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Ales Lipai on online conference: crawl on the belly — it’s embarrassing for journalism

Born in 1966 in the village Androsavshchyna Kopyl district. In 1988, while studying at the Faculty of Journalism perasledvavsya for his role in the publication stsengazety "Lirnyk." In 1991, the year for work in the newspaper "The Banner of Youth" led the Belarusian-page "First case". First correspondent Radio Liberty in Belarus. In June 1996, during the release operation kids captured terrorist in kindergarten, interviewed terrorist. Founder-independent news agency BelaPAN. Creator of the most popular in the country online newspaper "Belarusian announcements" ( Activities BelaPAN appreciate in Belarus and abroad. BelaPAN news agency — the only Belarusian participant of the international

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Hardening of children

Hardening — Increase the body's resistance to the adverse effects of environmental factors through systematic training.

Terms of hardening Procedures can be started from any age, almost from birth. Can be tempered and sickly children. Begin the procedure at a time when the baby is healthy. Hardening use all environmental factors (sun, air, water). Hardening can be start at any time of the year. The procedures must be carried out systematically, throughout the year, then they will be of maximum effect. Should gradually increase the strength of the stimulus andtime its impact on the child. All quenching procedures are

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Hostage: A Guide to Survival

Despite the long history of hostage-taking, to find sensible instructions on how to behave in the thrall of the terrorists was not easy. However, such regulations exist in both English and in Russian.

In Russia it were specialists "Institute of Risk and Safety", which is a division of the Institute of Nuclear Safety RAS. It's called "How to behave in the abduction and becoming hostage to the terrorists."

A careful study of the document found its similarity (and in some places — almost a literal match) from the U.S. manual for the hostages, written by Alan Bell,

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Diaries of U.S. homeless

Esquire publishes blogs American and British homeless people who run their online diaries, sitting at stations in an Internet cafe or on the streets. Translated by Mikhail Spivakov. Brian L. Frank.

Author: VIEW-SIDEWALK, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA (lost his job in a major advertising agency, and was on the street with his wife and three children when his house was selected because of non-payment on a mortgage.) Day on the street: 1

It's an eviction notice — it's good that it is not hitched for all to see on the front door. Our house will give the property to

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Vladimir Menchov: by entering into the anti-Soviet, surely you will come to a frank russophobia

Vladimir Menshov was born in 1939? In Baku. He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in 1965. Then he studied at the Institute of Cinematography (workshop Mikhail Romm). Made films: "Draw" (1977), "Moscow does not believe in tears" (1980), "Love and Pigeons" (1984), "Shirley Myrli" (1995), "Envy of the Gods" (2000). Played a variety of film roles, including the films "A man in his place," "own opinion", "courier", "Zero City", "Spartacus and Kalashnikov", "Night Watch", "Elimination" …

Honored Artist of the RSFSR People's Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR (for the film "Draw")

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Your choice: more readable materials Tuesday

First Matskevich: "The biggest difficulty, apparently in Vintsuk Vecherki" Second Vitebsk colony searched 6 year old grandson Kozulin 3rd Air "Freedom" organized a debate between B. and A. Mikhalevich Ivashkevich Fourth Alexander Kozulin of conclusion: "It’s a nightmare. Time seemed braked" 5th Alexander Lahvinets awarded "Europe Prize"Editor’s choice of public this week Thais Kabanchuk• Alexander Kozulin of conclusion: "It’s a nightmare. Time seemed braked" • On Air "Freedom" organized a debate between Ivashkevich and A. Mikhalevich • M. Statkevich: "If the coalition against the euro project, the purposes for which it is needed?" • Braslaw "Waited communism" • Belarus has

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Constipation during pregnancy

One of the common problems faced by pregnant — difficulty having a bowel movement (to put it simply, constipation). Complain of constipation two-thirds of womentime pregnancy and after the birth of every three.

Causes In time pregnancy, especially during the second half, intestines pressed by increasing the uterus. This leads to disruption of blood flow and the occurrence of venous stasis in the vessels of the pelvis. As a result may develop hemorrhoids — varicose veins of the rectum and as a consequence — constipation. The human body produces special substances that stimulate colonic contractions. Intime pregnancy susceptibility

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Up to freedom: Why Belarus Russian missiles?

Belarus will receive discounted prices Russian missile complexes "Iskander" — said this representative of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus Mikhail Puzikov.Missile complex "Iskander" has a range of 200 km lesions may carry cassette, shrapnel and high-explosive warhead. The reaction of the West is not running it can be acute.Question our listener:Volyus, Gomel: "I wish to ask why Belarus Russian rocket. What a small territory in Russia? Or will again indulge militant Russian actions? No — the role of Belarus in warlike games of, which are contrary to the security of Belarus and its independence."Up commented deputy chairman of the

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Dunno on the ground. 2002

The fact that you read as a child, remembered for a lifetime. But often, only this time as an adult, you realize the depth reading. For example, looking at the antics of NATO in Yugoslavia, listening delusional, arrogant speech, Jamie Shea, involuntarily just remember a small Soviet children's book writer Anatoly Moszkowski's "Five in a spaceship" which heroes, students from the Earth, were on a planet inhabited by robots. At first they were not aware of it, on the contrary, they were delighted with the exceptional organization, efficiency, energy aliens cleanliness of their streets and the straightness of their

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Jacques Attali on the transformation of the family

"Families, I hate you! Private home, curtained windows, jealously guarded happiness! " Andre Gide — French author and Nobel Prize winner for literature, pederast.

Jacques Attali — one of the leading theorists of globalization and the "new world order". He was the chief adviser to the president of France, was led by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a member of the Bilderberg Club

… In 1948, published the results of a study conducted by Dr. Kinsey — about the sexual practices of Americans. It was found that 95% of Americans are guilty of committing

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