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Closers inventions


It is known that the development of science and technology at all times (Middle Ages will not take, although even then invent something) subject to the law of progress, that is moving forward. Create new, more complex and sophisticated machinery and household fixtures, made the opening.

Ago, it would seem there is no way, because once discovered will not close again? But some people think differently — those to whom this or that invention in the throat is not profitable or disapprove. They are little before than stay! Here are some of these "closers" and

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Japan offers even more powerful earthquake and tsunami

April 18. Japan's government listens to the echo of last year's earthquake and tsunami: underwater faults that surround the country, can lead to more serious disasters than had been thought. Last week, officials in charge of disaster management, informed the office of the simulation results, which showed that there is a danger of a tsunami even more terrible than the Tohoku.

The data were obtained by a research team headed by Katsuyuki Abe, professor emeritus University of Tokyo. Scientists have upgraded the official model by incorporating recent major earthquakes — including last year's magnitude 9.0 Japanese and Chilean,

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How to protect your legs during the flight

Recently, many people often make the flight, due to both the forced circumstances — frequent business trips, and with the opportunity to travel to different corners of our planet. It's so convenient, got on a plane and a few hours later in another city or country.

It is no secret that during the long flight legs start to swell, get sick, there is a strong sense of discomfort.

In the last century, scientists have found that in time flight leg veins are several factors: the low oxygen concentration, low humidity and a low partial pressure, because

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Free medical care in an American or a trip to the Cook County Hospital

United States — the only major industrial powers, did not accept the mandatory health insurance. 108 million Americans can not afford to go to the dentist. At 45 million Americans have no honey. insurance, including 10 million children.

Cook County Hospital in Chicago is known throughout the country and even, as they say, to the whole world. Open early in the century, as a hospital serving all residents of Cook County, which includes the city of Chicago, he was known for his famous intensive care unit, where it is contacted local newspapers, magicians, doctors were able to return the

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Test new weapons and new equipment

In connection with the current time in the State applets re Russian army in recent months in large quantities appeared announcements about plans of the Ministry of Defence. With all of this virtually all such messages accompanied questions like «and when we learn not only about the plans, and their incarnation?». On days of official sources received information that allows to assign a speedy appearance and vital news about the start of mass production of the new systems. So life-affirming announcements associated with 2 sensational project: a complex combat equipment fighter (BES) «Warrior» and the sniper rifle ORSIS T-5000.

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The Guest from the Future with a cell phone revealed her secret


Once again, have caused a heated debate frames Chronicle, which conspiracy theorists spotted a mysterious time traveler. In the documentary film, made in the USA in 1938, came a young woman who speaks animatedly, pressing his ear to the object that looks like a mobile phone.


A lady with a similar device, lovers of mysteries previously found in the newsreels in 1928, accompanying the film Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus".

However, the mystery of

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Georgias economic miracle

We looked to where the presidential finger, and very surprised … Before us, like a frame from a promotional film, shining lights embankment, consisting of an endless avenue of palm trees entwined with lights and hotels. Landscape resembled a promenade on the wealth of the Arab town of Batumi resort … we were struck. Such a number of buildings under construction the last time I personally witnessed in Shanghai. On the waterfront hotels were represented virtually all the world's major networks. Rapidly erected Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental — and attention! — Bvlgari! In Sleepless, bathed in lights, and filling

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Made in Skolkovo

You can do moreVitaly Shustikov

08/12/2013 15:04

Series of publications "Innovation of the Future" on Russian inventors. Our current character — a member of the project "Skolkovo" companyDATADVANCE, The program complex Macros, which is now successfully used in the aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

Sergey Morozov, CEO DATADVANCE


Moscow courtyard in a quiet area Pokrovki — right here, relatively close to the Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IPPI), Russian Academy of Sciences, one of the leading mathematical institutes of the world, is the office of DATADVANCE, which, as

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How to avoid health problems after the holidays?

If the common cold or the flu can easily overshadow the life and spoil any plans, then that is capable of genital infection?

Leave behind, and there were only pleasant memories of days spent, meeting new people, and, perhaps, romantic and exciting adventures.

Now is the time — time to listen to your body.

New relationships can not only leave pleasant memories, but less pleasant "souvenir" in the form of sexual infections or sexually transmitted infections (STIs or STDs).

Even protected sex is not 100% protection against genital infection. It can be transmitted and with

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TV-3 is investigating. The Time Machine



The myth of a device that allows a person to travel through time has long since become a reality. Time Machine has already been created, and examples of her work we see every second.


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