The Tribunal is: Senator against journalist

The court session was initiated by a politician, is scheduled for today, December 19. Total Cherginets going to sue in their favor 600 million rubles for editors and journalist insulted the honor and dignity. Nicholas Charhinets litigation claims based on Article Alexander Tamkovich "General-Senator Cherginets" which was posted in the newspaper "New Era" on September 24. Cherginets believes that certain moments in the material offend his honor and dignity. Namely, the statement about his role in the process so called "Vitebsk affairs." General says that while in the Interior Ministry did not work, and when he came, immediately gave impetus

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Tools for permit stamp will not

If you change the order of design documents for traveling abroad, the Law on State Duty does not require the return of funds

"We have issued a personal statement citizen documents for temporary travel abroad. Timeout Action. And the case that changes the order of design documents for traveling abroad, the Law on State Duty not provided a refund. That will abolish stamp knew all . Employees departments of Citizenship and movement, taking people always encouraged them to prepare documents for temporary trips abroad for one year ", — said Lydia Ivanchikova.Yesterday President of Belarus signed a decree simplifying

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The country — without permission stamp

It states that from 1 January 2008 canceled permit stamp in the passport for temporary travel abroad. Currently passport Republic of Belarus a real temporary trips abroad without prastavlennya it special assessment.The situation is also stated on the bank of data on citizens of Belarus, where the right to leave the country temporarily restricted.According to the Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov, the list of persons who will be temporarily banned from traveling abroad the country, will be made about 100 thousand people. Tags: passport, Lukashenko, stamp, Naumov, decree

Earlier this movie did Antonioni and Tarkovsky

Honestly — the end of the year is not very hunt look very smart movie. We would paprastsey something about addressable rats and singing pigs. But, as you know, has any custom exceptions. Here and This time I watched with great ecstasy latest tape Andaeya Zvyagintsava "Exile." His debut film "The Return" in time looked for ordinary imitation style Alexander Sokurov. And kill her dark mood. But then — completely different. Luxurious psychological drama with an indescribably beautiful picture and almost a detective story.In the "expulsion" is practically no ordinary shooter. The main thing happens to the characters when they

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The strategy of liberation A. Finkevich

Now at the Committee meeting in the liberation activist unregistered organization "Young Front" Artur Finkevich approved a plan strategies and strategies to protect the political prisoner during the trial.A court date has been scheduled. Artur Finkevich will be judged in the court of the October district of Mogilev. His blame that while serving their sentence on "chemistry" for political graffiti in Mogilev special settlement, Arthur Tipo broke the house rules.The Committee, which is headed Alexander Milinkevich, Favorites include the democratic parties, public figures, activists of youth organizations. At this meeting, attended by Lyudmila Hraznova, Ella Goreckaya, Paul Seviarynets, Enira Branitskaya,

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City Lida had aged by 57 years

Specialists believe that the year of construction of Leeds Castle — 1323rd — can reasonably be considered the beginning of the town. Officially, this date will mark the first time.Earlier authorities founding year Lida was recognized in 1380 th. This figure to the nearest time was marked by the arrival in the city. Fact, that Russian Times Lida Party authorities disagreed considered a time base year of construction of the castle town of stately Duke Gediminas. In 1980, for the first time celebrated the 600th anniversary of Lida.

Lebedko: Medvedev — the most liberal around Putin

"In Russia, a person has very principlee value. On the face of love there to pray as the icon. But still in the first place there is now a system. And Medvedev will be able to make their own political decisions, hard to say. It will be linked to corporate interests. Here is the whole affair. In principle, all of those who was named as the successor, Medvedev has a more liberal style of man. I do not exclude that this decision was caused by the fact that during the parliamentary election campaign, Putin and his team are very spoiled

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How to do?

Painter Vladimir Golub ride through the galleries and admires the works of old masters Vermeer looks like written yesterday! Earlier and stool made for centuries, but now all that is done — early. Three to five years — and varies kettle, washing machine, TV set. Cabinets, stools, tables have a shelf life. As butter or cheese. Yes that read, buildings, architecture, even landscapes — all the time, not designed for eternity, or at least grandchildren.Our time will not leave antiques. And the huge works of art — too. The Nobel Prize in literature are not at work, and for projects.

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Nikolai Cherginets suing non-journalists

In Pershamaiski district court held a preliminary hearing on the suit Chairman of the House of Representatives of the State Security Nikolai Cherginets to journalist Alexander Tamkovich and Unitary Enterprise "Time of news", which publishes the independent newspaper "New Era". Nikolai Cherginets requests compensation for insulting the honor and own pluses: Tamkovich with 100 million rubles, and of publishing — 500 million.The reason for the appeal to the tribunal was an article by Alexander Tamkovich written in the newspaper "New Era" — "General-Senator Nikolai Cherginets." In his lawsuit Cherginets referred to the fact that his name was mentioned Tipo in

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Photo: How Russians voted in Minsk?

The plot started at 8 am at the Palais des kids and youth work because some children’s circles has been canceled. In the biggest hall sounded Russian songs. Here positioned Russian flag, and two urns and 6 voting booths Enigma. Committee member Alexander Frolov saidFrolov: "Usually our Russian land open where voting takes place among Belarusians.’s All there."Members of the commission — the embassy staff. In This year CEC Commission rebuked include Russians, who constantly live in Belarus. According to the Ministry of Interior in Belarus has more than 70 thousand people of. Of these about 50 thousand have the

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