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Antizemlya — Gloria Planet


Humanity is looking for a very long time ago in the space brothers in mind. But the aliens can not be miles and miles away, and literally right under our noses! There is an assumption that the Earth's orbit, there is another planet that dubbed Antizemley or Gloria.


From time immemorial

The first of the existence of the Earth twin spoke of old. Even in the period of ancient Egypt, it was assumed that each of us has his

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Russia may return to the transition to winter time

June 28. The relevant bill will be submitted to the Duma in early September. The document is ready and in the next 2 months will be more refined.

In 2011, the country clock stopped transferring to "winter" and "summer" time. This caused a wave of indignation in the regions, many complained about the chronic lack of sleep and fatigue.

The author of the bill (and he suggested the head of the Committee on Health) hopes that the initiative will be supported not only by his fellow MPs, but also citizens.

Source: The first channel


In Russia they

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Switzerland has gone two avalanche

Switzerland has gone two avalanches Natural Disasters

In the Swiss canton of Obwalden near Titlis ski resort after avalanche injured 11 skiers. Two tourists from Sweden were injured, he met with an avalanche, and were taken by helicopter to a hospital for medical treatment. Despite the fact that the whole group remained alive, police and sniffer dogs continued to comb the area in time to save accidentally caught in the area of the avalanche of people.

Layer of snow was moving and rushed down in Lyaub closer to the dinner and took 300 m wide and 800 m

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My wage slavery

Contingent labor in the United States, or "if you drop pan, you can no longer work for us."

"Just do not take anything from the fact that there will be with you, close to your heart" — tells me with a wink, a woman in the local chamber of commerce, when I tell her that tomorrow I start to work in the Amalgamated Product Giant Shipping Worldwide Inc . I stare at her in disbelief.

"What's the matter? — I ask. — To me there will find fault or something? "

She smiles: "Of course." I'm in a small

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Why leave the military ranks of the Moldovan army?

Recently time Military experts say are increasingly sinking popularity Moldovan government army in the middle of the country's population. The Ministry of Defense also does not hide the lack of enthusiasm among the people to serve as the contract and on the call. It should be noted and little moral-psychological level military personnel under the contract. Military Administration is active information campaign to correct a similar situation, but as long as the work does not bring positive results.

What did cause the situation in the army? In the true time the training of officers for the state army carried out

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Do not go to the damn clearing



In areas that are referred to as "glades of death" often occur all kinds of miracles. There are lost people and animals, clock and compass "going crazy", flying birds fall dead, and witnesses, survivors, they see all sorts of mirages, the mysterious "fog" and even the very real monsters, from which quite simply do not run away.

Fire-breathing hole in the ground Typically, these fields are in the midst of a powerful geological fault that causes distortion of space. Among

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Ghost Train. From nowhere to nowhere on a train.


Evidence of the existence of phenomena and events that go beyond common sense, a lot. Palm to keep the ghostly people — dying, the dead and the living.

They are followed by the ghostly animals — domestic, wild, or some other-worldly. Do not remain in the side of the house, cars, planes and even tanks, and if you're lucky, you can see the ghost town and wander through its streets, and some even managed to communicate with its citizens. So why not fly out of nowhere to nowhere ghost train?

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Properties of melted butter (ghee)

In all respects, ghee is a unique product. It is interesting to know what is right cooked in ghee sealed condition does not deteriorate. Furthermore, it is more, the greater its therapeutic effect. For example, ghee hundred exposure, a drug rare strength, and in ancient times it was used for the treatment of the Kings.

Ghee Ki (Ghee) — one of the treasures presented to us a sacred animal — cow, has incredible healing properties for the human body:

aids digestion, improves absorption and assimilation processes, does not raise cholesterol. In Vedic times it was called "liquid gold", and

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Russian attack helicopter Ka-52 «Alligator» will debut at the Paris Air Show, to pave the way to the world market, reports June 16. The helicopter will participate in the air show flight program there.   Its distinguishing feature is a coaxial rotor circuit. Russian Air Force already buy these machines to substitute obsolete combat helicopters Mi-24. At the current time, according to the database, delivered nine helicopters of this type, there are plans to purchase another 131 machines.   The highest takeoff weight Ka-52 is almost 11 tons, resettled different weapons — 30 mm cannon, 80 mm

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Can Mississippi Haiti become an American?

In recent days, the newspapers and television screens do not go reported the strongest earthquakes in the Western Hemisphere. In January, hit the underground elements struck Haiti, six weeks later even stronger rocked Chile. And here and there were killed or found themselves under the rubble of destroyed houses thousands of people, countless homeless, the two countries could not do without foreign aid.

These disasters, so little time division involuntarily raise the question — who's next, and when? And it is clear that most cares close neighbors affected, including residents of the United States.

In response, scientists reported

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