The flight to other worlds — eyewitness


Sometimes there are accidents that baffled even seasoned investigators of anomalous phenomena. One such incident was the flight to an unknown planet Volga stalker, many years exploring the anomalous zone "Medveditskaya ridge."

Fifty-year-Valery Moskaliev led expeditionary force "Volga-Kosmopoisk" and every year for a few weeks lost in the Zone, becoming the kind of people here stalker, like the hero of the Strugatsky. As a true stalker, he sees a lot out there, with many confusing meeting face to face. He carries on the extraordinary scene

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Heat waves came to the Netherlands and Belgium

September 6, 2013. Heat waves came to the Netherlands and Belgium. In European countries, the Netherlands and Belgium, which usually do not differ hot autumn came the heat wave. People are saved on the coasts and in the fountains.

The Netherlands and Belgium are at the mercy of the heat. As they say forecasters, such a warm September we had for decades. Usually this month from local residents associated with dull, cool and rainy weather. However, for several days the thermometer rises above the level of 30 degrees Celsius.

Many residents of the Netherlands, especially in the coastal

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Created tool for the analysis of blood clotting

The device Thromboimager 2 for the diagnosis of disorders of blood coagulation created by Gemakor (Hemacore) Photo

A few years ago, a team of researchers from the Hematology Research Center, Center for Theoretical Problems of Pharmacology Sciences and the Physics Department of Moscow State University under the direction of Fazli Ataullahanova found that the results of basic research of mechanisms of regulation of blood coagulation may be of direct practical value. At that time, the team studied the spatial dynamics of blood coagulation with a specially crafted homemade setup. Further development has been brought to such a state that

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Intelligence — general ability to the knowledge and problem-solving. Under the intellect as well understood as a system of cognitive abilities (perception, memory, thinking, imagination) and the ability to solve problems without the trial and error in the mind. However, there are many definitions of intelligence paradoxes created by psychologists. "Intelligence — what intelligence tests measure" — left to answer Alfred Binet, when he was asked to tell what it is. An even more elegant definition belongs Mac Nimaru: "Every man knows what intelligence is. This is something that no other! ".

A very long time, there were two

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About childbirth in the U.S.

I once wrote about his experience with American medicine. Then the internet community has branded me a disgrace, and my claim to the very-very-best and perfect medical system in the world called unfounded. Numerous "experts" from the newly minted Russian patriots of America dubbed me stupid loser who, in their ignorance and stupidity did everything wrong. And I went in the wrong places, and did everything wrong, and generally fool! There is nothing to denigrate the best medicine! I will not make excuses. It makes no sense. Here I would like to tell about one contact with American medicine,

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Flying Man Far Eastern taiga


Legend of the flying man was once widespread among the local people and the Chinese Maritime Provinces. It excites the minds of Primorye today. So who is this man flying the Far Eastern taiga? "On the trail I saw a bear track, very similar to a human — wrote researcher Ussuriland Arsenyev about his adventures on the flow of the river Anyuya Gobilli in 1908 — Alpa bristled and growled, and after that someone darted to the side, breaking bushes. However, the animal does not run away, he stopped and stood in the

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Bamboo cutting board from Totally Bamboo

Bamboo cutting board from Totally Bamboo guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 7 '  

This gift will be the most environmentally friendly and most helpful for anyone who spends much time in the kitchen. In addition, bamboo cutting boards have an attractive design. Since the time of manufacture, each board consists of three layers of pressed bamboo form "Mozo", it makes it very strong, but not heavy and very comfortable and easy. Thickness of the product is less than 1 cm Wall easily withstand high temperatures and due to the natural properties of the bamboo

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13 unexplained mysteries of our planet


Mosaic pattern in China

These strange lines found in the desert of Gansu Province, China Shen. Their coordinates: 40 ° 27'28 .56 "N, 93 ° 23'34 .42" E Virtually nothing is known about this strange but very beautiful mosaic pattern.


In unofficial records say that they appeared in 2004. It should be noted that these lines are close to the Mogao Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pattern retains its proportions, despite its huge size and surface roughness.

Mysterious stone doll

In 1889, during the drilling of wells in the town

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The death toll after a typhoon in the Philippines has reached thousands

The death toll after a typhoon in the Philippines has reached thousands of Natural Disasters

Typhoon Bohan, two weeks ago, hit the southern part of the Philippines, still leaves local people alone, because every hour updated list of victims of the disaster. By the end of this week it has listed 1,020 islanders. The sad thing is that even 844 is still not found.

Almost all the victims were found in the southern island of Mindanao, where floods and landslides were the hardest. Of the missing half of the people were sailors who came out to the open

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Souls of the dead are looking for the new bodies



Recently often write about the cases of reincarnation — moving soul of the dead person in the body of a newborn baby. But the soul of the deceased, and his memory and life experience, and can move into the body of a grown man. And in this case almost entirely relocated soul takes possession of consciousness and psyche of the person. Strange consequences of clinical death

As you know, at the time of death, the soul leaves the body. But

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