed. According to her, the plan for operations codenamed "Bguta" Tipo stand Georgian authorities.According to representatives of the

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One day political prisoner Misha Chyhir

Black clothes, in which Misha CHigir served eight months in detention in a remand prison, hitherto kept by him. Wife of former political prisoner Julia Chigir:"Although they say that you can not do so because it is not a sign of a perfectly decent. Spouse and I have a habit of one appeared — we Volodarka go around on all sides. I do not go down this street, as she told me about a lot, even more than Chigir recalls. Four years and a month there walked almost every day, banging metal door.This time was allotted to us as a

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End quote: 2007

January"Go two people, behold the lying cow lyapeh. One other reads:" John, you could for $ 100 zestsi it? "John says," Yes, could be. "Ate, Kohl paid, go further, both unhappy, behold the Once lyapeh. Bob says: "And you could eat this lyapeh for $ 100?" Kohl ate Bob paid, rather, returned won $ 100. Go on and think: "What we have done! Nazherlisya manure and stayed at the property. "That’s neat result of this scandal." Radzikhovsky, a columnist for "Russian newspaper" — about the Belarusian-Russian crisis. "We are ready to cooperate with the devil, even with Satan to ensure

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The territory of dopamine addicts

Original taken from da-dzi

Dopamine? N (dopamine? n, DA) — neurotransmitter, produced in the brain of humans and animals. Also hormone, produced by the medulla Adrenal and other tissues (e.g., Kidney), But in the subcortical brain from the blood of this hormone is almost through. According to the chemical structure of dopamine referred to catecholamines. Dopamine is a biochemical precursor noradrenaline (U adrenaline).

Interesting article respected gutta_honey has prompted a number of thoughts that sin not to sound. Especially with regard to the active politicization of the Internet in recent times.

Look in the popular liberal opposition blogs —

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The thorny path to production-RA

If you come up with something, patented, received its first grant from Skolkovo and are trying to produce, which means that you are on the path to success. However, this does not mean that all the most complex behind and relax.  

There was the middle of summer 2013. It's time to assess what is done in the framework of the project and what remains to be done. The long-awaited grant next level remains a dream and it's for the whole year resurfacing documents filed in Skolkovo, and endless examinations and inspections of anonymous experts.


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Maxim Zhbankova film festival

Let’s start with the good announcements. German classic Werner Hertsag after a long pause again make movies. Anyone who remembers his belt "Woyzeck", "Nosferatu-bloodsucker" or "Fitzcarraldo" knows: Hertsaga most interested supratsstayanne face and awkward events. Here and in his own new movie "Rescue morning" he knows the same story. But with a new focus: to This time the action takes place during the Vietnam War. Dieter, a South American pilot of German origin, is captured by the guerrillas. And stubbornly prepares ran.Not counting the outstanding camera work and very restored scenario, the main attraction tape — certainly, the singer starring

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Putin — Time Man of the Year

"Putin has shown exceptional skill in the manual state that it adopted in a state of chaos and led to stability," — explains his decision magazine managing editor Richard Stengel. It reads:Stengel: "For the restoration of Russian Russian prestige and power, for what he did Russia capable of responding to the challenges of the XXI century Time did Russian President Vladimir Putin" Person of the Year "2007"Time has given preference to the Russian president to such candidates, as today the Nobel Peace Prize last U.S. Vice President Al Gore, the creator of the epic Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s favorite

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New Era has to pay 50 million rubles Charginets

Journalist Alexander Tomkovich Nicholas Charginets must pay 1 million rubles, and the newspaper "New Era" — 50 million compensation.This decision was taken Tribunal Pershamajski district of Minsk in the case of defamation pluses policy.The reason for the appeal to the tribunal was an article Tamkovich "General-Senator Cherginets" located in the newspaper "New Era". Views on policy, describing his service in the police and in Afghanistan, the creator mentioned his name in a bad kantekstse.Tribunal Pershamajski district of Minsk member of the Board granted the petition of Nicholas Charhinets.Details — later on our web site and in the air.

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Neuzh something Belarusians do not care what country to live? ….

Both in relations between Moscow and Minsk restored political activity, then immediately vorachivayutsya old and excitement about the threat that threatens the independence of Belarus. At this event in his letters directs the attention of many listeners of Liberty. "Neuzh something people all the same, country in which to live? Neuzh that independence for us — not value? "- Writes to us from Catherine Savchuk Pinsk district. -" If value, then why so little people gathered to protest against the visit of Putin? "So, now managed: Belarus has not yet purchased. But could buy! Much discussion, it was the other

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