Stubb met with opposition

The OSCE Chairman-Minister of foreign Affairs of Finland Alexander Stubb, which was a visit to Minsk, after meetings with officials met with representatives of the Belarusian opposition. Alexander Stubb said that the purpose of his visit — report ministers of the Euro Union, who will gather for a meeting on October 13 in Luxembourg. Recall, it invited foreign affairs and minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov.After meetings with officials Stubb said that it was time to find the latest Belarus role in international society. He noted that "never believed in isolation, always believed in cooperation." Stubb also said that for him

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Negros in zoos enlightened Europe

Only in 1935-36 in Europe were eliminated last cell with blacks in zoos — in Basel and Turin. Before that white people are willing to go to look at the black in captivity (as well as the Indians and Eskimos).

Already in the XVI century negros were brought to Europe as exotic, about how the animals of the new open land — chimpanzees, llamas and parrots. But until the XIX century blacks lived mainly in the courts of rich people — are illiterate commoners could not even look at them in books.

This all changed with the modern

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Mogilev wish activist expelled from the university for the wet case

Second year student at the Faculty of History of the Mogilev Pedagogical University Stanislav Kovalevsky want to make a precedent in a confrontation with law enforcement system. Recently "Euro march" was sentenced to three days’ administrative detention for "foul language and immoral behavior in a public place." How the police testified in court, Kovalevsky as a toilet eye on the bus stop."Wet Story" comes to the UNAs a human rights activist told Mogilev Vladimir Kravchenko, Step by step, they plan to go with the defendant all instances directly to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations. First step has

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Fritz Moiseevich Morgen: dissecting Russophobe ratings

The oppositionist Tech-Nomad posted at classic Russophobe plate over Russia and Nigeria. Like, look how these two backward countries like: the population of 140 million souls, and in general almost the same situation.

To begin, a few words about what Russia really is different from Nigeria.

Russia is now one of the few remaining powers in the world, capable of conducting an independent policy. In fact, if we look at a truly independent country, the list is very short: the U.S., Russia, China … and, perhaps, everything. Japan — a puppet of the United States. Germany, though very powerful

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Wreath Memory: Konstantin Myarlyak

Constantine was born in Novogrudok Myarlyak village detamlyam December 25, 1919. After high school professionals for agriculture, was an accountant in cooperatives Navagrudak.After the accession of Western Belarus to the USSR worked Korelichi office of the State Bank. There he found the war, during which he was a quartermaster in the Belarusian administration in Novogrudok.Since the summer of 1944 — in exile, first in Italy and then in Argentina.Says researcher Belarusian emigration historian Oleg Gordienko"Myarlyak Constantine is one of the central figures in the Belarusian emigration. In Argentina he arrived from Italy in 1947 and made it" Argentine Association of

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Borisov lost the battle on the executive committee of the visor

In most fresh room "Modern Times" read the article by Alexei King "Alexander Kozulin as a factor in Belarusian politics": "The main idea of the article — to show the potential of his personality as a politician who raskravsya the election and that politicians, he remains behind bars as a flag as a sign. Related articles funny day of his birth, but it is just an excuse to highlight that change is overdue, and there are people who are able to perform these changes. "Also in the "brand new time" — an article by Joseph Palubyatka "Stealing allowed state" —

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Misha Saakashvili resigned as president of Georgia

List of candidates for president of Georgia in the elections on January 5 to determine the end of a day or now. Now they have to register with the Central Election Commission. After registration, candidates, candidates must collect until December 6, 50 thousand signatures of voters. And only then did they become official candidates. On this day, about a dozen such interested persons.Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili during the transfer of power to the Speaker of Parliament said on Sunday:Saakashvili: "All of you know that tomorrow we begin campaign. My responsibilities within 40 days will serve Parliament Speaker Nino Burjanadze. And

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Public editor week Radio Liberty — Taisa Kabanchuk

By education Taisa Kabanchuk librarian. Eleven years she worked in the library of the Institute of Bobruisk. According to family incidents was obliged kutsee time to quit work. But after so she could not get any native Institute nor any other library in the vast campus.Vneglasnoe cause failures — its active role in the democratic life of Bobruisk. With bolshennymi difficulties could only get to the warehouse poultry farm.Taisa Kabanchuk headed Bobruisk community BSDP (Gromada). Several in recent years organization constantly increases by several people, although party members and special attention to feel for themselves with the security forces, ideological

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In the U.S., a new anti-ship missiles

The company «Raytheon» considering upgrading missiles «Tomahawk» to the creation of the modern anti-ship missile (ASM), said the South American weekly magazine «Aviation Week and Space Technology.» Currently, the U.S. Navy otsenivyut need for competition to create ASM, which will be needed in the not to distant future, as a response to the creation of the Chinese DF-21 anti-ship missiles as a deterrent and the PLA Navy in the Pacific. But the Navy reviewed the level of ship missile threat from China urged U.S. lawmakers to examine more carefully the need to develop such weapons lately and the amount of

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Foreign media: Russia has completed the development of a special armored car «Bulat» SBA-60-K2

JSC Company «Protection», which is one of the greatest Russian producers and special armored ton, graduated from the development and testing of new own armored vehicle «Bulat SBA-60-K2», made on the basis of units of KAMAZ 6×6.   «Bulat» developed by the company on the basis of Russian army units KAMAZ vehicles and financed from various sources in 2011.   It looks like a ton truck with 2 side-hinged doors (driver and commander) in the front of the armored hull, aft — two swing doors and roof — 6 hatches.   Body SBA «Bulat» designed with the introduction of improved

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